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Journal Apathy costs bills's Journal: Kill Trolls Dead 3

Well dear readers I have learned much since my last journal. This person "tps12" and many like him are an organized band of... just huge jerks. They spend a lot of time writing stuff to annoy everyone and disrupt the discussion.
But I've also learned that we can stop them. You can go into and search users for ways to stop trolling, and I found this. A Troll Blacklist agent, which removes trolls from your view automatically. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the form. I've started using it and it works perfectly, using Slashdot's ingenious Web of Trust. I suggest you use it too. Link to how to do it.

Help me Kill Trolls Dead.
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Kill Trolls Dead

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  • is that you often filter out more than you want to. I happen to know there are some completely reasonable people who have made their way onto the blacklist. I stopped using it when I discovered I was blocking people I had previously befriended.
    • It's better than the alternative though of having to read all that crap and abuse and flamewars and drivel. I don't have time for it. If you don't like the contents of the list, get involved, make a case for your friends, root out the good and the evil. We can clean this place up!

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