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Journal Erris's Journal: Vista and XP have DST bugs. Users Need to Check. 2

InformationWeek reports that Vista and XP may not automatically adjust clocks for DST tonight.

To ensure Windows users aren't hit with a daylight time bug, Microsoft has launched an automated diagnostic and update service on its Web site that installs patches on systems that need them. The service is available for all versions of Windows Vista and most versions of Windows XP, as well as Windows Server 2003.

If you are a Windows XP SP3 beta vict^H^H^H^Htester, you can be sure it won't work. GNU/Linux users, of course, have nothing to worry about.

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Vista and XP have DST bugs. Users Need to Check.

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  • First comment on the article:

    Um, is this a real story? They already pushed this patch last year since the change to DST started in the end of 2007. This leaves two possibilities:

    1) A large number of people seemingly forgot to upgrade their software last year. This seems a bit off as the story mentions people updating software last year. Indeed, if you look at Microsoft's page regarding the DST calculator, it was updated in September of 2007: [].

    2) The patch that was shipped out last year was faulty and only handled the return to Standard time, not the subsequent shift to Daylight.

    So which is it?

    I wonder, can you answer that? And I mean a proper answer, with the proof that you hate providing so much.

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