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GENTOO: Keeping Boxes Up to Date in a Sane Way

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  • Gentoo.

    I am SUCH a deb baby!
  • over on Gentoo forums. Hope paludis doesn't offend you. ;)
    • by eno2001 ( 527078 )
      Hmmm... I'd not heard of Paludis before. I'm a little leary of using it at this point because I'm only now barely becoming familiar with Portage. But the bigger question in my mind is... what the hell happened with Gentoo regarding DRobbins. When I went to the Paludis site and poked around I found what appear to be the signs of some kind of change of the guard and an ensuing feud. Since I'm a little late to the Gentoo party, I know none of the history behind that. I have seen a few comments here and th
      • I'll give you a brief, erroneous sketch.
        In Teh Beginning, Robbins was on some old distro. He went off into BSD land, and liked their ports system.
        Robbins came back to Linux and wrote emerge, and a zippy little community was founded, around 5+ years ago.
        Robbins got bored, went off and did other stuff, including a stint at Microsoft.
        In the meantime (around 2 years ago), this gnarly Scot named Ciaran McCreesh started from scratch in C++ to replace the spaghetti-monster disaster that emerge had become. Y

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