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Journal Quantum Jim's Journal: Trolls on /. get moderated 5, Insightful, Rant 9

I'm a Christian. I respect the opinions of rational non-Christians and am open to the fact that not every intelligent person will agree with me. I don't try to force my religion on people who don't want to hear about it. But I don't like it when people bash Christianity without cause on slashdot. Everyone (rightly) derides politicians for the "Muslims are terrorists" slur but it seems like open season on Christianity sometimes around here. This post is titled "When Wealthy Christians and Crackpots Attack!" but he doesn't talk about Christians in his post at all! There's nothing really substantive or particularly insightful - just one statement as a few instances to support it. He talks about Scientology and Uri Gellar. The Church of Scientology are not Christians (they believe Christ is a delusion IIRC from reading about them). Uri Gellar is Jewish according to wikipedia. Stuart Privar seems to be a creationist, but there is nothing about Christianity in either article that I read. Furthermore, not all Christians are creationists either except in the broadest sense - not the common use of the term. Using such broad, imprecise language in his little post just seems like a potshot or trolling.

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Trolls on /. get moderated 5, Insightful, Rant

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  • Anybody who is not a Christian (and some who are) do not understand what it means to be Christian. I suspect most of the idiots that post on /. think there are Christians and muslims, and a maybe a few others (Buddists--sp?--et al). Anyboy who invokes the term "God" is automatically labeled a Christian end denigrated.

    I also suspect most of these trolls are kiddies using their mom's computer without her knowledge. In other words, irrelevant.

    • I think several non-Christians understand what it means to be a Christian. In fact, I think many understand it better than some Christians do. As a former Christian, I'd bet you a pretty penny that I understand Christianity better than the vast majority of people who identify as being Christians. (Obviously, such a "bet" could never be settled, since the definition is necessarily somewhat subjective.) I'd also wager that I know far more about the Bible than most self-identified Christians, although those ar

      • I'd point out that there's a difference between numbers of individual Christians and numbers of disagreeing Christian Denominations. Like with the Moslems- the non-rational fundamentalist Christians may have a majority of Christian Denominations in their favor (Protestant denominations seem to breed like rabbits in America) but are actually a very small minority of Christians in the United States and elsewhere. The big 4 ton elephant in the room is of course the Roman Catholic church- whose leader got dea
        • Well if you're getting death threats, that could mean you are either doing something really wrong or something really right.
          • Read the Pope's Speech yourself [controversation.com] and let me know which way you think he went.

            The really interesting thing about this is that from this point of view, atheism is self-defeating. Most atheists hold up science as the pinnacle of human knowledge- but then they make the utterly unscientific and absurd claim that "God isn't needed in science and therefore doesn't exist".
  • Everyone (rightly) derides politicians for the "Muslims are terrorists" slur but it seems like open season on Christianity sometimes around here.

    Not everyone, but I think you're right that more people (on Slashdot) realize the Muslim slur is wrong than the other. That said, I think there are three (bad) reasons for this (1) Christianity is the majority religion in our country, so many consider it fair game, (2) many who attack Christianity are former Christians (such as myself) who feel that gives them th

  • Personally, I believe there was an enlightened/holy teacher named Jesus approximately 2,000 years ago: To some, that makes me a christian. To others, the fact that I believe he was an example, not the exception, makes me a low form of heretic unworthy of inclusion: I witness some of the things some self-proclaimed christians have done (Bush in Iraq leaps screaming to mind), and all I can do is ask for the ability to forgive and be forgiven - It might be there, but I'm not yet aware of it. All of this to s
    • Rather than form an opinion, I try to imagine a model which seems to describe the world in some context. I find this more advantageous, because it allows for other models to exist that give identical results in that context (i.e. I can respect someone else's opinion) as well as allowing for different models in different contexts (i.e. Not requiring everything in life to be governed by one Theory of Everything... which is too hard to figure out). It also allows me to change my model as more accuracy is requi

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