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Journal christian.einfeldt's Journal: Page 07 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

This is a copy of page 07 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft to prove its questionable patent claims in court.

770.Stephane Zachariasen, Paris, France, Using Ubunty for 2 years now. Linux rulz!
771.Joao Rei, Lisbon, Portugal (now in Estonia), I've used Fedora for 2 years, very happy with it, i've tried Ubuntu and installed Suse for some friends, all happy users. I also use Firefox (even when i'm not using Linux) and Thunderbird, as well as GIMP and Openoffice.
772.Arthur Nascimento, São Carlos, SP, Brasil. I have used these distros proudly: Conectiva, Fedora, DSL, LFS, SourceMage, Kurumin and the best by far, Gentoo. Also, I am adept of all Linux-bred tools like Firefox, OpenOffice, rtbt, Gimp, parted, vim, gcc etc. I have been using Linux since around 1997 and I am MS-free since 2003!
773.Alex Villacís Lasso. Guayaquil, Ecuador. I use GNU/Linux since 2001 when it was presented to me at work. Mostly RedHat Linux 6-9 and then all the Fedora Series (currently at 6), but also have experienced Knoppix and Ubuntu. Since I began using GNU/Linux, I have never had the need to use my Windows partitions at home, except when I want to write code to LIBERATE programs and devices formerly tied to Windows. That's right, I not only use [http://www.winehq.org Wine] to run Windows programs under GNU/Linux, I also [http://www.google.com.ec/search?q=Alex+Villac%C3%ADs+Lasso+wine&start=0&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:es-ES:official give back to it]! Imagine all those programs that have been freed from the need to be run under Windows! The horror! And now [http://www.palosanto.com/~a_villacis/ two devices] too! I am sooooo guilty... And I also run around with an [http://www.ubuntu.com/products/GetUbuntu/download Ubuntu 7.04 live CD] to tempt all laptop owners I meet into the light side of the Force! So now I also make others violate your oh-so-sacred-they-can't-even-be-named patents...
774.Maxime Raynal 15 years old Ste Radegonde France. I use Linux for not a lot of time and i like that.
775.Bertrand LAMBERT, Sarlat (Fr) using Mac OS X since 1984. Computer reseller in Dordogny (Fr)
776.Thomas Calvet, Los Angeles, Ca USA I've evaluated many Linux distros over the last couple of years, and I'm now running Ubuntu. I'm a Windows professional and manage a small network for a living.
777.Laurent STELLA, France, student, uses Windows and Linux
778.Raphaël CAYEUX, France, using Ubuntu, Free Open Source Softwares PoWeR!!!
779.Juan Lobos, Chile, using OpenSuSe & Debian, Atrevete Microsoft! using knoopix live y ubuntu live too, let`s free from microsoft, join the light side of the force! Sue Me Billy Gay!
780.Mark R. Watson, 35, Aurora, IL, USA: I have been using some version of linux or GNU\Linux since 1999 when I had the extreme idea of not paying for a web server OS package, when I could download apache for free and install it on my own white box servers. Since then I have never looked back, and for the past 6 years I have been running linux on desktop (Slackware, Fedora, and now Ubuntu 6.10). I especially like sending and receiving .doc and .xls files back and forth between clients, fellow employees, and friends using OpenOffice.org, some who know, and some who don't know- that I don't use Windows. It takes less than 6 months to convert a windows user- which I often do- by showing them Firefox and OpenOffice on their windows box. I can save anyone about $700 by not paying for Windows or Office and instead opting for a larger display, larger hard drive, or more ram- and office to boot!
781.Matthew Scott Caltagerone; Shabbona, Illinois, USA; Ubuntu Feisty Fawn; For the past six months I have been slowly, but surely, working to rid my computer of unstable Microsoft software. The process is going well, but I am loath to give up the $100s of dollars worth of Microsoft software I purchased when I custom built my pc. I will not be making such a grievous mistake again.
782.Steven Le Roux, France, I use many Debian distros with Linux kernel, and some X server, I have to be punished, So Sue Me...
783.Micha Sonina, Poland, programmer/student, software patents hinder innovation as there is a patent mine field awaiting every independent developer, current state of affairs is simply unacceptable. Sue me first if it helps to widen peoples awareness.
784.José Ruiz, France. I use ubuntu with an "old" pentium III and I don't have any problem. I'm waiting my sentence...
