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Free Downloadable Graphic Novels

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  • I'd never been into Graphic Novels much but am trying to check some more of them out. I just finished the Watchmen (based on your mention of it;-). Was pretty good, but it took awhile for me to really get into the story. I'm not as much for "Superhero" stories, so I think a lot of the subtler nuances were lost on me.
    • The Maus books are very good I think. I've enjoyed both. There was a comic book series when I was in high school called Moonshadow. Both are still in print. Maus was published in two volumes (you can still buy it that way or in one volume) and Moonshadow as a complete collection. Both are very different from your run of the mill comics. Maus centers around the author's father and his experiences as a holocaust survivor. Moonshadow (what I remember of it) is a coming of age tale set in a very wild spa
  • I've seen the Swamp Thing novel before, but several of the others were very cool. Great link.

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