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Journal Spy der Mann's Journal: P2P over IPv6?

The last few days i was discussing with a friend over the poor connectivity in his ISP. He's having trouble connecting to MSN and P2P apps because his ISP suddenly switched to NAT. So I wondered... what about IPv6? It's old enough, and maybe it would be time to switch (our country's NIC has decided to stop assigning IPv4 addresses by 2011). But is IPv6 available for users already?

Microsoft has an IPv6 FAQ on how to set up IPv6 for Windows XP. But how many ISPs support IPv6? Has any of you tried running p2p apps over IPv6? Or actually, has any of you managed to run IPv6 on your machine?

There's another interesting question regarding P2P. As we've seen in slashdot many times, one the RIAA's strongest arguments is that you can identify a user by his IP. This was recently debunked, but it seems to me that it only applies for IPv4. How about IPv6? Can a user be positively identified by his IPv6 address? How will this impact anonimity in today's and tomorrow's p2p networks? Is establishing an IPv6 version of TOR a legitimate concern? Is there an existing implementation?

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P2P over IPv6?

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