785.Omer Kahani, Isreal, student, Ubuntu 6.10 . life is free, and freedom is all.
786.Julien Nicolas, France, student, i use Ubuntu and Debian distros 2 years ago, I love GNU/Linux and open-sources software. I have to be punished...
787. Matthew Jones, Hereford UK. I am using Ubuntu on all of my computers, and will continue doing so. In our business all our PCs run Gnu/Linux software, Mainly Ubuntu. So sue us Microsoft, we will never use Microsoft products again, and I have no Plans to anyway. For My own small Design setup I also use Ubuntu, More specifically Ubuntu studio. Microsoft is not getting any more of our cash, when dell bring out Ubuntu PC's in the UK we will be buying them.
788.Attila Horváth, from Hungary. I'm currently using Ubuntu 7.04 "Feisty Fawn" and I'm able to do all the thing I want to do with my computer - with completly free programs (I really like Firefox, XMMS, OpenOffice.org, GIMP, K3b, MPlayer etc, more than loosy Explorer, Media Player, Paint ;)) I also have Beryl installed, which gives me the most exciting desktop experience I ever had - for free. Although I have a dual-boot system, I use these free programs on Windows, too (except of Beryl, of course ;)). So, I didn't pay for anything, but I can do everything I really need and without the Blue Screen Of Death or fancy error messages, random reboots? I see, that must be wrong, I need to be punished. So, Microsoft, go on! Let's sue me! I will go to jail because I don't use your software? Well, OK, I think I prepared. I'm sure you can find me easily, my IP is available for you, doesn't it? I will wait for you, I promise!
789.ukasz Bartnik, Poland, student and software engineer, Debian; Linux is easy to use, has the power in need in my studies and work - I've been using it for the last 5 years. I can't imagine working with anything different. All this patents madness has to end!
790.Ryan Null (USA): Debian(Fedora Core 6 and Kubuntu) - Effecient, Free, and Powerful, what else does one need, or want? Plus I've been a BAD BAD Boy. So Sue me.
791.Lukasz Kozlowski (Poland): Slackware 10.2, Slackware 11, Gentoo: I`m using GNU/Linux on all of my boxes and laptops, i`m creating software for GNU/Linux. Yes, i`m sooooo bad, i`m an Open Source terrorist even! Sue me now
792.Yotam Benshalom, Coventry, UK. I use Ubuntu for over 2 years now, and the weight of sin is becoming unbearable. But what can I do? I am of mortal flesh, and Linux is so damn good. Please, Microsoft, come and cleanse my dark soul with your holy fire.
793.Emeric Lesage, Isère, FR. System and Network Administrator, GNU Linux since 2002, Debian
794.Paul Morin, Lyon, FR. Personal use of Linux for two years, Kubuntu.
795.Jorge Cisneros, Cipolletti, Argentina. It's been a year since I started using GNU/LINUX OS, I've tried X/K/Ubuntu and OpenSuse, please Microsoft, Sue ME!
796.Przemek Swierczek (Poland) Ubuntu, Debina - Free, robust, easy to fall in love with.
797.Robert Stern (Hungary) Ubuntu. Hit me baby one more time :)
798.Mateusz Kubica (Poland) Debian 3.1 Maybe I'm blind but can show my any pros of using Windows?
799.Thomas Battermann (Germany) PCLinuxOS2007. I use only Linux an I don't miss Windows®, which I used before
800.James Neubaur (USA) I use PCLinuxOS, and It '''must''' be using windows code, because it just works... Oh wait never mind windows never just works. I guess PCLinuxOS isn't using windows code. :)
801.Josh Rickmar (USA) I use Kubuntu and have gotten over five of my friends to make the (very easy) switch to Linux. I just can't wait for you to come and sue me and my friends. Bring it.
