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Journal glh's Journal: Update.... 6

Update- tried posting this earlier, didn't notice the radio buttons for "publicize, publish, post" so I think it went to the bit bucket. So Here it is under the "post" option. Thank goodness I copied it to notepad before saving.

So it's been about a year since my last JE! I have been lurking around, and recently commented in dexterpexter's journal since she was asking for updates from "the circle". Apparently a few others (including FK and Sam) were also lurking and jumped in. So.. since there are at least a few still out there I thought I'd post an update, in case anyone still has me on their friends list and wants to know what I'm up to!

I'll start where I left off on my last JE. I mentioned my wife was expecting and we had a few "complications" early on. I'm happy to report everything went very well, and she was able to have a VBAC (Vaginal Birth after C-section). It was quite an awesome experience, I got to help deliver our new baby girl (Jocelyn), who is now going on 10 months. My wife had a little bit of a tear, but she's recovered quite well from that (I was jokingly going to get a shirt that said "I tore mommy a new one" but thought better of it).

Things continued to be crazy with work. In addition to politics being the primary focus on my job as the director of software dev (which was burning me out- way too political of a company), I was asked to travel the very next week after my daughter was born for a project, all the way to the west coast. I grudgingly went (with colleagues wondering why I was "distracted" while there). After that experience I new it was time to move on. I had a retention bonus that required me to stay with the company until Sept. 15th. I gave my two weeks notice not long after that, and now I'm with a consulting company called "Perficient", which is based out of Livonia (between Ann Arbor and Southfield, MI). I'm helping build the business in the Northwest Ohio / Southeast Michigan area which means I don't have to travel, and if so it's only regional. I haven't had to do any "flight" travel since I joined the company in Oct- has worked out really well. My official title is Engagement Manager / Technical Architect- so in addition to managing a small team at a few clients in Toledo, I also get to continue to work on the technical side- really my ideal job for this point in my life. And, we're always looking for good people and have offices all over the US.

Other updates in no particular order... My oldest daughter (now 4 1/2) started pre-school last year and loves it. She's doing really well. Hard to believe she'll be in Kindergarten very soon!

I'm still playing xbox, been doing Call of Duty 4 lately. I get in trouble every now and then when I'm not paying attention to the time :)

Still getting settled in to the house we built a few years ago- thinking about finishing off the basement now that I'm pretty sure I'll be staying in the area for a while.

Life has been pretty busy with 2 kids but my wife and I are managing pretty well. She's working part time as an environment consultant, and her parents are still helping watch the girls on the days she is working.

We're also still active with church, and leading music for the service. Our church merged last year with the church I used to go to (it was the "sending" church).

Anyway... please say hello and give me an update if you're reading this! Would be great to hear from old friends.

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  • Good to hear from you. Glad you moved on and have found something less stressful. Sad to see you don't have a Denver office. :)

    For more update-y type stuff, I'm now IT manager for a tv production company. If you watch Food Network or HGTV, you've likely heard of at least one of our shows. However, I'm also enrolled in the master's program at DU, looking to get my degree in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis on Comp. Info. Sys. Going for the big-time IT manager type stuff - Director or CIO eventually
    • Hi, I'm still here. Thanks for posting something. I'm not sure we ever really got the chance to know each other much, but I'm saying hi anyways. It's nice to be able to catch up with people. Congrats on the wee one, and the new job and all that. Sounds like things are going well.

      PS: sam, I live for freaking foodnetwork. My fave is Everyday Italian, but I watch so many FN shows it's embarrassing.

  • Congratulations on Jocelyn. My daughters are about four years apart (well, four years less one day), and that seemed to turn out pretty well. A little break between the diaper phases. :-)

    Things are much the same in my life. Not exactly what I was hoping for, but I am ok for now. I've learned some things about myself, and about life in general. I visited my younger daughter in Boston for Christmas, and that was a very good time.

    Good luck with the new job, and with the house. It sounds like you've found
  • Yes - a year is a long time between journal entries. ;-)

    Congratulations on the new daughter and the new job. Sounds like lots of good times are in store for you.

    My family life has been full of drama the last two years, and not really any of it good. But my job has been interesting - the company I worked for lost the contract, and now I work directly for my former client. New job same as the old job - which is nice, because my boss is great.

  • Great to hear from you!

    As for me? In the past year I've gotten extremely fed up with my boss. I was recently offered a new job within the company that I should be starting fairly soon. I just moved into a new apartment with Some Guy (and by "just" I mean "12 hours ago"). We're getting married in October in Malta (keeps the riffraff out that way ;^). He's had to do a lot of travel for work recently, and just returned from 5 weeks in India. I've started playing soccer on a work league. It's nice to mee
  • Thanks for the news. Kids grow up to quickly - are there any mechanisms in place to make sure I don't forget to send my kids to Kindergarten once they get to the right age?

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