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Journal Yaztromo's Journal: Going to see Al. 3

Gigi and I are going to see Weird Al tonight. I've been following Al's music and career pretty much since he started issuing albums in the early 80's, but I've never actually been to one of his concerts. Gigi found out about it earlier this summer, we bought tickets right away, but were still only about to get 9 rows from the front, right against one side. Oh well -- I'm still excited, and I still expect it to be a really good show. I was tempted to try to e-mail Al to offer him $5 and a bag of doughnuts if he'd only play Nature Trail to Hell, but figure the guy gets bugged by enough strange people as it is. But here's hoping...;).


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Going to see Al.

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  • If I had to see a concert, that would probably rank up there ... I love his stuff! A lot of it sounds as good as/better than the originals

    • Hey Tom:

      We've just got back from the concert, and Al and the band were fantastic. We stuck around by the stage door after the concert, and we were the last people to see and chat with him before he left. I got to shake his hand as he sat just inside the tour bus, and tell him how much we enjoyed the concert. Let me tell you -- the man is a class act all the way. Virtually every personality in pop music today could learn a thing or two from the decency and genuine pleasure Al exudes when you talk to him

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