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Journal Presto Vivace's Journal: J2EE open source training in Reston, VA

From Presto Vivace Blog:

Northern Virginia Java Users Group discussion list

As a long-time NovaJUG member, I'd like to introduce my company's new
Java EE-based training offerings to everyone, and I also want to make
sure you all know that we're extending a 10% discount to all NovaJUG
members. Here's our schedule of public classes in Reston, VA for

Introduction to JSF 5 Days
Nov 5 - Nov 9

JPA Development with the Hibernate® ORM 3 Days
Nov 12 - Nov 14

Java Development with Spring 2 Days
Nov 15 - Nov 16

AJAX for the Enterprise 2 Days
Nov 19 - Nov 20

Java Programming 5 Days
Nov 26 - Nov 30

We can also provide private classes onsite or at our own facilities.
Please feel free to visit our website for more information, including
the complete training schedule.

I'll have flyers available at tonight's meeting for those planning to
attend. (If you can't make it tonight, you can download it the flyer
as a PDF here:
Hope to see you there!

Jonathan Lehr
About Objects, Inc.
The developer training people.

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J2EE open source training in Reston, VA

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