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Journal christian.einfeldt's Journal: Page 10 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

This is a copy of page 10 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft to prove its questionable patent claims in court.

1159.Anthony Bradley, United Kingdom. GNU/Linux user since 2000. I use the Debian distro on my desktop computer. The primary reason for my moving to Linux was cost. Without huge amounts of money, you are very limited with what you can do using Wankows. As I learnt more, I've come to realise just how restricted you are if you have the Microshaft money grabbing system on your computer. Linux means freedom!
1160.Troels Just, Denmark, GNU/Linux and BSD user since 2004. I use GNU/Linux on my main workstation and my laptop, both run the KDE desktop. Among many KDE applications such as Konqueror, Kontact, Amarok, Kopete and Konversation I also use, Firefox and Thunderbird. I also run several servers at home, using GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD, among which I use Apache, MySQL, PHP, Samba, OpenSSH and lots of other stuff. I use all of this because I require freedom in computing.
1161.Hendrikus Godvliet, The Netherlands. GNU/Linux Pardus user since 2007. I use GNU/Linux on my main workstation,s and my laptop, both run the KDE desktop. Among many KDE applications such as Konqueror, Kontact, Amarok, Kopete and Konversation. I also use, Firefox and Thunderbird. I also run a server at home, using GNU/Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. I use all of this because I require freedom in computing.
1162.Adamkovi Rudolf, Slovakia. Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 - All inclusive. Sue me.
1163.Terence Namusonge, Founder 6lines , Cape Town, SouthAfrica, We use Ubuntu Feisty exclusively on our desktop and servers. Please MS sue us first
1164.Willem Gielen, the Netherlands. Pardus GNU/Linux since 2006. I use Pardus on both my desktop and laptop. I can finally use my computer in a way which was unthinkable in the old Windows days. Don't sue people because they choose for freedom.
1165.Romana Branden, Australia. GNU/Linux user for over 11 years, current distro, Kubuntu Feisty. Two of my daughters run Kubuntu Feisty also. I support, indeed, am a passionate advocate, of the principles of FLOSS, and the freedom (and superiority, imho), of Linux, and Microsoft is very welcome to sue me as a test case.
1166.Mike Johnson, Camp Pendleton, CA. Linux user and Open Source developer since 2000. I've installed tens of servers most of which replaced one or more Windows installations. Linux has been my primary OS and development target since 2000. When I joined the Marine Corps in 2005, I continued giving out distribution CDs to any and all. Go ahead Microsoft, sue this grunt.
1167.Grant Leonard. Linux user. I use Kubuntu, Ubuntu, Debian, Redhat, Knoppix and SuSe. Much thanks to the Open Source community, with a special kudos to the Nagios developer!
1168.Libo lakke, the netherlands. Linux user, I use ubuntu now for 2 years. I love al the open source projects, best you can get!!
1169.Johnathan from pennsylvania... "i am a pclinux OS" and i love the system.. i use it for most of my stuff such as instant messaging, web, email, papers, and basically all the other good stuff. I switched to linux because its more stable and its free and you cannot get viruses on it unlike windows which needs an antivirus program not to mention that linux is a lot faster since there arent so many processes running in the background.. i think microsoft is filing patent violations against linux because of the competition that linux is offering lol.. this is to m.s: since your filing these claims against us, why dont you post them on your site for all of us to see.. i think it is complete b.s to make us cough up money just so we can be free and use software that is 5 times better than yours :) ... GO LINUX!!!!!!
1170.Hajo Harts, the Netherlands. Fedora, Suse, Debian and DSL GNU/Linux since 2006.
1171.Jeff Rollin, North-east England, United Kingdom. Microsoft: If you want our (alleged) patents, come and take them.
1172.Olexandr Kravchuk, Rivne, Ukraine. I use Debian GNU/Linux and Arch Linux. And I'm happy! If I'm guilty, give court claim on me.
