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Journal stratjakt's Journal: Why I troll: Slashdot is worthless 7

So today I wondered what it is about Apple, that they generate buzz when others dont. For a while, I was modded up, and had my karma back and was engaged in a little discussion about it. For a moment, it was like the old days - back when /. was a tech discussion site.

Then someone decided I wasn't toeing the line - I guess they felt I was criticizing Apple (I wasnt, but who cares, right?). Suddenly, not only the original post, but everything in my recent posting history is -1.

So, who can do that but the editors? I don't know, I don't care.

I know this is a paid Apple astroturfing site.

It just used to be better.

Not a complaint - I much prefer trolling bucketcunt jackasses than I do discussing technology with geeks.

Oh well, even with terrible karma I can piss you off twice a day.

And all it takes is a simple "apple sucks". And it enrages and infuriates you right to your brittle little bones, doesn't it? Your skin isn't thick enough to allow criticizm of your favorite company, is it? I can point out features Zune has that iPod doesnt, you will foam at the mouth. If I point out features my Treo has that the iPhone doesnt, you will shake with rage.

Well, live in fantasy land. Yeah, iPhone will revolutionize life what with its ability to make you buy more of Steve Jobs DRM bullshit. Maybe one day they'll even be a mainstream player! Hooray.

You keep dreaming, I'll keep wasting your mod points and pissing you off.

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Why I troll: Slashdot is worthless

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  • "apple sucks" isn't much of a troll. You've had some good ones in the past.

    Reclaim your spot on the throne!
  • piss on the smelly turtle top fucks. that aside, i did have a recent post that actually didn't get modded down. [slashdot.org] it really suprised the shit out of me. if they were going to rip that post apart i would've finally given up on the apple fanboy fags. Here are two pieces of my AC trolling: part one [slashdot.org], and part two. [slashdot.org]
  • I know this is a paid Apple astroturfing site.

    Thanks, needed a good laugh today.
    • I am not sure exactly how the fuck it happened. There were always some of the fruity fucks around, but then...then came OS X. That fucking changed everything, next thing you know there's apple fan boys everywhere. The worst part is we never saw it coming, they sort of crept up slowly, and then came on in a trickle. Next thing we know they're everywhere and we don't know how or why. I doubt they're paid by apple to astroturf; no ... they give their time freely because for some reason Apple has always be

      • I guess I'm a Mac fanboy then. My time with Apple machines has always been good, and in general, it's also a community that takes care of you, which is worth more than you'd think. It's different now, but back in the day, getting PC advice and help on the internet was akin to making a return trip to the Congo whereas there were hundreds of of cute Mac websites dedicated to brightening the mac experience via thorough tutorials, good third-party freeware and hints and tips.

        Hell even software piracy was m
  • I am furiously masturbating on an iPod. Not one of those pussy late gen ones...I'm talking 1st gen BRICKS!
    I'll be cleaning up with a black turtle-neck.
  • I think your comments are better than many serious comments on Slashdot. Do people actually get offended by them? If so, keep posting, those twats need to be offended! :-]

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