802.Angel Cruz (Spain) I'm using OpenSuSE at least for one year and this is the best decision i've ever made. Sue me, Microsoft !!! 803.Hristo Bogdanov (Bulgaria) I'm using Slackware and Debian on about 10 computers for the last 10 years. Sue me, Microsoft !!! 804.Jean POTTAM (Guadeloupe, French West Indies) : I use only GNU/Linux on all my computers. No Windows now. OpenSuse on my workstations. I want Micro$oft sue me now ! 805.Eric Went, Pullman, WA, USA; various computers running PCLinuxOS, Debian, openSUSE. I use Linux now because I prefer it to Windows, but I moved to Linux because I can't afford Windows for my several computers and didn't want to steal from Microsoft. It would be hilarious irony if you sued me for this, and I have nothing to lose, so go ahead. Sue my ass off -- it's all you'll get! 806.Eric Teepell (Canada) Family of 4 using FreeBSD 6.0 built using whatever bits and pieces we can afford at any given time. Constantly making wee little upgrades, even the whole base system will be upgraded soon from P133 to a PIII! Do that with windows without triggering deactivation! Sue me now Micro$oft!!! 807.Zachary Waldowski, Surfside Beach, SC, USA: running two laptops and one desktop on Ubuntu 7.04, Feisty Fawn. API Restrictions made using Ubuntu on my (originally) Windows laptop a pain in the ass. I'm a middle-schooler who administers a website and constantly works on homework, so sue me first. I dare 'ya. 808.Gabriel PIOT, france : I'm a ubuntu user because windows fail under my hand when I've wroted a text for my school. Thank for my work that I've lost ! 809.Robert Bernard, USA : Using two laptops with Ubuntu installed on both. Microsoft made me wonder if their developers are on crack. Please Sue me. =D 810.Carlo Brualdi - Computer Science student, Bologna, ITA - I use GNU/Linux since 1998, Ubuntu at home and Debian to work. Sue me Microsoft®!! Nobody should use your products! You lead on your users, and now you want lead on us! Sue me! 811.Stefano Arena, Italy : With Linux and with an "old pc" with 256 mb ram i can do many thinks that with windows vista or xp i can't do. Stability, speed, a unit and a friendly comunity that works for the free spirit of software. This is linux! bye bill! 812.Pontus Andersson (Sweden): I've been using GNU/Linux of various distributions since 2001. At first I used it mostly as a server operating system, but since two years back I've been using the GNU/Linux at the desktop (mostly ubuntu) as well. And I'm very happy and comfortable with it, and I'll never go back.
813.Pierre-Luc Daoust, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Proud to use and promote free software! Microsoft, you can then sue me twice!
814.Fabio "ILLuSioN" Lo Brutto (Italy): Linux.Linux.Linux. Forever Linux. Since I use linux, my life is better :-) Bye Bye Micro$oft!
815.Luca Brivio (student, Milano, Italy): Using Debian GNU/Linux and lots of free software on notebooks, desktops and servers
816.Massimo "unwiredbrain" Lombardo, Italy. Proud GNU/Linux user #437712
817.Marco Trevisan (aka Treviño/ 3v1n0), Firenze, Italy. Ubuntu user and Free Software fan, promoter, developer...
818.Andy Bach, Madison, WI USA. I've used and use many different distros and we live on OS stuff at work. So, what Pierre-Luc says above - goes double for me! ;->
819.Yann Aunimes (Bretagne, France) Just try to sue us all, looser..
820.Rafael Nery Brito (Varginha, Brazil) Try to stay at least at the foots of GNU/Linux to say that it's worse than the s**t that you make, with all that hard-coded "wonders"... Linux will make the you scream... Sue me first, dammit...
821.Marcel Henrique Bertonzzin (Jaú, Brazil) Using Slackware and Ubuntu for more than 6 years. Sue me, if you really can..
822.Scott McAuley, SC, USA. Please sue me first. I use Ubuntu 7.0.4 and stopped using Micro$oft products with the release of XP. The eula for windows is so restrictive that you never really own the software. You just lease it from micro$oft. My wife likes it so much she stopped using her mac. Does anyone out there miss that great user experience of getting out your credit card for another micro$oft upgrade or release? Naa, I didn't think so! 823.Andy Weber, Luxembourg, eBusiness, networking, consulting. Using Debian, RedHat and many others since 9 years on workstations, servers, embedded hardware, old hardware, specialized hardware, and guess what, it also quite often repairs our contaminated Microsoft-hardware! [Editor's note: Andy Weber posted a long letter to this page, which we have moved to the discussion section of this page for the purposes of preserving the list nature of this page].
