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Journal Jammila's Journal: Is Your Identity Stolen? - What You Should Do

Identity Theft is the illegal possession and manipulation of a person's personal information such as name, social security number, credit card number, driver's license number, bank account number, address, phone number, and personal identification number (PIN).

It is estimated that each year 10 million Americans fall victim to crimes related to stolen identities. These types of incidents vary from one fraud act to more complicated crimes. Many people found that a new credit card account has been opened on their name leaving an enormous amount of unpaid purchases charged to their credit. Some people found that car loans or a mortgage has been made in their name without their slightest knowledge. Others were just as surprised when they realized their bank accounts has been completely drained using forged checks or debit cards.

How do these imposters get away with these fraudulent acts? By getting their hands on anything that contains your personal details. They steal wallets, your mail, even old mail and past bills sent by the bank, insurance agencies, telephone companies, receipts, anything that has some identification numbers on it. And yes, they do search through your trash bins and garbage. They may also be just behind you at ATM stands, watching you enter your precious PIN number. These people are everywhere; they are on the internet, in your workplace, in public places- always on the look out for private information. They can even go as far as breaking into your home just to get this vital information.

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Is Your Identity Stolen? - What You Should Do

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