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Journal xhrit's Journal: Quake Wars

Today I bought my 2nd copy ov retail Quake wars. For full price (60$). On Friday when I get pay check I am going to buy 2 more copies. Also at full price. Just so I have a copy for every PC on my LAN that is able to play it.

And I am going to buy a copy for every person I know that has a computer. And if someone I know doesn't have a computer that can play it, I will buy them a new computer.

(Ov course, I have an agenda - any pc I buy for a friend comes with Slackware Linux pre-installed by me.)

Anyway, at lunch today at w0rk I was thinking about running down the side ov a cliff, into the crashed strogg ship and capping the last energy cell with only seconds remaining.

I almost started crying. Not figurative crying, but literally actual tears started to well up in the corners ov my eyes. I do not know if it was the images burnt into my retina from staring at the on screen carnage for too long, or if it was the sheer awesome joy that is Quake Wars..

But I do know I love this game.

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Quake Wars

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