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Journal Skraut's Journal: Ooompah!

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Well today was pretty interesting. I didn't manage to work as much as I wanted. It was tough fighting my natural tendencies, especially when I turned on the TV an the history channel had a marathon of the tales of the gun on all day. I don't know why I've always been so fascinated with historical firearms. I guess because they did change history so much. Anyway I'd write a program then take an hour break and watch an episode then do some more programming. I'm still not done with the chapter I wanted to be done with a few days ago but I took the time to “mess” with the programs as I typed them in. I changed a bunch of things and made them completely not work. It was great though as I felt like I learned as much or more by figuring out what I couldn't do as opposed to what I could do.

When Gretchen got home we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It really is quite a funny movie. Ooopah!!!

Well it's time to hit the sack. Have a lot more things I want to get done tomorrow.

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