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Journal OctaneZ's Journal: Cell Phone Hunt Update 2

Well I went and played with phones at VZ.

I like the LG VX8550 (Chocolate Rev.2) thought the scroll wheel feels a little chintzy, I wish they had added more weight/resistance to it. A lot of people are comparing the scroll wheel to the first gen iPods but I am not sure I ever had the opportunity to play with one.

I also like the LG VX8700, it's a nice clamshell design, supports more Bluetooth features like Bluetooth File Transfer, however it isn't free. :-\

Any advice?

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Cell Phone Hunt Update

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  • Very Razr-like. :-) I'd be careful about assuming that file transfer is supported in the way you want. I noticed that the syncing music requires a USB cable and Windows Media Player 10, and that not all OBEX profiles are supported. I'd be very reluctant to trust Verizon on this. On the other hand, the micro SD card slot has you covered for file transfer.

    It looks like a very cool phone. The Chocolate looks ok, but I strongly prefer clamshell designs.

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