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Journal sumdumass's Journal: port scans WTF? 2

I was looking over my firewall logs and I have noticed that Slashdot is doing port scan on my ip adress. Or at least that's what my firewall thinks. I'm thinking what the fuck is this. It is coming from .

I wonder if they let the site get infected with something or I pissed one of the ops off. It would be severely foolish if it was something intentional. Who or whatever it is, it seems to happen shortly after I cease activity on the site.

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port scans WTF?

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  • FWIW, that IP reverse lookups to from here too. I can't be bothered to look at my own server's firewall logs but I can't imagine why they'd do that. Been pissing off slashdot lately?
    • Been pissing off slashdot lately? I probably have been. I wonder if it is something in their site code they don't know about. It looks like it might have stopped now.

      I forgot that I enabled comments on the journal entry. Thanks for double checking it for me.

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