824.Peter Bustraan, Charleston South Carolina; i have been using linux ever since i tried to upgrade from XP to Vixta. I never really had an easy time with windows and wasn't expecting everything in vista to be great. Course i never expected a simple driver AUTOMATIC UPGRADE to render my system unusable.In fact there was nothing holding me to windows except for the fear of having to manually configure wine which hey turns out not to be valid. You assholes need to find a better way to spend your time developing cause gues what the only diference between ubuntu 7.04 and xp/vista is ubuntu does not break stuff, can be easilly repared, looks better and runs faster. so suck it!
825.'''James Valentine, Marlow, Bucks. England'''. I started with Linux in 2001, ended up back on Windows a few years later and in 2005 went back to Linux. What I found was nothing like the Linux I had known. All the hours of setup and tweaking I used to do seemed like it had been done for me. I run Linux on laptops, and only have Windows on one machine that I literally only use for testing and following through when helping Windows users on the phone. On the occasion that I turn back to Windows for a while, I experience all the things that drove me away: crashes, downtime, that kooky GUI with only one desktop and third party apps all scribbling their settings and files wherever they want. Without Linux and the open source movement there is no way that I could have afforded to become the full-time technology consultant I am today. Microsoft, go ahead and sue me. My customers and I need your products less every year. I for one will never build another Windows server. Tomorrow I'm off to warn a client away from Sharepoint and IIS. Oh, and show us the code...
826.LUCAS TEIXEIRA ROCHA, Morro do Chapéu - BA, Brazil.. I started to use Linux in 2004, I use Ubuntu 7.04, Big Linux 3, Madriva Linux 2007, Kurumin Linux 7, PCLinuxOS, Slax Linux and Famelix Linux 1.2. And I use all and support a lot of Linux free open source programs!!!
827.Rodolfo Lopes Castanheira, São Paulo, SP, Brazil. I use Linux since 2002
828.Andy Moscardino, Columbus, Ohio. I've used many distros (Ubuntu being the current) on an old machine that used to run Windows ME. If Microsoft thinks they can put Windows back on here, I encourage them. BRING IT ON!!!!
829.My name is '''Tony Davenport''', I'm from '''Berkeley, California USA''' and I use Open Office and other open source software because it pleases me to do so. Recently we have heard from some Microsoft spokespeople that there are a large number of Microsoft patents violated by Linux and other open source programs. I'm curious; would we do well to gather from this that there is now no new operating system possible on this particular planet in the conceivable future? Is it the case that the company Microsoft has over the years developed such a thicket of operating system patents that the creation of a computer operating system of any usefulness is commercially impossible and legally off limits for the rest of the human race on planet Earth: galaxy Milky Way? Is this it then, 2007, the laying aside of the tools, the final powering down of the development machines, ideas, and dreams around the globe, the queing in the long line to buy/lease/rent Microsoft software, the end of the future of computer technology for the rest of us? If so, I find it very obvious that this doesn't please most of us, and given the fact that we live in a mostly civilized world where the desires of the people form the basis for law and legislation it's very unlikely we will allow this to come to pass.
830.Mathieu d'Acremont, Geneva, Switzerland. * '''SCIENCE NEEDS OPENSOURCE because SCIENCE RELIES ON ACCESSIBLE METHODS.''' * '''RESEARCH NEEDS GPL because RESEARCH NEEDS FREEDOM.''' * Tell me Microsoft, have you developed R Statistical Project, Emacs, ESS, Latex, gcc, GSL, SPM ?! No! Are you ready to sue for no reason all researchers using these great pieces of code? Good luck. Before you are finished, Fedora Core 9000 will be released and Vista service pack 508 will still suck!
831.'''Vítor Baptista, João Pessoa - PB, Brazil.''' I use Linux since 2006. Have used Fedora 5 and 6, Ubuntu 5.10, 6.06, 6.10, 7.04 and now Gentoo 2006.2 AMD64. I was really bad, so, I gotta be punished. Come on, Microsoft. Ah, btw, I never paid for Windows or MS Office.
832. Radoslaw Kostrzewa, Germany, Debian user. Sue me :P
833. Daniel McQuay, Pennsylvania, User of many flavors for more than 6 years and in need of a good sueing. \m/(-_-)\m/
834. Ryan Duff, also in Pennsylvania, using CentOS on multiple boxes. Microsoft: come and get me!!!
835. Peter Bustraan, South Carolina, I have been a gentoo user though now I use ubuntu 7.04 which is still better than windows. oh and before you say that im just saying that out of spite I actually have had windows since 3.1 and have been a staunch supporter. I really only lost heart when XP became a burden to use from time to time. What really sent me over the edge was bad driver support from MICROSOFT and the fact that they had no way to save me. While a month latter my computer may have been compatible with the driver I still am staying with linux because I would have never had the problem inthe first place thanks to a little thing called dpkg reconfigure.
