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Journal Lord Satri's Journal: World of Warcraft-like Google Earth MMO Game

What happens when you mix two popular software such as World of Warcraft and Google Earth? You guessed right, a Google Earth MMO game is in beta (screenshots included). Visit this forum to learn more. This is part of the new crop of Google Earth-based games. From the initial announcement: "You pick a race (Warrior, Elf or Mage), then go around the world fighting enemies, earning experience points, increasing your level, buying weapons/spells/potions, etc. Some other features:
- Each major city is guarded by a different boss who must be defeated. Each city you defeat earns a crystal.
- You can team up with other players to take out difficult enemies.
- All gameplay (including battles, shops, messaging, etc) is done completely in Google Earth with no add-on software or web browser calls required.
- The battles are turn-based, similar to the Final Fantasy games, using our GEfootball engine.
- The shopping and messaging use Flash-based forms to handle the data, using code from our GEboards application.
- There are currently 9 cities, 14 different enemies (over 7,000 of them roaming the earth), 12 items, 8 spells and 6 weapons. All of those will likely be increased as we finish testing.

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World of Warcraft-like Google Earth MMO Game

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