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Journal OctaneZ's Journal: Cell Phone Help 5

So I am in the market for a new cell phone. I am eligible for a deep discount on the Verizon network starting Tuesday. I currently have a MOTO RAZR V3c which I have never been to enamored of, it works, the form factor is okay, the battery sucks.

I've never had a slider before, a friend has one of the shiny 2nd generation LG Chocolate VX8550 that she likes so far.

I'm not a big texter, and until phones start coming with SSH clients I don't anticipate needing a QWERTY keyboard. I have no interest in the VZ TV or Navigator thing. Bluetooth is a must, I love being able to sync my address book and have the phone plugged in while I wander around my kitchen on a bluetooth headset. I'd also like a phone that did OBEX (unlikely on VZ from what I can tell) or had removable media so I can actually use the camera in the phone, but this is not a requirement as I generally carry my little ELPH with me.

Any recomendations, horror stories, etc?

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Cell Phone Help

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  • ...but the neo1973 from the OpenMoko project [] sure looks interesting and is a project worthy of support methinks, and because it is open..well..that means it's open! upgradeability and customization will be pretty good overall. They have the base phone in their shop for three hundred clams, just checked, but are sold out of full developer kits.

    I know, doesn't fit with being verizon branded....
    • by OctaneZ ( 73357 )
      I had forgotten about them, as I remember it's really a FIC. Do they even do CDMA. Well I am off to look.
      • by OctaneZ ( 73357 )
        To answer my own question, from the wiki:
        CDMA: Currently there is no such version planned.
  • Which is why I will not be staying with Verizon when my contract is up. My daughter's newer Razr (the music player one) has a micro SD slot, but mine (a V3c does not). Other than that, I like my phone quite a bit. And I did figure out how to transfer pictures at one point (Motorola PhoneTools and changing an entry in the configuration file), but they seem to have figured out how to turn that off in the phone. I'm irritated, and I kind of hope that they call me an try to sell me a new phone one of these
  • I can't remember which brand it was, but an undergraduate in our lab had a cell phone with an SSH client on it. Unfortunately, this student has graduated and left our lab so I can't tell you much more than that. We had great fun "running" simulations on his cell phone. (They were actually running on our servers, of course.)

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