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Journal XxtraLarGe's Journal: Ron Paul conspicuous by his absence on Slashdot 2

The guy raises $6.1 million in a single day on the Internet. His campaign is based largely on social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, and Meetup. I realize Slashdot doesn't want to turn into Digg or Reddit, but when somebody does something this monumental, why isn't it reported? If a presidential candidate running a campaign largely on the internet breaks a single day fundraising record isn't "News For Nerds" then I don't know what is.
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Ron Paul conspicuous by his absence on Slashdot

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  • Last money bomb and this one I posted links and stories and they went quietly away and were rejected. I really thought more of the slashdot crowd and thought they valued freedom a bit more than seems apparent.
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      by gebbeth ( 720597 )
      I can't believe that no one at Slashdot finds this worthy of making it out front!! I mean RP is THE leading advocate for freedom, online and elsewhere!! Wake up Slashdot!

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