1173.Frederick G. Burkley, Newport, RI, USA. I am a Java evangelist developing on CentOS 5. I use Apache Tomcat, MySQL 5, and OpenOffice 2.0. Email is last name at gmail dot com.
1174. Richard W. Jackson, Lewiston, ME, USA. Slackware 4 life!!
1175.Tom Thekathyil - Lottah, Australia; Debian Etch. Winner: Red Hat Linux Under the Brim Contest 16, Category 3 - 'Most Obscure Place in the World' :(
1176.Gomer Hauler - Chicago, IL, USA IT consultant, Ubuntu Linux user, and FOSS cheerleader
1177.Christopher Phillips - England, UK, student & programmer - desktop system. Ubuntu Linux, Apache, MySQL, OpenOffice, GAIM, Gimp, Beryl, Amarok, OpenOffice, Firefox, Samba, Eclipse, Python... much more.
1178.John Berger - Westport, TN, USA; SuSE 9.3, OpenOffice 2.1, a linux user for 7 years now. I quit using M$ because I had no control, had to always worry (crashes, viruses, ad nauseum), and saw it as what it really was/is...nothing but a useless pyramid scheme to scam money from people! Come sue me M$, you worthless scumbags!
1179.Zahir Ali (Muslim :O), UK; Ubuntu 7.04, OpenOffice 2.2, been using linux since i found out it was better than windows (8 years). suk my balls microdik.
1180.Alfred Thomas Cherokee, North Carolina, USA. PCLinuxOS 2007
1181.David Andersen, La Crosse WI, USA. Linux/GNU user since 2005. I have been loving every second of it!!
1182.Dylan Scott, Sydney, Australia. Guilty of running Debian GNU/Linux.
1183.John P., Loomis CA, USA. Using Ubuntu for several months. Beats all versions of Windows in speed, efficiency, applications, stability, and guess what, LOOKS too! (Beryl runs on my computer flawlessly with 512mb of 333mhz RAM, a Pentium 4, and a 64mb Integrated Intel Graphics Card!) Sue me for all I've got! I'll represent myself in Court and bring it as high in the legal system as I possibly could!!
1184.PC-Lost, UK. PCLinuxOS2007, beats (no view)vista hands down, hey bill you remind me of m,jackson and bubbles,hows monkey-boy doing? still jumping on your back,-o. sue me,i've only got fluff in my pockets,you f*ck-face piece of shit,come on bring it on,'''I OWN MY COMPUTER,PENGUINS FOR EVER,LINUS IS GOD'''
1185.Kyle Lysek, Loveland, Colorado, USA. I've been running Slackware since 2006.
1186.Bernardo Innocenti, Boston, Massachussets, USA (formerly Firenze, Italia) - I've been using Linux since 1995 and today I'm actively contributing to the OLPC project for a better, Microsoft free, world!
1187.Marc Nadeau, La Pagerie, Québec, QC, Canada - I use Bluefish on Ubuntu Feisty Linux to edit web pages, the pages are served by apache on Redhat using PHP and Perl as programming languages and most of the data comes from mysql databases. I'll represent myself in Court and bring it as high in the canadian legal system as I possibly could!!
1188.Víctor Leonel Orozco López, Guatemala, Guatemala - I am a university student, I've been using linux sice 2000, now I'm a linux fanatic, I don't need winsucks, I'm proud to say that I use gentoo and sabayon exclusively in my computers and I'm a programer in the real C++ and Java, C# also sucks
1189.Kevin Hill, Sacramento, CA, USA - I admit to running windows xp, but only because I grew up on it, and I cant figure out linux systems. But I am adding my name to this list because I only run open source software: OpenOffice, Firefox, Apache, PHP, MySQL and all the likes. Linux is great, I have tried it before, and maybe someday I will make the full switch. MS sucks
1190.Ivanov Alexandr, Moscow, Russia. Well, sue me first, Microsoft :P P.s linux rule the world (I use it since 2001)
1191.Paul Tsupikoff, Riga, Latvia. I use Ubuntu at my home PC, laptop and at work. I don't use proprietary software fr om Microsoft. Sue me first
1192.Alessio Pollo, Savona, Italy. I use Mandriva Linux at my home PC, i don't use Microsoft software because is a closed tecnology, and because Linux is Better!!!
