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Journal Lally Singh's Journal: /. Comments and Drunk Party Talk

Oh God. I'm not sure I can take this anymore.

At parties I despise these conversations:

  • BS Politics talk -- Neither party knows anything more than talking points, and essentially chose their side based on which news channels they prefer. Usually devolves into namecalling or agreement on a third solution neither of them know anything about.
  • Religion -- Same shit.
  • What they learned in school today -- Way to repeat your textbook. Nobody cares, please STFU.


  • IP -- Mostly software people talking about how copying data doesn't imply copyright infringement. Note the 'copy' in 'copyright'
  • Bullshit argumentative tone -- There aren't debates on /. People suddenly decide to sound like overjerked philosophy majors with PHIL101-style argument methods: straw man, false dichotomies, etc. When their 1,2-unit arsenals run out, they just move on to the next /. post and try again.
  • What they learned in /. today -- Openly push open source/linux, but realize that Linux isn't actually too useful as a desktop box, so pretend to play devil's advocate when you apologize for window's suckiness.
  • Empty Software Religion -- Repeat after me Software is not Religion. Again: Software is not Religion. A third time, to make it stick: Software is not Religion. It's an industry. There isn't any truth or deep meaning in software. In the act of programming, sure, but not in the resulting software. Your favorite app is just a number someone was able to defecate out onto a keyboard. You deserve better. But you won't get it, because that "itch" your app's developer was scratching is the length of their cock, which they scratch with lotion and a photo of RMS.

Oh God I can't take it any more. Why can't people talk like normal people and have their own opinions? It's ok to get shot down. If they shoot you down by being an ass and a bully, fuck em. If they do it with logic that you don't agree with, fuck em. If they do it with good reasoning that changes your mind, you're better off.

Who am I kidding? I'll take it. Software is about suffering through 10,000 tons of shit to get one little shiny piece that gives you hope anew. I'm at 9,990 right now. 10 tons of shit to go.

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/. Comments and Drunk Party Talk

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