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Journal pbhj's Journal: faith is ....


"If tomorrow we started observing light travelling at 314,159,265 m/s then scientists would incorporate that bizzare and unexpected change into their worldview."

If it were possible to flick that switch I suspect we wouldn't be observing it any longer. Indeed there probably wouldn't be a universe to observe.


"The scientific method makes one assumption, and one assumption only: the Universe obeys a set of rules."

It's amazing that this current scientific method was established by the belief that in nature there must be order because God created it. It's a response to pure intelligent design. The idea that if it's designed we can categorise it and abstract the principles of the design and in doing so learn about the creator.

How do you do science without [mathematical, logical] axioms? Which set of axioms forms the true algebra (read on Gödel's incompleteness theorems? Is the speed of light fixed (ensuring relativity is consistent) or not?

You may not have the answer to that last one, but I'll bet you have a default that you acknowledge a priori as the truth.

One last quicky: have you already proven that the world existed before you were achieved consciousness / were born? If yes, please share. If no, do you believe it did? If you don't (perhaps only because you haven't sat down to do a rigorous proof, well done scientist), if you do ... that's faith.

God doesn't play dice. -- Albert Einstein