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Journal Skraut's Journal: Wow!!!

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Today has been quite interesting. First of all I didn't really accomplish my goals. It was a little frustrating that that happened, but I had valid reasons for all of them. The problem is for a while I was pretty pissed off at myself because I had reasons. It shouldn't be about reasons or excuses or whatnot, I just need to get the work done. And that goes double with all the news I received today.

The first big news came early this morning. Gretchen called and was fed up with DCI because of the way she was treated by she bitch. She was really pissed off, and after a conversation, we came to the conclusion that it was time for her to quit. She had worked too long and too hard for a company that didn't care and wasn't interested in treating her with respect or paying her what she deserved. Not to mention the fact that it's the same company that layed me off 6 months ago. She was planning on leaving soon anyways, but this will be the opportunity for us to work on our company and start our dreams, just a little bit sooner. So she gave he 2 week notice today, with the added bonus of only having to work 3 days next week due to New Years Day, and because she will technically work some of 2003, she'll get her vacation pay for '03 as well.

The second big news was that Gwen called and asked if we'd mind caring for her cats for another month or so. She'll be sharing her apt with someone else for a month to help them get started in NYC, and he's apparently allergic to cats. So we'll keep them until that time. With Gretchen quiting her job who knows, maybe we'll go to NYC and drop the cats off, it would be a fun adventure. Also it means we get more time with Gilda and Smokey which is great because I wasn't quite ready to get rid of them yet.

So because Gwen wasn't coming to pick up the cats I didn't have to clean the house. And for a while I couldn't reach Gretchen on the phone. Because she had asked a few questions to people there about what she was entitled too upon quitting I was concerned when I couldn't reach her. I had visions of her in her boss' office getting chewed out for wanting to quit or something like that, so I had a hard time focusing on getting my tasks done until I was able to talk to her. She was outside moving her car so that they could plow when I called so didn't hear my call, and didn't check for her messages until after her lunch. Then after all of that commotion I fell and hit my head on the bathtub, and while it didn't do too much damage (not that there was a whole lot to damage) it just knocked the remaining wind out of my sails. I ended up taking a nap and didn't get the remaining work I wanted to get done done.

Well things look exciting for the future. I won't have the luxury of the events of today once Gretchen is no longer at work. This should be a big motivation, but hopefully I won't let it become too much pressure. Looking forward to tomorrow.

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