1193.Tjavdar Ivanov, Jönköping. Sweden. Using Linux since 1995 (first Slackware,then Debian, RedHat, Mandrake and now Ubuntu) at my home PC, laptop and at work. Sue me first
1194.Peter Oby, Adelaide, Australia. I've been using all free applications on Windows including video, audio and picture editing, too many to list individually. I'm currently building my knowledge base in GNU/Linux so that all my servers and desktops will be FOSS. I have tested UBUNTU, KUBUNTU, FREESPIRE. I actively promote FOSS to anyone who will listen. PUT-UP OR SHUT-UP M$, WE ARE SICK OF YOUR FUD PROPAGANDA!
1195.Ruy Krause, RS, Brazil. Sue me first, Microsoft! I still waiting.
1196.Aleksey Shipilev, SPb Russia. I'm using Gentoo Linux on 3 of my computers, and encourage others to use Linux for their regular works. If you will be so grateful to show me what patents I infringe by using free software, please contact me, just Google for contacts.
1197.Onno Hardebol, The Netherlands. Personally I use Mandriva on my server, workstations and laptop. In my work as a teacher I let my students use several different distros like fedora, debian, suse, mandriva and others. Sue me too! I can't wait!
1198.Keith G. Robertson-Turner, Sunny Cruden Bay - Scotland. Fedora user and occasional maintainer. I have contributed FOSS packages to the Fedora project in the past, and will continue to do so. I'm an avid supporter of Open Source, Open Standards, and the inalienable principles of Freedom. I support the widespread adoption of the GPL3, and an end to all proprietary software and patents. Microsoft ... you talk the talk, now let's see you walk the walk - if you have the balls. Put up or shut up. Your patent infringement claims are nothing but FUD designed to create a protection racket. GNU/Linux and its users owe you nothing. Sue me first - I dare you. [[AT]]
1199.Sean Campbell- Muskegon Michigan USA, I started out with Red Hat9. At that time I found it amazing that someone would write a free OS. One of the best things about GNU+Linux is constantly rediscovering its freeDOM. One thing I always wondered about MS operating systems is how so much third party software was actually more stable than their own apps or the operating system its self. I had XP natively installed for a long time after my RH9 days but thanks to Firefox I learned more of not just free as in cost but also contributing back to the community. Now I use pcLINUXos on one hard drive, Fedora Core on another and soon to be Arch on a third. pcLINUXos is my main if not only "desktop" In a patent war I fear or perhaps I should say am a close friend of IBM, SUN and Novell. Yes I said Novell as we are mostly talking about Unix patents. GNU is not Unix everyone knows that. Even SCO. I do long for a patent war. The IP of any of these companies listed above is much more impressive than that of Micro$loth. Even that is pointless as there is not anything to litigate.
1200.Lukas Klingsbo, Sweden - Sigtuna. I am using Ubuntu 7.04 because I like freedom.
1201.Quentin Stievenart, I'm using Debian Unstable, and I've used too Ubuntu 5.10, 6.06, 6.10, 7.04, Debian Etch, and Gentoo 2006.1. I developped a free software ... maybe i break the law ... I don't know.
1202. Adrian Widjaja, 20, Kupang - Indonesia, Sydney.. I have been using Ubuntu for a while now, It's been really interesting to use Ubuntu. I have learned a lot of stuff than I was when using Microsoft. thanks for the people who are willing to share knowledge and information for free and I will definitely share it with others. Also, for those who said Vista is better in performance and looks are lies! My ubuntu desktop looks much interesting and (I am free to change it the way I like it all the time). It's also faster, doesn't take a lot of memories. Good bye to Micro$oft. I used to use windows (eventhough I never install a genuine version), and it crashes all the time, worthless, insecure and expensive stupid Operating System! Microsoft are welcome to sue me for using Ubuntu free software.
