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Journal corbettw's Journal: My new moderation rules 2

Thanks to several instances of getting five '-1, Overrated' mods on various posts of mine within a few minutes of each other (even when the posts in question occur days apart from each other), I've decided to fight fire with fire: whenever I get mod points, I systematically go through my friends and fans, find people who have either been modded down or don't get a karma bonus, and mod up whatever I can with '+1, Underrated'.

I call this method the "Share Your Voices" method of moderation. If you're reading this, please consider joining me in this effort to ensure that libertarian and conservative voices are not shut out by the censoring whores of the left on this site.

As for wasting my points on marking things as Overrated, I'll leave it to the leftists on Slashdot to hurt people, I'd rather try to help my friends than stifle my enemies.

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My new moderation rules

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  • I don't want to read a gazillion +5 posts that are redundant.
    I'd rather only the cream of the crop be +5.

    That's why I mod +5 as overrated.

    Your suggestion is one I've also tried, but it seems that +1 from 0->1 or 1->2 has less impact than from 5->4.
    • Modding something that's already +5 as Overrated isn't a big deal, and is probably why Overrated still exists. But I've had posts of mine that were scored at 1 or 2 modded as "Overrated". That's clearly an abuse of the system, and when it happens consistently (five mods within minutes), someone is exercising a vendetta.

      I should probably have mentioned, though, that if a post already has any positive mods on it, I just skip it and go on to the next one. I'm not to artificially inflate anyone's score, just to

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