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Journal MsWillow's Journal: Eureka! 4

This time, the progress ISN'T trivial. Tuesday night, I was able to move my left leg, a bit, not under any real control. It got better Wednesday night. Last night, I was able to move my left leg at will. Yay!

I can now move it as well I can move my right leg - both of them can use the thigh muscles only, but it's a start. Tho I can wiggle my right toes, I can't do the same with my left. Yet.

I had been experiencing restless leg, pretty badly, over the last three months. I suspect this was from all the repair work going on with that neural pathway. I'm also now seeing restless hand in my left arm, a harbinger of things to come? I hope so.

I'm taking a few more days off before starting pulse 36. It's more time for my battle-weary body to heal before rejoining the fracas.

At last. ::sigh::

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  • I've currently got problems with my knee joints - they hurt a bit when I bend them, and if I bend beyond 90 degrees the muscles complain - and to a lesser extent in my arms and hands. Currently waiting for the results of blood tests to confirm if it's rheumatic and/or arthritic. In the meantime, I'm doing physiotherapy at home to keep the knee joints lubricated.

  • I'm so happy for you!

  • That is excellent news! It's good to hear from you, especially with something so positive!

  • That's very good to hear!


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