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Journal thePsychologist's Journal: Amazon: More Than A Bookstore 2

You can get some pretty expensive stuff on Amazon.com. Enter the Cartier Ladies Tank Francaise WL4081KF Watch. Brace yourselves because this one goes for $225000! Read some of the reviews; they're hilarious:

I was buying my dog's caviar (he only eats Sevruga; Beluga gives him gastritis) when I saw this watch in the jeweler store. Of course I immediately bought it and placed it on my husband's account. It's a fine looking watch. Matches the color of my Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible which I got for this weekend's party. Next week I'm ditching both for a Bentley Azure Convertible Mulliner combined with a $1M Chopard watch I'm getting for myself as a birthday present. Oh dear! Isn't it hard being the wife of a billionaire?

Most of the reviews are by people who didn't buy it of course. I wouldn't be surprised if no one bought it. But imagine that, a watch that costs more than three times than my house. It better come with a time machine.

Okay, get this, there's more. This one isn't as expensive as the watch: Super Bowl XL Opus MVP Edition (Leather Bound), a book (yes, a book) signed by some football players. Price, $40000 dollars. This thing costs more than twice as much as my tuition for my entire undergrad degree. And it weighs eighty pounds.

For the finale here's something useful: a friggin' diamond. Who knew you could buy a 6.65 carat diamond on Amazon? And only for $867790! Make sure to turn on 1-Click ordering!

(All Prices In US Dollars)

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Amazon: More Than A Bookstore

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