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Journal keith_nt4's Journal: My journal, day one of vacation

Ok so hear I am in the middle of the night. I decided I would write in this as close to everyday of my vacation as I could though so here it is.

Today I drove back from Placerville (yes the one from that poll a while back). On the way I stopped in to see a former employer I'm still friends with. That took a few hours. Then I stopped at a book store (borders) for a little while and looked at programming books as I like to do. Then finally I went home back here, sacramento, to my room-that-used-to-be-a-closet. I decided I was going to re-arrange everything and move in a superior desk (couldn't get much worse than the one I had).

That brings me up to now. I worked on my room almost non-stop from 4:00 to now, 2:30am. And I'm still not done.

What have I thought about lately? Hmmmm. Well There's whether or not to take another semester of college. I have been doing it a while now. Too long really. There are things I could over this vacation such as:

  • Work on website to make it popular, using that to put up a resume.
  • Modify my desktop via LiteStep (a great program by the way).
  • Play as many games as often as possible including but not limited to the new online game Neocron. I beta tested that game for like 6 months. I had a lot of fun and became close to some this clan I helped form.
  • Put as much effort as possible into finding a job. I mean a real job. Maybe I can get a job and still do some of this other stuff.

Alright so these are a few things I could think about. There's also keeping up with this journal thing all the time. I always need as much practice writing as I can get.

Good time for a tangent. Usually I take some class that requires writing, I do some writing and about half way through the semester I "get my groove back" or whatever and I'm actually a really good writer. But as soon as the class is over I stop writing and, er, loose my "groove". So I'd like to keep writing all through the break and even beyond if I can so I'll be all warmed-up and highly, uh, grooved or whatever for a class. Or job that requires writing maybe.

And I do like writing. I don't think I really ever have quite as much fun as I do when I'm writing in my "groove". So why I don't do it more often I don't know. Because I should.

Alright I'm not sure what else I can babble on about now. Except I should mention to myself I was supposed to e-mail a teacher friend of mine to tell her I can drop off a tape of hers should had wanted me to give to her (she was having me tape star trek: voyager.

Ok lets see what else...? Well there's my website. You can always (I think) find it at Of course I haven't actually updated it in a quite a while. But I'm going to sart this vacation. Probably. I would like to write a bunch of content and re-design the whole site before updating it. Maybe I'll put a new-and-improved coming soon thing up or something. I dunno. Anyway I guess this it for me log for tonight. So technically I guess I'll have two journals for today unless tomorrow's journal is also at 2:30 in the morning in which case not then. Oh look it's like 3am. I think that means I should go to bed. So to whomever wierd person trolling through other people's journals reading this goodnight. And these will get better. Promise.

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