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Journal HBI's Journal: An incident of bad moderation does it for me finally 19

Fuck Slashdot.

I've had it with this place finally. Just about everyone I knew on here has fled the site in one way or another. Almost the last to leave, I bid you farewell.

You idiots ran it into the ground. Nice work. You had a vibrant community and wrecked it with posting limitations, moderation bugs and the irrelevant M2. 'Overrated' has to be the biggest laugh ever. I could spend every mod point I ever got on overrated mods and never be subject to M2.

You had a quite active (at least 100 people that I could identify) journaling circle which left for Multiply about 6 months ago because of all the harassment on here.

A friend of mine left about 2 months ago. His complaint was about the leftist slant on everything. He was right, of course, but that's almost an irrelevancy after the previously catalogued sins.

A large number of the people I mention were former subscribers, myself included.

The whole place is low grade dreck by this point and the articles are the same tripe every day. The insightful comments are rare, and the idiots posting are mostly just that, idiots. I used to learn something from reading here, but instead am annoyed incessantly nowadays.

In two words: bad administration.

Oh, and the editors were often flaming assholes too.

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An incident of bad moderation does it for me finally

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  • What do you really think?

    Yeah. There is major suckage now.
    • by On Lawn ( 1073 )

      Its kind of like right after the great Perens/KDE/Gnome war when this site first got to its feet. Its kind of quiet. A charred remains of a great flame fest, and its peaceful. At the end of trying to subject people to your opinions and war with them there is a peace of desolation.

      Perhaps it is a perspective, but I see that while many of the good guys left, for the most part the idiots have left. I'm glad they found a better myspace to rant away and conduct their petty games at.

      HBI, you were one of the good
  • If I wasn't so busy I would try to startup something new. :-( If any editors see this (or some of my other comments []) please take note. We don't want to leave [], but we want you to administer the site better!! In the past Slashdot knew that it had to respect and keep the small portion of the slashdot community (that made the comments great) healthy and vibrant.
    • If I wasn't so busy I would try to startup something new.
      Yeah, me too. I've actually sketched out a database schema for a site similar to this one, that would be real easy to code up with PHP.

      Slashdot sucks lately, but Multiply isn't the answer, either.
      • You will always be part of the rear guard, that is why you picked up "RailGunner".
        Later dude, here or there, keep your "RailGunner" mark it is a good honorable one.

        REMEMBER, it is always more exciting to kiss your ass goodbye while fucking or in battle.
        The peaceful death option is a boring mistake, I know this now at +55yo, but my wife
        seems happy with me at home. War or Peace you still die a horrible death. HoldIt ... WhereAmI ... OhShitNotAgain ... WhereTheHellIsMyMind ....

        USMC_2604071, SFMF/AMF HAVEFUN!
      • See ya 'round, pal. I do miss having you around.

        HBI, I hope I still see you around the * campfire. :)
  • I don't know if I believe it.

    I mean, you've threatened to leave like 5 times now :D
  • You're a bit rough about the edges, but honest. That counts for a lot. Best of fortune with your future endeavors.

    I'm pretty much in agreement with On Lawn and ak3ldama on the way things are. I continue to find good people here, so I will be staying.

  • Don't let the door hit your a(ss|rse) on the way out.

    The constant assertion that Slashdot was ever at some panacea of intelligent discussion and debate (with fair-minded moderation that was rarely abused) I find utterly laughable, a complete rewrite of history.

    Slashdot has always posted the most inane drivel, and certain topics have almost always been overwhelmed by me-too thoughtless jackasses who comment upon everything with the same, tired, worn out cliched analogies. Robust expressions of unpopular

  • I hopped over to Multiply to avoid a lot of the crap here. Granted no site is perfect, and Multiply does have it's issues, but at least I can blog with my friends there with a hell of a lot more options than here. Granted there is no option over there for asynchronous relations, but you can use a hell of a lot more HTML over there than over here.

    I only really use Slashdot to read people's journals that I am interested in and that haven't moved to Multiply. I also browse the front page once per day, but I
  • Just so you know ... :-(
  • I am not left/right. I just get disgusted with dogmatist/fool, but I don't go all emo on the admin. I just check-in less often for a couple years.

    I will miss you, RailGunner, and some other folks that ain't as far in the outfield as myself, but if you and RailGunner feel this strong why not drop by now and then just to RailGun the machine with your own slice of wisdom and comment. None of us have got anything locked up tight.

    Remember, it is all our patriotic duties to feed the stupid who refuse to RTFM/B.

  • Sure - I can see where the downmod would be highly annoying. Especially since it's a problem and the people writing the code think other things (e.g., the firehose) are more important. It's not like it's a new problem, either.

    There are the other things that are highly irritating, too: "Slow down cowboy, we haven't had our chance to piss you off yet this hour." And the lameness filter. And the IP ban for no reason. And the whole "we're going to run it our way, and don't bother sending us an email either" a

  • Both you, HBI, and Railgunner.

    I do sympathise, even regarding politics (I probably count as liberal when it come to the most contentious issues, despite being centre-libertarian [] on the political compass), for there is nothing more tedious than talking to an echo chamber.

    I also recognise that I don't exactly have "the gift of the gab", and I don't post a lot anyway, so I have remained on the Slashdot periphery, but I'd like to say that both of your journals do add something to my day.

    While I'm here, I'

  • Come join us. []

    I'll get you setup with everyone else if you friend me.
  • ... but the peeps are good.

    Even when they misbehave :)

    C'mon, if you leave us, there will be nothing left for you to do except watch reruns of "America's Next Top Model"...



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