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Journal Yaztromo's Journal: We're getting married! 6

Just a quick note to let everyone know -- Gigi and I are getting married!

We were both surprised that, after two months of grumbling, her father gave us permission to wed two weekend ago. So we're starting to make plans. First up has been shopping for an engagement ring -- she's picked out a nice one, and we're just waiting for the diamond we're looking at to arrive (it's in a white gold version of the ring she likes, but if she wants it we'll have them set it in the same model, but in 18K yellow gold/platinum instead).

All of which means I need to get a move on and finish up my research work so I can graduate. We're flying to Istanbul this December for the official engagement ceremony (and I've already bought the airline tickets), and hope to be married July 2008.

So little time, so much to do. I really should be wasting less time here and spending more time writing the papers I've started, but between the engagement, teaching, and trying to get over a nasty summer head cold, and other projects I've been rather busy. But I can't complain -- I've had a lot more money than I do now, but I've never been happier. Isn't the adventure of it all grand sometimes?


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We're getting married!

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  • Hmm... are you going to convert to her religion then? (I know other Turkish+non-Turkish couples where this was a big issue.)

    *can't imagine ever giving up sweet, sweet pork*
    • Hmm... are you going to convert to her religion then? (I know other Turkish+non-Turkish couples where this was a big issue.)

      That is an issue (she's Muslim, I'm an Atheist), but while her father wants me to "convert", she tells me she won't make me go through with it, as she knows I don't believe any of it anyhow. I'll go through with it if she wants me to, but she is right. So we'll just have to see.

      *can't imagine ever giving up sweet, sweet pork*

      Our agreement is this: no pork in the home, but I ca

      • Congrats.

        On the pork thing ... the kids are going to be eating it when they're with their friends anyway. Nothing like a bit of "forbidden fruit" to tempt them. All the muslims and jews I know eat bacon, sausage, etc. They (or their parents) started out with a ban, then a partial ban, then they gave in and started eating it as well, except for special holidays when they "have to keep up appearances".

      • by tuxette ( 731067 ) *
        The kids should be able to make up their own mind regarding what they believe in or don't believe in, what they want to eat or not want to eat...

        There's no use in hiding your pork-eating from them. They'll find out anyway, and lying to your kids usually has negative consequences...
  • May your marriage be happy and fulfilling for both of you. :-)

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