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Journal SPAM: SOAP or XML-RPC? 8

I'm going to mess with something, using Java, and I have a choice between using soap or xml-rpc. Does it matter which I choose? This'll be a pretty simple deal.

Thanks is advance to any who have input.

Another question I've been asking today is shouldn't the oracle shutdown immediate command be changed to shutdown eventually? It really would be more accurate and temper expectations.

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  • SOAP (Score:3, Informative)

    by RailGunner ( 554645 ) * on Saturday November 10, 2007 @03:30PM (#21308337) Journal
    SOAP works extremely well, and if you need a C/C++ client I recommend gSOAP [].
  • by Chacham ( 981 )
    I've used SOAP and it seems straight-forward, after getting through the really confusing declarations. I've never used the other.

    Would you want to change it to EXECUTE EVENTUALLY?

    A question for you. 1) What windows based editor do you use besides SQL Plus. I simple don't like TOAD.


    • The shutdown immediate thing just always cracks me up. Our production database takes 30 minutes to shutdown with shutdown immediate.

      I do a lot of my work with SQL Developer []. It isn't perfect, but it works well for my needs.

      There are a number of plugins available, and it seems to be improving with every release. And of course the price is right. I like free. I also like some of the help that it offers with building functions, procedures, triggers, etc. I'm still learning and I don't spend a lot of ti
      • by Chacham ( 981 )
        Yeah, I'm using SQL Developer (which my friend continue to call squeal developer. Well, actually he calls sqlldr squeal loader and did so only to get me to do it (which he did. arg! (yes that was a parens inside a parens. (arg! (double arg!!)))) and i am guessing he did it there too.) but i find it tedious.

        They're using 9i, i downloaded 10i's developer. It changed where the body is location (it used to be the header and then the body, in 10i that's switched making the body a sub-tree of the header tree). T
  • How long a life will this thing you're writing have, and how much could it possibly have to be extended in the future? SOAP is more interoperable and more powerful (and more complicated), so would be the choice if the answers to those are "a lot" and "a lot".

    If such concerns don't apply, then pick based on toolkit ease-of-use. (Afterall, for routine stuff, you never deal with how the actual messages are constructed.)
    • I'll probably do SOAP. I don't know the answer to either but if the first ends up being "a lot" then I'm sure the second will too. I appreciate the feedback.
  • The O'Reilly book says that SOAP is just XML-RPC with wrappers. So unless you need to do something tricky, I'd stick with SOAP and let the software handle the persnickety stuff.

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