1203.Denis Nikitin, 21, Russia - Saint-Petersburg. (ambience8 @ I am using Ubuntu & OpenOffice at home. I deleted many MS Offices on my friends comps and install OpenOffice instead.
1204.Paul Ward, 54, Indiana - USA. I run PCLinuxOS on three systems at home. Dropped XP following system failure due to lightning strike and was told that the only way to have XP work again was to purchase a new copy. I said no way, and had the great luck of finding PCLOS as my first distro. I also use other distros in vmware. My wife dual-boots her system with win98/pclinuxos. We will never again buy a system with MS on it, I build my own systems now when needed. I haven't had this much fun with a PC since my Atari 800 days.
1205.Matthias Abegglen, 21, Switzerland. I use Kubuntu on my main computer and on my laptop. They are both used for office work and for educational purposes. I have also installed linux on several embedded devices. Additional to linux I use many programmes of the GNU project (e.g. GCC, emacs...), the K Desktop Environment and
1206.Afroz Nissar, China (at the moment). I'm a patient guy... but enough is enough. Just recently I decided to finally get rid of all M$ crapware from all my systems after getting sick and tired of their attitude. From now on, I'm on a strict diet of open source. So sue me.
1207.Thomas Sapp, Phoenix, AZ, USA - I am using Ubuntu 7.04 ever since trying out the Windows Vista Beta and then finding out that none of my hardware is supported! I've used other versions of linux in the past and am now staying with it.
1208.James Preston, Cambridge, UK - I wanted a system that worked with me, not against me. Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Debian, Slackware, SUsE, Redhat. Give it a rest, Bill.
1209.Shishir Verma, Bangalore, India - I knocked WinXP off my brand new laptop, and have been using openSuSE ever since then. No other OS does it for me. I use it for all things that one wants to use a computer for. M$oft, feel free to sue me for feeling free.
1210. Steve Oatway, Owston Ferry, UK - I use Ubuntu and open SuSe, I run my own open source consultancy (Series 3 Consulting Ltd) and wouldn't have Windows on any machine I own - so sue me.
1211.Jack Beasley, Vermont, USA - I have been using the current flavor of Mandrake/Mandriva since it was introduced. Although I still dual-boot with WinXP because I am very fond of some of the third-party applications I run, by the time support is phased out for the OS I will be M$ free! So sue me and everyone else on this list until your shareholders kick your sorry butts out in the street.
1212.Malcolm Wright, Wolverhampton, UK- I got into using Linux when the number of times my legitimate copy of WindowsXP required re-installing due to software/ Microsoft update crashes, got so high that I was resigned to telephoning Microsoft to explain that yet again their operating system had bit the dust, just to get it activated. Thanks to the familiarity that such re-installations of WindowsXP on the one machine gave me I started experimenting with Linux, I've installed in excess of 20 different distributions, so I'm sure to have infringed some so called patents at some time, Currently using Kubuntu and PCLinuxOS. Please sue me and the 'Fortune 500 companies' whilst you're at it, may be then you can explain to Congress why the U.S. of A is being overtaken, by other Countries Software industries.
1213.Giulio Cocco, Sinnai (Ca),Sardegna, Italia. Utente linux perchè stanco di formattare e soprattutto perchè M$ non si merita i miei soldi (almeno non nella quantità in cui li richiede)
1214.Ryan Clough - Newton, KS. I have been dual boot (XP / Linux) for the last two years. I'm in the process of going Windows-free, so as to avoid those nasty little EULAs that are floating around. Go ahead and sue me, I'll just kick Windows out of Boot Camp!
1215.Bjørn Steensrud, Oslo, Norway. Linux user since kernel 0.99.13 (was it 1994? :-) ) and since then only using MS software when I'm paid to do so. Currently Kubuntu and CentOS, 4 more Kubuntu users in my family. My company is still under the MS thumb but allows me to use Linux on my desktop.