836.My name is Jean Ferri from Brasília-DF, Brazil. I'm a Linux user since 1997. I used many Linux distros and also BSDs. Today I use Ubuntu GNU/Linux at home and at work and Debian at school. I'm really a too bad guy, do it, sue me!
837.Joildo Foguinho, São Paulo, Brazil. Ubuntu (desde o 5.04, mais de 100 CD's distribuídos),BrOffice.org (desde o OpenOffice), Firefox (desde as versões 0.x alguma coisa e evangelizei milhares de pessoas a mudar de sistema), Pidgin, Apache, MySQL, torrent, Thunderbird e outros mais
838.Paulo de Souza Lima, Curitiba, Brazil. Linux user (432358) since 1998. Debian 4.0 (Etch). All Right ! I admit it! I like to be an outlaw. I'm using a stolen copy of GNU/Linux. I don't use Windows because it would be too obvious. Just one more thing: If you are about to sue me, you better kill me or put me in jail, because I have no money to pay for MSLinux, ok?
839.P.Durairaj, India. I use linux for the past 6 years, because I love linux. Sue me if you can
840. Anurag, India, Using Ubuntu 7.04, have been using GNU/Linux for more than seven years. How do we know how many patents MS has violated. Let them release all the MS source code under GPL and let community inspect it for patent violations. Let it be a level playing field.
841. Floraipuyal. I use Debian/ Ubuntu / Damn small. I intend to spread linux as much as possible. Sue me as I hate Microsuck to the core. Long live Tux !
842.Laudelino Amaral de Oliveira Lima - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil - '''Im use linux since 1996''' (InfoMagic) and now Im use Ubuntu. My company have hundreds of machines with mandriva and ubuntu. Im dream with the day when the people who install pirate software, they are punished, they will have to pay for softwares, they will go to install linux and, '''they will take the red pill'''.
843.Alexander H Drachmann - Esbjerg - Denmark - I have been using Linux the last 4 years, I hate using microsoft, Linux is the only real choice. The graphics, special effects, user interface, etc,,, everything is better on the linux side.
844.Serge Leduc, Longueuil, Quebec, am Fedora Core 6 user and soon Fedora 7, i think Microsoft hurt the software industries by imposing their monopol.
845.Douglas Hassell, Denver-CO, United States of America -- (SuSE 10, Ubuntu Edgy, now Kubuntu Feisty) Yes, that's right, America. We're the same bunch of people that started a bloody revolution to earn the freedom to choose. We did it then with the Church of England, we'll do it again with the Church of Windows. Who's got some stones?
846.Koen Bokern, The Hague Netherland, I use Ubuntu 7.04 for a few month and I like it. I've no problems with drivers, only drivers for my wireless internet, but that is fixed. I can't use Firefox on Windows because it crashed after 10 minutes.
847.Stefan Lorenzkowski, Germany and Russia. I have been using Netscape, Firefox and Thunderbird for years now, especially the nice tabbing helps browsing. I also use OpenOffice, Scribus, Linscape and other nice OpenSource things on XP. After discovering Kubuntu some weeks ago, that even works on a laptop without bigger troubles, I consider switching finally to get rid of W(indows)orries, the constant trouble with crashing OSs, stupid authentification, unexpected problems with programs ...
848.Michele Renda, Italy and Romania. XUbuntu User. I use Linux because it give me the power and facilities that windows can not to give. I use it because is property of the world and I don't want to steal something to a firm. Thanks linux
849.Thierry Lepoint, Elouges, Belgium, using GNU/Linux since 2000. Now on Gentoo or Kubuntu.
850.Pawe Kuniar (Poland) Ubuntu - free, stable, safe, easy, fast and nice :).
851. Alessandro Zollia, Pordednone, Italy, i'm using free software since 2003 because i'm free!.... Ubuntu.
852. Pavel Vavilin, Rome, Italy, Debian, Postgres, python - server side. Ubuntu - workstation and laptop. Use linux since 1997.
