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Journal deathcloset's Journal: Chapter 12 section 5: Wow, Good thing bill is so rich!

"So even now as we crawl through these vents the space ship is exploding right?" Asked my brother rather earnestly.
"right," I affirmed."In fact because this space ship is so many light seconds long as soon as the main reactor goes we will have 1 and a half seconds before we see the blast."
"But I bought us these space time shields you guys developed at such a high cost, and they are going to keep us safe right?" Bill gates asked.
I responded, "I hope so. In true cinematic fasion we havent gotten a chance to try them out yet."
Bill gates thought for a second and then responded, "cinematic, like the proton packs in ghost busters right? they never tried those out before they tested them right?"
"oh, you betcha!" I said, "and I think a malfunction could be pretty much as bad as what egon said in ghostbusters..."
"what did egon say?" bill gates asked
"shit I don't know." I said. "I don't have access to the internet right now."
"well," answered bill gates."We spent a shitload of money on them so I am going to turn my shit on!"
And with that bill gates flipped the little switch on the little pager-sized device on his belt and space and time were innefectual against him. He was outside of all, but able to filter the spectrum to allow visible, non harmful light and audible sound - as well as smell, though the gigaton hydrogen bomb explosion of the ships main reactor may not be the best smelling of events.
"fuck yea!" I said to bill gates."you totally didn't phase your own ass out of exsitence!."
Bill Gates looked kind of mad. "yOU Mean that I could have been destroyed!"
I answered coolly, "Bill, my brotha" I gave him a handshake, followed by a reversal to Thumb-grip, followed by a slideout/snap moving to a double fist punch then we shouldered each other and ended with a two hand slap. "No worries fool, we were here in the space time envelope with you, we would have desintegrated too."
Bill sniffled, "good man, I thought you were playing a trick on me."
"Aww bil...buddy!" I gave Bill a hug. "Don't worry about it, I like you just the way you are."
Bill looked up at me and said, "Thanks bro, that means alot to me. My self-esteem is kind of low at times, I mean, billionare thing aside and all.
I then sang "stand by me" as the ships main reactors armor had been pierced and meltdown had led to reaction had finally led to gigaton hydrogen bomb explosion.
"We better get to a ship!" I said, "otherwise we will have to float out in space for a while and that would suck, I want to be on the planet when the carcass of this ship goes down." I said
"Dude, I totaaly agree" said bill gates.
so we found a ship and flew to the planet below.

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