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Journal NewYorkCountryLawyer's Journal: What Data &/or documents to request from MediaSentry? 5

The Slashdot and Groklaw communities were so helpful in preparing for the deposition of the RIAA's "expert" witness, Dr. Doug Jacobson, we thought we'd come back and ask for your thoughts on what documents and/or data to request from the RIAA's 'investigator', MediaSentry, Inc. The documents we have so far are just printouts, which were used at Dr. Jacobson's deposition, specifically exhibits 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14. Of course we have some ideas of our own about what to demand, but we want to leave no stone unturned. For the technical minded among you, this is your chance to be a part of bringing the RIAA's litigation campaign down.
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What Data &/or documents to request from MediaSentry?

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  • Anything related to any online "sting" operations where they hosted music files themselves, and all the sites they have used or may still be using, directly or under contract. Seems like any of those files would now be "free" in the public domain if they "allowed" downloading for free. Also any code they might have used to try and install backdoors, etc, onto people's computers, ie "hacking" attempts.
  • One thing that is noticed immediately in doc 6 is the text

    [media sentry ip address]:3965

    which raises directly 2 issues:
    1. This document is no an authentic representation of a textfile, but was edited later to change some text(the mediasentry ip) .
    Who know what else is left out. and basically show that it is very unclear what kind of evidence gathering is used. Editing a text file is compley different from using a black marker to edit out some sensitive information.
    2. If media sentry thinks it has right to
  • Particularly their procedures for reducing false positives.

    If they can't produce any then you can present realistic scenarios where obvious false positives could occer (eg remix's that go buy the same title but are through a different label).
  • Thanks for your ideas.
  • If possible, I'd suggest fishing for information about RIAA and MPAA partnerships. I don't know what you might turn up, but it would seem like fertile ground.

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