853. Giuseppe Sorrentino, Torino, Italy. I use Linux sice 2003, particulary debian and ubuntu.
854. Eric Chapman, Kent, UK. I've been using Linux for ten years. I completely stopped using Windows 6 years ago.
855. Romain Magny, Paris, France. Ubuntu because it's easy, reliable and free!
856. Alfredo Villarreal, Pasto Colombia. Desde que conosco el software libre no tengo problemas con mi computador me gusta la filosfia y el modo de vida son mas de 16 a~os evolucionando no copiando, por favor muestren el codigo
857. Alan Hill, Indianapolis, US - Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, and a number of applications that far exceeds the 200-odd patents you claim I'm infringing, but I'm not going to publicize which applications; I just want you to know I'm doing it. I also routinely and intentionally copy said software and distribute it to over a hundred friends, neighbors, former collegues, perfect strangers and little old ladies which should, I suspect, make me at least a very minor pirate of sorts, if not a corrupter of octogenarians. I'll also point out I'm profoundly disabled, poor, unable to afford your commercial software and the hundreds of dollars of supplementary software necessary to keep MS Windows and MS Office from keeling over like a deflating hot air balloon. Open source, as has been said before, allows me to stay in contact with friends and loved ones. I would really love to be sued, actually, just for the bragging rights of being the cripple MS tried to come down on. I'm sure suing the nine retired widows I've given software to would gladly invite a lawsuit as well; they're quite spunky and some get rather bored at times.
858. Angelo Lisco, Italy, Milan. I use ubuntu linux in my dual-amd pc and my ibm laptop since Warty Warthog (2004). I helped migrating some people to linux so...sue me first, bill!
859.Antoine Marceau, France - Bretagne, Using Linux and Free Open Source Softwares. Bill Whip me ! :)
860.Etienne Lesaffre, Lille (France). I use and abuse of open source softwares and i hope that it will be for a long long time. Sue me !
861.Yosi Yarchi, Israel. FC4, great for education purposes! When must use windows (work, etc): openoffice/gimp/cygwin/firefox/thunderbird
862. Paul Moore - '''Cope57''', U.S.A., Currently a Debian GNU/Linux lenny/sid user, and test other Linux distributions regularly. I have been using open source software since 2002, and have switched to using Linux in 2003. "I would rather pay for Linux, than to use Microsoft products for free..."
863. Samuel Daroussin, France - Paris, Using currently a Unbuntu GNU/Linux and using regularly Free Open Source Softwares under Linux AND Windows since 2000, because I pay Microsoft with each new PC, that is not my choice ! I have switched to Linux in 2005. Microsoft pray for his future..."
864. Renaud Millet, France - Paris, It's a shame for me that I work for a partner of M$. But I save my soul using Unbuntu and several programs. I also developp some small plugins for those tools. I really want to see when/where Opensource community decided to steal technology of the "Bug Factory". please Sue Me and show the proof.
865.Thomas DAGET, France - Nice, I started to use Linux in 1997, if it is illegal I wants to be well punishes but while waiting for this day do not break me the testicles
866.Ivan Iraci, Italy, Giarre - I confess I am a Free Software pusher. I my self am Gentoo addicted, but I also traffic in Ubuntu, Debian and in any kind of free software.
867.Gerald Yuen, London, UK. I've been using Linux since 1998, currently use Fedora Core 5 and Ubuntu installed on two different machines.
868.Francois Roux, Pretoria South Africa. I use Ubuntu 7.04 on my laptop at home. Unfortunately I'm forced to tolerate your crappy unstable OS at work, which doesn't allow me to think for myself. I might one day be famous for naming the [http://www.freedomtoaster.org/ FreedomToaster] and coining it's catch phrase. Ah yes, that's the one, the one that's used to distribute FREE COPIES of just about every Linux distro and other FOSS packages that's requested on it. Please sue me, I might be for ever in your debt, but I'll probably have to use FOSS to generate income to pay it back...
869. Sebastien Defrance, France - Paris, I'm a open office user OMG! I also use The Gimp, and FileZilla! And... I write these with Firefox ;) Oh yes Sue me plz
870. Nicolas Hubert, France - Nantes, using GNU/Linux since 2000. Now on Ubuntu.
871.D. Stern, Paris, FR. I use linux for the past 7 months, because I love linux and i hate you, Microsoft :P. Sue me if you want, and if you can :D.
