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Journal fyngyrz's Journal: Cold War, Version II 2

So I wake up this morning, and Putin has dissolved his government.

Then, same morning, Russia announces a bomb with nuclear-level destructive capability. But they say they're not escalating.

Then, later the same day, the US announces they have a matter-antimatter (proton/positron) annihilation laser, which, they say, is to normal lasers as nuclear weapons are to normal bombs.

At the same time, Bush, old "We'll never pull 'em out", is about to announce a troop pullback in Iraq.

Oil's hovering around $80 a barrel. The dollar is in the outhouse, and we've basically had many of our civil rights eliminated or made irrelevant.

Did I miss something here?

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Cold War, Version II

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  • You didn't mention the "business-as-usual" corrupt Congress, though that's not really new...
  • Betty: There were many far more covert then US.
    Nathan: If we were covert there would be less US.
    Isac: All the coverts eventual convert to overt?
    Alice: Remember lover I can kill you while you sleep!

    Executioner: Folks, it is time for the main event.
    Today you will participate in a major Government mandated
    American Association for Public Control (AAPC) sponsored
    total extermination event. This will be the last time your
    family and friends will get to enjoy seeing you live at
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