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Journal Steve Franklin's Journal: Library Table

I finally broke down and went out looking for something a little more in tune with the living room furniture to put the computer on. I walked into the local solid oak furniture store and immediately zoned in on one of those open form library tables with the narrow side slats and that peculiar not-a-shelve at the back--there for support I suppose. They had one with a slide out keyboard shelf but there was no place for the new tablet, so I opted for the model with a drawer and just jacked the chair up all the way so I can put the keyboard and the tablet on the table top. All this while trying to keep my eyes off of the backside of the sprayed on jeans of the young woman helping me.

The neat thing is I can now see where the wires go and I don't have to fish everything through the "convenient" spaces in the back of the old woodchip and glue computer table. The price was a bit steep but when you're talking about something that will last for centuries, how can you make a comparison? I haven't decided whether to replace the old gluewood file drawers next to the table yet. It would be a good excuse to go back to the showroom, though.

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Library Table

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