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Journal cinnamon colbert's Journal: Liberal web sites that are trash

I take as prototypical of liberal web sites. This site is basically a liberal national enquireer - long on hot button, simplistic articles, short on facts and reason.
(need to add specifics here)
Many times, they publish a "story" which is based on a press release (no url given) which in turn is based on a not yet published study (no url given)....

They have hundreds of articles about how bad the bush admin is to the poor, yet no links to statistics to back up the arguments.
Compare the avg commondreams article to a Frank Rich Sunday NY times op ed: what makes rich so good is that he weaves a lot of facts and specifics into his column, something that looks easy and is really hard.
Cockburn, where are you when we need you

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Liberal web sites that are trash

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