1216.denis canaya,,mahe ,seychelles. linux user since 2001,,,used couple of distros,,,have settled down on ubuntu/ O.S there is and always will be. we dare u to sue us micro$ us ur source code and well then talk about patent infringements,,,,else just shut the hell up.
1217.Dwight Brown, Livonia, Michigan, USA. I realise that microsoft has its a second rate manufacturer of gaming consoles!. I've been using SuSE and Debian since 2001 and ...have had far less computer crashes. Thanks Microsoft for not only helping me make a wise choice but for continuing to make a sub-par OS. I only use Microsoft because they (my company) make me use it at work. Oh and By the way, Microsoft, you can sue me for sh%ts and giggles too!
1218.Ell4iot James Borer, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. (Slackware/openSuSe) First switched to Linux in 2004 after being locked out of my laptop by windoze xp. I was furious that microsuck would have the audacity (nice program btw) to lock me out of my own computer and not give me any options other than to call their hotline to get a code so I could access my own f*cking computer again. A friend of mine helped to set me up with Linux and I have loved it ever since. So Microsuck, if you think you have the right to keep me from what is rightfully mine you can come right on down and sue me.
1219.Han Brinkman, Ermelo, The Netherlands.
1220.Oliver Rymon, Saxony, Germany. I have been using ubuntu for merely 1 year now. However, I am still a dual-boot user since I fancy some applications which cannot be run smoothly in a vmware or whatsoever environment. At the beginning I felt a bit put off by the Microsoft bashing many Linux users are used to, but I have come to the point where I began to ask myself "Why would one ever prefer Windows to do everyday's work?".
1221.Ben Wilber, Seattle, WA. I have been a Debian GNU/Linux user for three years. I have completed my first two years of university entirely with FOSS. That includes, Epiphany, and Evolution all on the GNOME desktop. I have no interest in MS Windows and have recently purchased two Ubuntu machines from Dell, one for my brother and one for my mother. They will soon be MS-free too.
1222.Francesco Peeters, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. I have been using GNU/Linux for many years now and have recently begun standardizing everything on Ubuntu (All Edgy Eft right now, but Feisty Fawn will emerge soon here too!) Much more stable than Windows. Also it gives me more control over my system, rather than less, which is the theme of choice by MicroSoft... Every new version of Windows gives one less control over their own PC! Add in DRM and you're truly screwed without getting kissed!
1223. Oswaldo Caballero, Medellin, Colombia,, Using OpenSUSE 10.2, PCLinuxOS 2007.
1224.Markus Bergelin, Sweden. Using Linux since a few years from now. I'm very happy with my current dist, Gentoo. Hate MS with all my heart..
1225.Ian Burgess, proudly using Ubuntu 7.04 for....everything. You know what the best part is, Redmond? Its all for free. You can't bully us into following in line. We know this is all in response to Dells deal with Ubuntu.
1226.Gökhan Remzi Yavuz, istanbul, Turkey. Using GNU/Linux, whenever and wherever possible. I have Gentoo, Ubuntu, Fedora installed on several machines.
1227. Eduar Arley Cardona, Medellin, Colombia,, Using OpenSUSE 10.2 + GNOME. I'm very happy with Linux. M$, sue me first
1228.B. Ross Ashley, Toronto, Ontario, running XandrOS 4.1. Also running some Windows apps under Crossover. There's only a few Windows apps tht don't have equivalents under Linux, and most of 'em will run under WINE or its variants, such as Crossover and Cedega. Microsoft can sit on it and spin.
1229.Jim Miller, San Angelo, Texas. Using Linux wherever I can because I'm sick and tired of paying the Micro$oft Tax. Bring it on, Bill. Sue me first!
1230. Grigor Gatchev, Sofia, Bulgaria. Former Windows user. Now using Debian GNU/Linux, and happy with it. Please, Microsoft, put up, or shut up. The more FUD you generate now, the less the people will believe you when you say a truth.
