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Journal DaveAtFraud's Journal: Response to signature criticism

I found this citation in one of columns in today's Rocky interesting:

"To date, other Western countries have been more successful in covering all citizens at a lower per capita cost, but they have done so only by limiting the availability of high-technology medicine." So writes former Colorado governor Richard Lamm and co-author Robert Blank in their recent book, Condition Critical. A New Moral Vision for Health Care. And these guys are on Polis' side of the single payer debate.

"Every single payer health system has at its core some form of health-care rationing, including strict limits on expensive care, such as organ transplants, chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants, and long waiting lines for elective surgeries." Lammand Blank honestly acknowledge.

The columnist pointed out that such limits and rationing don't apply to the very rich like Polis, who can afford to go outside the system for care. Sounds like my signature.

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Response to signature criticism

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