872.Dominic Morin, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Kubuntu Edgy on the laptop, MythTV for the HTPC and OpenOffice everywhere I can. Bullsh*t claims = bullsh*t lawsuits.
873.Alexey Lekatorchuk (Russia, Ufa). Debian, Fedora, Mandriva, AltLinux. Since 2000 GNU/Linux or BSD runs on all servers (because stability and performance) and for now on near all workstations (because M$ appetite). Software patents must die.
874.James Archibald, Joburg, South Africa. I'm happily using Ubuntu, Firefox, Thundebird, Inkscape and a bunch of others. Bring it on Bill! Luckily SA doesn't allow software patents, but oddly that hasn't stopped you from ignoring our country's law and filing them anyway. Come and get me!
875.Ian MacGregor - [http://www.imacgregor.com/ imacgregor.com] - I have been using Linux since 2001 and currently use Kubuntu (main desktop), CentOS (server), MEPIS (livecd/travelcd), SystemRescueCD (admin tasks, backups), and Ubuntu on 6 other machines in my home.
876.Benjamin RETHYMNIS - Strasbourg, FRANCE - Open source Rocks !
877.Dominique Lebrun, Belgium. Linux user since 2004. Accidentally erased my Windows partition two years ago (dual boot machine), never installed it back. Currently use Kubuntu 7.04.
878.Jonathan A. Griffioen, The Netherlands - I use Fedora/CentOS. I'm totally Windows free sinds 2004 and use Linux sinds 1999. I do all my multimedia stuff, office, gaming, hosting(home server/colocated) with linux, even at the office. In my oppinion Microsoft kills creativity with his pattenting/OS dictatorship, and people should fight for freedom!.
879.Roberto Della Ragione, Naples, Italy. I've used GNU/Linux since 2002. Currently I use Ubuntu 7.04. I used Slackware, Red Hat, Debian, Frugalware, Arch Linux. Come on Microsoft SUE ME FIRST, I'm not afraid, we are not afraid.
880.Paul RIVIER, France - Dear Brad, I would really love to be the first to be sued because it would be such an opportunity for me to show how usable Free Software has became, and how little use Microsoft expensive products have nowadays. MS is not really a software company anymore, as there is more room for lawyers, FUDers and other whiners than there is for software inovation. 881.rickshill@gmail.com, uses Ubuntu,To Shove In In Microsoft's Monopolistic Face/
882.Jonathan DRUART, France. I am so sorry, I really have to be pushined for not using MS Windows
883.Derek Dickerson, Springfield, OR. I use All Types of GNU/Linux since 1999, Gentoo mostly hope you find what your looking for M$!
884.Alexis Toyane, French Polynesia. Oops. My Windows partition sank into the swimming pool.
885.CAUMONT Guillaume Toulouse, France I'm using Ubuntu for one year, I don't use Microsoft products anymore and I install Ubuntu to all my friends.
886.Dominguez Aurélien, Toulouse/France. I'm a really bad guy for using free software for 3 years, and converting all my friends to go the free way... Please, sue me so I could get back in the right closed, expensive, buggy software way :)
887.Joshua Radley, Australia. Dear Microsoft, you finally learnt there are other places on earth apart from America. You can now learn that there are alternatives to your flawed, expensive, comparably unsupported operating system. And i hope with this list you will get the idea that what you have been working so hard to achieve is slowly but surely being stricken away from you, from teenagers in their garage, from men after work, from women after work, from everyone with an interest in developing a product that will support a growing industry and encourage everyone to come together and pool resources.
888.Amaya Rodrigo Sastre, Madrid/Spain. System Administrator, BOFH, IBM Certified Linux Trainer, Debian GNU/Linux user since 1998, and Debian Developer since 2001. Sue me first! I am guilty and would do it again, all over.
889.Torrelles Marc Muhlouse, France I'm using Suse for one year, I don't use Suse products anymore and I install Suse to all my friends.
890.Arnaud Jordan, Tahiti. Linux activist since 2003 with http://www.lolita.pf. Done dozen of happy linux users. me first, please
891.Ákos Szederjei, Hungary. Linux user since 2003.
892.Sainjeon Florian, France. I'm a bad boy, I'm actually running OpenOffice, I have installed Ubuntu 6.06 last month on my computer and I give Ubuntu CDs to my friends. Oh, and I'm actually downloading FreeDos, I MUST be punished !
