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Journal SuiteSisterMary's Journal: Simple but effective SLA Monitoring Software? 2

I'm looking for a simple piece of software to do some ICMP SLA monitoring; give it a list of devices, and it will ping, record availability, packet loss, delay variance/jitter, RTT, and so on. Values should be stored, not summarized.

Scheduled downtime should be definable, including after the fact; power outtages, for example, can't be recorded until they're over.

Reporting and SLA rules would be nice, but as long as the data can be gotten to one way or the other...

Anybody have a favourite tool they can recommend?

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Simple but effective SLA Monitoring Software?

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  • We use Orion by SolarWinds [], but we don't use it as an SLA tool. It does lets us define scheduled downtimes. If it does detailed SLA reporting, I haven't seen it. Management did say they got some SLA reporting out of it - but I have to assume that it's basic reporting.
    • I looked at it, but it's not suitible for what we need, unfortunately. The closest thing to an IP SLA platform that they have is their VoIP module; it measures jitter/DV, latency, and so on. But it requires Cisco routers to do it.

      Similarly, Nagios doesn't record the data we need, Smokeping archives (and has no facility for downtime), OVPI is expensive overkill, Nimbus's software requires, again, Cisco for IP SLA.

      I think I'm going to wind up rolling my own with fping and a database, quite honestly. :-(

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