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Journal krow's Journal: Just in case you were curious.... 12

I get asked this question every so often so since I just did the calculation for it I thought I would post it.

There are right around 4.4 million friends of friend and foes of friends relationships. This is out of 89K friend and foe relationships (the record number of second degree relationships is around 16K, with the next 3 being in the 13K range).

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Just in case you were curious....

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  • I sense a six-degrees-of-slashdot game coming on. :)
    • Someone already does this with Taco's account. I might add in the code someday so that you can trace a path between yourself and someone else but only if it can be done without killing the DB.
  • And just why are we calculating this?
    • There is a transaction problem that crops up from time to time in Friends/Foes that I am removing. In the process I am redoing how the data is stored. I just ran the first build which put together a table that stories the users uid, the person who the relationship is with and the person who caused the relationship to exist.

      Trying to determine how quickly the system works (which the answer is that it looks like the new method is fast enough).
      • Will the work you are doing fix the fans problem that I am having? I emailed you twice with no responce (I probably just screwed something up). I hope that this post is in the right forum - but I know there are people who friend'd me (like Cliff [slashdot.org]) but alas I cannot see them.
        • Yep, this is your problem (not emailed you because I don't have an answer). I will possibly run a script in a bit that will fix it, but it will slowly end up wrong again. If my current tests finish with no errors then I will toss the new code in for next Wednesday's update.
          • Woo-hoo! It looks like the problems with FOAFs dangling after the original friend is removed has been fixed. Thank you. ;-)
            • Actually its not fixed. I have a script I can run (not been run in over a month) that rebuilds the entire system and makes sure everything is ok. So we are at square one right now. This means that the system will slowly develop errors over time.

              I have new code that I may put in this week that will fix the entire problem. I am still running a couple of tests thought to make sure it won't have the same issues. I have one bug in it that I am going to look at tomorrow.
              • Fair enough. Hopefully your fixes will work. (I really should pull my finger out and set up slash at home so I can look through the code - might do this next weekend...)
  • I'm confused, was that 16k "friends of friends", or was that "enemies of friends", or both? I would hate to wait 15 minutes brefore looking at my "friends of friends" page just because it was 16k, or 13k, of stuff.

    You guys ever going to make it so only friends, or friends of friends, or only direct friend of a friend (in the 2nd degree) able to comment in my journal? I discovered a while back that some nasty folks have scripts to reply to comments certain people make, with nasty messages. For example, I hear some of the editors don't allow comments in their journal because of this, and the fact they have so many fans. ;)

    Anyways, like a white list for the journal system based on the friends relationships. I don't think it would kill the DB since that stuff is already looked up anyways (for the color dot images). It would be nice to have ways to reject non-friends from repling to the journal, thats all I wanted to mention.

    What about this hickup in the transactions? is it a show stopper?

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