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Journal peacefinder's Journal: The things we do for Science 4

"Professor Gert Holstege and colleagues asked 13 heterosexual couples aged 19-49 to take part in an experiment. One half of the couple was asked to lie down, with their head inside a scanner, while their partner stimulated them manually to achieve orgasm. To aid the mood, the room lighting was dimmed and all noise distractions shut out. The couples then switched positions and the experiment was repeated. [...] The women were also asked to fake an orgasm so that these scan results could be compared with those taken during genuine orgasms. There were obvious differences. Professor Holstege said: 'Women can imitate orgasm quite well.'" More at the BBC.

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The things we do for Science

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  • How was this at all about science? Unless they can then extrapolate the direct EM input to the brain to cause the same signal output/physical result...
    • Due to fucking science, the Freudian Intelligent Design (Id) is believable,
      and the religious dogma Id is dispelled as fraudulent mythology of faux-prophets.

      The dirty old sex act, why do we do it? If humans did not fornicate for fun and recreation,
      then science might prove there would be no procreation, not even the religious duty servicing kind.

      It is a very legitimate field of study in science for many reasons. In all other fields of study (economics, arts ...) it is just a way to make a good victimless (exc
    • Well, in TFA they elaborated a bit more. It appears the point of the study was to identify the brain regions active during orgasm for both men and women, and also the regions active during women's fake orgasms. The interesting results, I thought, were:

      a) that the female orgasm takes palce without any involvement of the voluntary motor cortex, and
      b) that a fake orgasm lights up the same region of the brain as a real one, as well as a portion of the voluntary motor cortex. Fake but accurate, as it were. :-)

      • Plus, you know, the whole study was rather amusing. The grant application musta been a hoot.

        Would have been interesting to be one of the lab techs monitoring the equipment :)

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