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Journal EnlightenmentFan's Journal: Genius inventor of death ray has been kidnapped!

If you do a search thru imdb.com for "kidnap" in a plot, you find literally thousands of movies, but very few where bad guys kidnap one of us nerds. Much more often, a nerd kidnaps someone else.

So here I am, an hour of "research" later. (Research is what you get to call googling if you intend to write about fictional scientists kidnapped by evil dudes.) Figuring that you who read my journal may be as crazy as I am, here are some movies etc. that share this theme.

The Powerpuff Girls - Powerpuff Bluff (Price: $11.99) ...In "Mr. Mojo's Rising," the girls must rescue the professor when he is kidnapped by an evil megabrained monkey.

"Clash At Demonhead" (Nintendo Entertainment System)
The storyline is that there's a brilliant professor who has figured out how to make a doomsday bomb capable on incinerating the whole planet. Aliens kidnap him and, as the professor explains when you rescue him, placed him under a hypnotic spell to force him to develop a working version of the doomsday bomb. (http://www.hypnosisinmedia.com/Miscellaneous/ComputerGames/)

>in Wild Wild West -- didn't somebody kidnap Salma Hayek's father, who later turned out to be her husband...?

Crystal Hunt(1992)
Stunning martial arts fights highlight this rip-roarer in which a woman hires a noted professor to help find a crystal which can heal her ailing gangster father. When the professor is kidnapped, she joins forces with a policewoman and her associate to find him. Carrie Ng, Sibelle Hu and Donnie Yen star. 90 min. Dubbed in English.

Three kidnapped geniuses on same webpage! (http://www.videos.net/marketplace/cl_serials.htm)
Manhunt Of Mystery Island (1945/15 episodes)
The inventor of a scientific breakthrough that could end the world's energy crisis has been kidnapped. (219 m.) K-NT2637 - $29.98

The Clutching Hand (1936/15 chapters).
Scientist with formula for synthetic gold is mysteriously kidnapped. K-UE1729 - $29.95

King Of The Texas Rangers (1941/12 chapters)
Saboteurs go after top secret formula. (195 m.) K-NT2199

/////Anarchy Online [massively multiplayer online rpg] plot twist (http://www.anarchy-online.com/content/story/present/articles/omnitek/old/kidnapped.html)
Prominent Omni-Tek Scientist Kidnapped: In a brutal attack last week, Dr. Jameson Helbron was abducted from a secret laboratory, deep in the hills of Clondyke. .Omni-Pol is optimistic that Dr. Helbron will not be harmed, as one official said, "By the way the clanners attacked, it is clear to us that they wanted Dr. Helbron alive. No body was found at the scene and the doctor did not appear at the terminal that contained his insurance data."

I like the plot with the evil megabrained monkey. Too bad I already have a /. alias.

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Genius inventor of death ray has been kidnapped!

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