1231. William Owen, England, Ubuntu Feisty Fawn user
1232. Daniel Harborne, New Zealand, New Ubuntu Feisty Fawn user and former MS Windows user.
1233. Corintho Fernandes, Manaus - AM - Brazil, running Open SuSE 10.2. I use Linux since 2000. I AM web developer and the only thing that I have to say is... Micro$oft is desesperate!!!!
1234. Simon Ruggier, Canada, Debian and Ubuntu user, because Linux based operating systems are more elegantly designed, don't come with any crippled features or misfeatures, and host a huge ecosystem of free software as well.
1235. Daniel Podgurski, Cranston, Rhode Island. Dual boot Linux and OS/2 user in 94. Never saw a point to Windows 95, but ran it anyway for "compatibility" reasons until it horked on the long filenames kludge. Went to Caldera Linux (oh the irony) then to SuSE, then to Ubuntu. There can't be Microsoft "IP" in Linux because unlike Microsoft products, Linux actually does what it says on the tin.
1236.Leonardo Couto Chueri, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Hey Microsoft, I am using Debian GNU/Linux with OpenOffice plus many others Free Software from GNU and others, so I am supposed to be sued.
1237.Frank Brickle, North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Your software is pretty poor. Your activities are harmful. Free Software is better technically, economically, and ethically. I could go on, but that about sums it up.
1238.Alex Bardos, United States. Ubuntu Linux. WINE. Former Windows user. I think it's pretty obvious that linux is DEFINITELY a ripoff of windows. I mean, after all, they both have a bar with a clock in it, AND a desktop!
1239.Diogo Del Gaudio, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, Ubuntu feisty Fawn rlz! ms sux! linux is all about freedom, custom and to be different of all the 'closed-source' people. thats all... its linux, its powerfull!
1240.Agus Hartawan, Sidoarjo - Indonesia, I used to run 8 machine of Windows, and guess what? I have to reinstall Windows at least once every other week, or the viruses and trojans and malware and spyware and crapware not to mention missbehaving windows component would caught up with me and truly destroys the productivity of my co-worker. Since I switch to Feisty Fawn & OpenOffice, the time I spent on system management & administration drop almost to zero after all the configuration part was completed. I don't dish out Windows because I hate it, it just that when it comes to productivity, TCO, and system administration, Feisty beats Linux hands down, at least in my particular environment. So if Mr. Balmer wants to go with this IP litigation, then I suggest he gets on with it and start bring out real facts (infringing source code) since I simply cannot waste my time on a childlike behavior and must get going with my real work
1241.David Pardo, Bologna - Italy. I use Linux since 1999 therefore I am currently using software that violates 238 Microsoft patents. Right now I own 2 computers; on my desktop I run Ubuntu while on my laptop I run Gentoo. I don't really mind if Linux is or is not better than Windows. I like freedom, and I want to be free to choose my own OS.
1242.Tim Slade, London, UK. I have been using Linux since 2001. Starting with Mandrake, then moving to SuSE, then to Ubuntu when Novell signed up with Microsoft. I use linux because it is a superior product (read: more stable, more configurable), with the added benefit that I can use it for free, or give something back to the great community that surrounds and suports it.
1243.Kevin Koch, Southaven, Mississippi. I own a Dell Notebook and a desktop a friend built me. On my notebook I am using Windows XP SP2, with WMP9, I use Audacity, Zinf, and Video Lan Client as my media player. Other GNU software I use is Open Office which is quite nice and stable, Ubuntu 7.04 with W.I.N.E. installed, along with other free, open source software. By the way, Steve Balmer, I was not impressed with Vista when I saw how lame the interface is. So sue me Microsoft, so I can have some entertainment with a lawsuit threat since your claims are totally invalid.
1244.Gabriella Wingård, Alvhem, Sweden. Linux user since 1996. I have been using distros like Debian, Redhat, Slackware, Fedora, Suse, Mandrake/Mandriva, Knoppix and many more. Currently I have Mandriva, Kubuntu and Debian installed. Linux is my choice of OS, both for private and proffessional use.
