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Journal cinnamon colbert's Journal: why the religous hate evolution

1)The moral aspects of religion - thou shalt not steal - are as reasonable as any other system of morals
2) The supernatural aspects - there is a god, and he did and does all this stuff - is as silly as thinking that the tooth fairy is a real, living, physical thing that comes into your childrens bedroom, or that the earth is flat.
3) Since belief in supernatural things is silly, the religous have a problem with how to defend themselves.
        a) Fanaticism - agree with me or I will shun you, or excommunicate you or kill you
        b) The only not totally bad argument is the unexplained wonder of the universe: surely thunder and lightning is so mysterious and wonderfull that no other explanation exists, but that Zeus is throwing thunderbolts.
        c) this is obviously very poor logic; if you don't understand something it could be for a number of reasons, and it is hard to defend one over the other.
4) However, since 3b is the only halfway decent argument that the religious have, they need to defend it. PArt of this defence is maintaining that whatever is unknonw is mysterious and supernatural.
5) This is why the religious hate science: every adance in science removes another wonderful thing they can point to.
4) Evolution is, to anyone, a wonderful an dmysterious thing, therefore perfact for the argument in 3b; if it is reduced to cold science the religious have one less ting they can point to.
6) Many scientists are arrogant, and they do condescencd, and they do a terrible job of explaining.

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why the religous hate evolution

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