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Journal sm62704's Journal: Harry's Adult Day Care

Amy showed up late Wednesday, having passed out on someone's couch. I think she needs to go back to rehab as she's drinking like a fish again.

Her estranged boyfriend called, then came over, and they made up. She went home with him, and wouldn't be the next night as her BF doesn't have the kids. This was a GOOD thing because...

I called Mo, and set up a date for Friday night. As I seem to only attract psychopaths, I wondered what horrible mental illness she harbors?

I had a very nice time with Mo Friday night. She's no beauty, and never was; she has ann oddly shaped nose. But she has a very nice personality and a good figure. Too bad I won't be having sex with her, or want her for a girlfriend - rather than a mental illness, she has an incurable communicable disease that I don't want to risk catching.

I still had a very good time, and told her I'd call Saturday. I planned on saving a twenty for a few drinks with her Saturday night.

As I was taking her home, Tami wanted me to come and get her. We drank until 4:00 AM, and I staggered off to bed. I was roused at 9:00 AM by Amy, who came in and dragged me out of bed and out of the house without coffee, and down to Farley's where her car was being reposessed by the pimp, as she hadn't finished paying for it in the allotted time.

The girls had boilermakers (at nine in the morning), I had coffee, despite their trying to get me to start drinking.

I sat there next to my hooker's pimp (a very nice, respectable fellow) and sat there some more and couldn't get waited on, while waiting for them to show up; I was to follow them to Farley's and give them a ride back.

They came in and got waited on instantly. Sans coffee, with only a few hours sleep, I'm afraid I was a bit harsh with the bartender. Not that she didn't deserve it.

Amy gave my hooker's pimp the keys back, and I drank the cup of coffee I finally got.

By noon they had me drinking, my mood didn't get any better. By six Amy convinced me to loan her my last twenty, promising to get twenty from her boyfriend to pay me back with when he showed up. When he got there at eight, she jumoed in his truck and they took off.

I ran everybody out. I had four dollars and change left; not enough to go out with Mo. I called to apologize, and it was she who apologized to me, as she was sick.

I went to bed. I'm really starting to get tired of Amy and Tami. Tami propositioned me Saturday afternoon, and I turned her down. Hell hath no fury indeed; I did NOT have a good time Saturday!

Sunday was downright pleasant. After sleeping for thirteen hours I missed church; I hadn't been there for months, but didn't get up in time. So I ate, did a little laundry, straightened up after Saturday's day long drunken bitchfest, and decided to drive over to JW's for a beer. after calling Farley's. There had been a sign saying prices were going up on the 4th, so I called to see if they still had the Sunday draft special. They didn't.

So I went outside to drive to JW's, and WOW! It was incredibly nice weather! It was warm and sunny, with a nice breeze. The car thermometer said it was 64 degrees. I got out and started walking. I like walking, but it has been too cold.

There were no other patrons at JW's, so I got a beer, drank it and left for more walking. I decided to walk to Ralph's and retrieve the tape I'd loaned him.

As I was walking down Highland, there were two woman standing outside "Harry's Adult Day Care" smoking. I hadn't been in that bar before, so I decided to go in. I mean, I have a weakness for women... they were bartenders there, one on duty. I chatted until they finished their cigarettes, and they didn't have my brand on tap but it didn't matter anyway as the facimile they did have tasted like vinegar, obviously they hadn't rinsed the tap lines very good. Before I left there were five women in there. I left when a man came in, promising I'd be back.

I'm a fool when it comes to women. Although the next time I'm getting bottled beer rather than foamy vinegar on tap.

I got to Ralph's, and he fed me more breakfast. We chatted, I showed him the letter Linda sent me from Dwight. He swore he wasn't going to let her move back in with him unless she straightened her act out, but it looked to me from the letter that she had every intention of doing so.

He said when she goes up before the judge on the prostitution charge he was going to furnish her with his lawyer. He said if he thought she was going to prison he would have before.

I walked back to JW's for another beer, and with the price of one final beer in my pocket went home, and thought "hmm, maybe Farley's will cash a check." So I drove over there, ordered a beer and apologised to the bartender for snarling at her the previous morning.

Tina said "hi".

Tina's not very good looking at all; years of abusing alcohol has made her face look like she's a lot older than she is, and she doesn't have a very good figure either. I gave her a hug and a kiss and snuggled a little. I finished my beer and the bartender asked if I wanted another one. I said I could if she could cash a check, so she did. I told her I'd like to buy her dinner "to make up for being surly yesterday" and she said "thank you, but I don't think my husband would like it."

Drat. "well, I don't go out with married women anyway. If a man wants to keep my hands off his woman all he has to do is put a ring on her finger and say the vows."

"He doesn't wear one so I don't either".

I wound up buying Tina a drink and giving her a ride home.

Later, back at JW's, I wound up sitting between two women, the one on my left looked older than my mother, the one on my right had a huge nose, so of course I was doing my best to hit on her and nerdily getting nowhere. The younger one on the other side of her would have been georgeous had it not been for the missing teeth. She still had most of them but the missing ones greatly detracted from her otherwise good looks.

The bartender said something about the sort of women I hung around with. "Well. the girl I used to shoot pool with in here is in prison." I said. "I need a ood woman to keep me away from all the bad ones."

He of course runed any chances (which were probably "slim" and "none" anyway) with Miss Bignose by talking about Odie, the girl who stole my new car and traded it for crack to another crackwhore who used it to try and murder her parents with last year (see the link for details).

About that time "Julia" called. I walked outside.

"I'm kind of pissed at you" I told her. She'd not wanted to have sex with me, but wanted to use my house as a whorehouse. She apologized, and asked if I was looking for any reefer. Well of course, but I'd have to get to the bank first. She invited me to where she was staying to have a few tokes.

As I pulled up in front of the house I was propositioned by a hooker. But I didn't have any cash, damn it!

Julia got me wasted, and I went home and watched cartoons on Fox the rest of the evening. It was some excellent shit, I'll be back to buy some tonight! Maybe I'll find a new hooker, too. I've given up on finding a good woman.

Next: "Sweet little Anorexia" part 2

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Harry's Adult Day Care

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