1245. Gabriele Brunotti, Rome - Italy. I use Ubuntu 7.04 because my Desktop was getting bored of running on that "thing" which Microsoft calls OS...
1246.Frank Oswalt, Hamburg, Germany. Microsoft: I'm in ur inztalled base, steeling ur cuztomers.
1247.Emil Rakhimov, Russia. I use SUSE and Ubuntu at home coz they are stable and secure. Gonna sue me?
1248.Greg Flint, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. LPCOS, Knoppix, Fedora C5. Just seeing which I prefer. I needed to get my second-hand computer working, and didn't have time to play with MS Windows to get sound, video etc working properly. I hope I don't have to go to jail.
1249. Colin McEwan, Scotland. Here we are used to big brother control freaks. Smoking bans, speed cameras, CCTV and the rest. Microsoft can sod off. I use Ubuntu Feisty and never want anything to do with crap software again.
1250.Steen Jensen, Frederiksberg, Denmark, member Dansk IT - Danish IT Society, running Xubuntu 6.10 and OpenSuse 10.2
1251.José Filipe, Santo Tirso, Porto, Portugal. I'm using Linux since 1995. My first installation is in the 60 disquetes with slackware. Later i've installed redhat and now, in the last 5 years, i use fedora. The last version i use is Fedora 6. I live very, very mutch fedora !! I use a lot of players in linux: mplayer, vlc, xmms, ... very fine !! And now Microsoft and the RPM's is too bad !! I hate microft because rpm's and recent patents ... !!
1252.Antoine Rose , France (Poitiers, 86). I'm using Linux since... 6 months =p and Gnu/Linux rocks. Microsoft's not bad, but this list proves it does not equal Linux :) (To José, n1251, I hope you mean DRM and not RPM ?)
1253.Stevens Farai, Geneva, Switzerland, IT professionnal. I used Debian Woody, Sarge and now Etch for private and professionnal use. I never had problem: security, computer stop responding, reboot after each update or application install with this exellent OS. So open source software= very good work ! Microsoft= propaganda ! If they spend more time and money to quality check instead of marketting...
1254.Lucas Galton , France (Mont-dol, 35). I'm using Linux since 1999 (debian + mandriva)
1255.Gajendran, Chennai, India. Linux always. Mr Microsoft you have proven money is power, Linux is uncovering the source for your money is people and those people surely, may be slowly, lining up behind Linux.
1256.dominic winer \o/ for linux i am using suse 10.1 10.2 debian Since i brought my vista version back to the store and got my money back since this "fine" piece of $oftware is nothing more then expen$ive garbage i even use suse 10.2 on my main machine to play games i don t like microsoft nor do i like their software that is sold totally overpriced (you can actually send your windows vista back to microsoft and get your money back ) anyways microsoft can sue me all day how they want for using downloaded open source operating systems the bill can t stop me and i will continue to use em how i like i will install them on many machines and give burned copys of it to friends (_|_) Open Source The Planet
1257.Javier Soques, Venezuela. I use CRUX Linux as my router/gateway/firewall (iptables probably with code from Windows Firewall) and Debian Etch for the desktop dual booting WindowsXP sometimes and hopefully getting rid of it in the near future. Vista for sure is not for me.
1258.John Giesler, Texas. I use red-hat and fedoras on all my computers, personal and business. I keep windows around to play games on, yah its good for something. It's truly amazing how an operating system thats good only for games stirs up such a fuss. Oh I forgot, Windows is necessary if you want to run Norton Antivirus. Come get me Dude, I'm Ready!!
1259.Jason Gotsch, St. Louis, MO. I use Ubuntu 7.04. I think the open source community is amazing. Great software!
1260.Sheridan Hutchinson, Brighton, England. I'm using Debian (lenny) and after Microsoft's recent patent posturing, I hereby personally commit to never purchasing another Microsoft product again.. not even one of your nice natural keyboards; I'll see what Logitech can sell me next time.
