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Journal krow's Journal: Zaurus Stuff

You know, I like my Zaurus. I have a couple of complaints about it but those are pretty minor and are more application specific (well battery life could be better but lets face facts, nothing is going to beat a palm since it does so little... which translates into it needing little battery life (sure, do away with color, a good processor, and I bet you could do the same)).
I now have my calendar working thanks to the fact that KOrganizer runs on it. Wish Kmail and the addressbook did too. The built in one sucks pretty badly to be honest and doesn't handle IMAP as well as it should. A simple perl script solves the issue when it comes to the addressbook, but I think that it is lame that it requires anything at all.

I may back up the entire thing and install the OpenZaurus boot roms, in all honesty I think they may be better then the sharp ones. I don't need to read word documents so the Hancom stuff is pointless for me. Opera's interface is cluncky.

Now if only KOrganizer could sync itself from an iCal file on the web. Now that would be very nifty.

On a side note, the image for the handhelds topic is a bit... dated.

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Zaurus Stuff

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