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Journal vldmr_krn's Journal: It came a long way

I've done a lot of work on TypeTango MBTI Personals - Myers Briggs/Keirsey/Jung Dating - Find your match by personality type. It is now possible to search by distance, the search displays picture thumbnails, and it's possible to give different weights to different keywords. The next major project is to consolidate different words for the same concept into a standard form. For instance, it should not be possible to enter both "atheist" and "atheism" as keywords, but only "atheism." I'm also starting to seriously consider making the statistics publicly available, but without the keywords (because I'm still convinced that showing keywords will encourage conformity). There are 426 registered users, which means I've been getting around 4 new users per day since my last journal entry.

I am here by the will of the people and I won't leave until I get my raincoat back. - a slogan of the anarchists in Richard Kadrey's "Metrophage"