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Journal peacefinder's Journal: Ask the subset of Writers 6

A friend of mine* is starting to write again after a loooong hiatus. She's looking for a place to post her writings online, and is considering MySpace.**

Anyone have any suggestions for writer-focused sites or online writing circles?

[*: No really.]
[**: And Multiply, but she's leaning MySpace.]

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Ask the subset of Writers

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  • (Disclaimer: I run the site mentioned) If your friend is considering electronic publishing as a hobby/small commercial venture, might you please invite them to visit [] ?
    My personal favorite line of prose has been "Pay to the order of (my name)" for quite some time...
  • I'd think she'd be taken more seriously at Multiply.

    I think a Google would find some good online writing/revising communities.
    • Exactly...

      She could take slashdot too if she enjoys a nerd audience. I doubt that however. Why not just start a blog at blogspot? I follow some people writing stuff on blogspot like this one (warning: French). Blogspot is unlikely to disappear....

      I know some bands use myspace to promote themself, but I can't take anyone seriously that takes MySpace seriously.

  • If she's not interested in on-line publishing (pay for print books), we'd be happy to have her in our community. We broke off from another online publishing site ages ago.

    You can find us at

    If she's interested have her drop me a line.

    2 cents,

  • I find that there are a lot of useful prompt communities, and NaNoWriMo communities at LiveJournal and GreatestJournal.
    And if your friend has an idea she thinks she can turn into a novel, I'd recommend she check out ahref= []>; even if she doesn't think she can make the 50k words in November, it's a good kick in the pants, and the community there is really supportive.

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