1261.Piotr Kowalski (Poland, EU) I was using unfortunatelly M$ Windows but when I've heard about Bill's company project to sue Linux users I've switched back to KateOs. I also wanna be sued ;-)
1262.Bart van der Velden (The Netherlands). I use Gentoo Linux at home on two systems. I do dual boot Windows 2000 to be able to use Photoshop.
1263.Chris F.A. Johnson, Toronto, Canada. I have been using GNU/Linux exclusively on my desktop for 7 years. Currently running Mandriva, I have used Storm Linux and Linux From Scratch in the past.
1264.Abdellatif El Qochairi, Rabat, Morocco. I have been using Windows for 13 years, at the begining of this year 2007 I migrated to Linux using Ubuntu distribution, I'm using now their latest release 7.04, I regret the years that I did not know Linux, but now I'm a happy user and supporter of Open Source software.
1265.[28-05-2007 23:19] Alphonse Ogulla, Nairobi, Kenya (aogulla at yahoo dot com). I decided to use Debian GNU/Linux not because its easy, but because its hard! Been using Linux for the last 10 years for practically everything that one can do in front of a desktop PC.
1266.Catalin Bostan (Romania, EU).Proud *nix user since 1997.zillions of distro tried but gentoo and debian stable fan.Every 'puter and appliances under my supervision run *nixes and derivatives -Linux/OpenSolaris/FreeBSD/OpenWRT.No trace of MS shitware.I want to be sued by MS. 1267. Kevin Channon, England. I have used Linux for the last three years, and am in the process of completely converting my computer usage to Ubuntu 7.04. I also almost exclusively use open source software, mostly mentioned above: Firefox, Thunderbird, Songbird, OpenOffice, Gimp, Inkscape, Rythmbox, Mplayer, Scribus, Gnumeric and a bunch more. Why not try and sue me first...
1268.Jon Lowe (Texas, United States) I am a RHCE holder and a big supporter of the open source *nix project. I use Red Hat Enterprise, Gentoo, Slackware, and Fedora on my machines. As a founder of I am proud to say we use only *nix for our servers/network. I am registered linux user #394751. MS please sue me first. Viva La Revolucion!
1269.Andrew Rowe, Pennsylvania, United States. (anrowe at gmail) Dual booting crappy products from a software giant and good software publicly available legally for free. It's a great illustration to show others the benefits of Open Source. Bring it on, MS.
1270.Nelson Snow, Brooksville, FL. (flrd_snwmn at yahoo dot com) I stopped using Windows at home about 2 years ago. I've settled on using Sabayon Linux on my desktop, PCLinuxOS on my older laptop. As a system administrator I've been slowly switching all the computers in my company to FOSS alternatives. I've had lots of people telling me they like the alternatives better and started using them at home. Sorry MS but you'll never get me back as a customer.
1271.Pablo Mouzo (Buenos Aires, Argentina) I use Ubuntu 7.04 on my Desktop PC every day. Free and Open Software is the future, and no patent can stop that.
1272.Salvador Banuelos (Stamford, CT. USA) Ubuntu 7.04 on my Desktop, Mandriva ONE on my Laptop hate windows and everything related to it. Open source software and Linux are the best alternatives to expensive and unstable counterparts.
1273.Jim Morehead (Florida, USA) Debian 4.0 and FreeBSD on desktop; Xubuntu 7.04 and FreeBSD on laptop. Linux & BSD user since 2002.
1274.Dan Reidy (Syracuse, New York) Gentoo Linux on 2 laptops, an NFS File Server, and my 64bit Desktop, and OpenWRT Linux on my Linksys Router. Registered Linux User #362971. I use Mplayer, Xine, MPD/MPC, Amarok, KDE, Enlightenment E17, Firefox, Vim, and many many other FOSS. I have also contributed to such Open Projects: ircd-ratbox, Irssi, QuoteEngine, and Eggdrop. I love teaching people I know/meet about the benefits of Linux and Open Source software. I see penguins in your future Bill, bring it on!
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