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I failed with someone....

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  • I don't know the specifics, but do not be too quick to assume all of the responsibility. That was my natural tendency, but I was wrong.

    When something ends, however tragic that might be, it opens the possibility of a new beginning, of something even better. That is where I am now, and I would not trade where I am now for anything.

    The purpose of pain is to teach us. Learn from it, then set it aside. The only way that your experiences are a waste is if you do not learn from them. Everything in your past c
    • Thanks for the comment. The post was meant to be sort of hyperbolic...I'm not actually advocating such harsh measures, but just trying to reflect the wee bit of bitterness I have.

      I also have an optimism for the future underneath this, I just felt like venting :)

      • I understand the bitterness. :-) It's good to get it out, then set it aside and move on. Good fortune in the future.
  • I failed with lots of people. There was Gillian, Candy, Sue, Lisa, that girl in high school who was really pathetic, Elizabeth, what's her name, Vanessa, fat what's her name, Megan, the third what's her name, E., Mary, P., L., Julie, and I'm sure a few more besides.

    What's my point? No point really. Except that women don't much care for nice guys. And if you say to 10 women, "Baby, I want to jump your bones" you'll get slapped nine times. But the tenth time....
  • I know the feeling, I've been there before. I guess that old favourite of hippies, Hermann Hesse was right when he said love is more about pain than about happiness.

    But you'll be OK, I have a hunch. Hang in there, and keep your senses open. The world will bring good things.

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