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Journal richie2000's Journal: Dilbert's half 'n half 1

Today's Dilbert is a shining example of humor at its best. It may take the average reader a little while to realize precisely why it only takes Dilbert half a second to setup and run the simulation, but it's time very well spent. The only gripe I have with it is the 50% number, but I realize the gag won't work without it, so I forgive him.

There's a similar joke in Sweden that goes like this:

- How many people work at the (insert name of whatever governmental body or company you (dis)like) office?
- About half of them.

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Dilbert's half 'n half

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  • And near as I can tell, in the agency I work for, that's completely accurate. The problem is, some of those are half people- they work if allowed to, and spend the rest of their day talking on slashdot because they don't have the security access needed to do what is asked of them.

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