893.Felipe Lalli, São Paulo, Brazil, since jan/2007. Ubuntu 6.10 and now 7.04. Free forever.
894.Jean-Baptiste Maneyrol, Grenoble, France. I'm using Linux and plenty of free software since 1997.
895.Norbert Grabowski, Poland, Warsaw / Midzyrzec Podlaski user SUSE Linux, open office, Gimp, and many more. 896.Jim Moore, Worthington, Pennsylvania, USA. I have been Microsoft-free at home since 1996. Started with Slackware. Now running Fedora and loving it.
897.Edmond Sebetseba, Gauteng, South Africa. I am using Fedora Core 6, Ubuntu and Elive... far better than the self crashing OS... Sue me and see if i care.
898.Valery Miloslavsky,Israel. I am using Fedora Core 6 for self-studing.
899.Sean Venter,South Africa.I am using Ubuntu 7.04. Fairly new to linux and already contemplating to toss windows. Eat my shorts Microsoft.
900.Francesco Raffaele Pastore, Potenza, Italy. I'm using Opensuse and Sabayon. It's better then Windows
901.Manuel Mendez Miami,Florida,U.S.A., As a Cuban American whose parents risked their life on a homemade boat to navigate their way here in order to escape a regime whose sole intent was to receive pleasure from inhibiting freedom, innovation, assemblies, and free thought, I have an idea of what Microsoft truly is. After migrating completely away from Windows, I saw the light, I saw what true innovation, and progress is. And this is the main reason why I use it... It is just plain awesome and way ahead than Microsoft. I have been Microsoft free for a year now and have tried SuSe 10.2, and now use Ubuntu since 6.06! PLEASESEE sue me!!!
902.Loïc Corbasson, Troyes, France, long-time Linux user (Debian and Ubuntu at home)
903.Michael Berger, PEI, Canada, Ubuntu Dapper Drake
904.David Doster, Cartersville, GA, USA. CentOS, RedHat, Ubuntu. Windows is dead! Long Live Tux!!!
905.Keith Fretz Reading PA, Fedora core user!
906.Michael Martin Thoulakith, Germany, Goslar; I'm using a lot of Open Source apps nearly all the day in my job and at home. And I'm very happy about the things people created over time with the opputunity of OpenSource. Good dispos like Gentoo, Ubuntu or Fedora which in many situation are more stable then Windows. Just because of the monopolism which M$ is running these free Linux dispos can't evolve and now they're trying to "kill" them by publishing senseless issues. I have to say I'm using Windows myself but it's just because it's difficult to do my job just by Linux dispos and OpenSource apps, but if they could someday evolve to a "everything-compatible" dispo like Windows (nearly) is, then I would only use Linux. P.S.: Linux is like a Wigwam: no Windows, no Gates and Apache inside. (I could say that all the day ;D) (sorry if there are any mistakes)
907. Stefano Caccavari. San Floro,Catanzaro, Italy, -Italian Linux User- Gnu/Linux lover ,-)
908. Ben | Adelaide, Australia | Using Ubuntu on Laptop, and loving it.
909. Divad | Lorient, France | Using Ubuntu, OpenOffice, Blender, and a lot of other OpenSource apps !
910. Sergio Barbosa Villas-Boas ([http://www.sbvb.com.br sbVB]) | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Microsoft, this is not a request; this is a demand! I use Linux since long, I teach many to use it, I installed it in many profit-seeking firms. There's no question, I must be sued. My favorite Linux is Fedora 6.
911. Bertrand COUROT, France, I use Ubuntu, Debian and Gentoo so i must be sued
912. Mark Lamers. The Netherlands, I not only use Debian @ home, Centos @ work, but I'm also proud to tell I make a living with deleting M$ products and installing OS software in production environments. So they who ripped of Apple in the first place, make my day and sue me!
913. Martin Harvan Slovakia, I use Ubuntu with OpenOffice! (and dont forget to sue me for playing xmoto!)
914.Paul W. Frields | stickster@gmail.com - Virginia, USA | I've been using Linux and allegedly violating patents since 1997, and over the years I've taught well over a thousand other people in professional law enforcement to allegedly violate patents using Linux too. I work with the [http://fedoraproject.org/ Fedora Project], and advocate that others innovate in the computer operating system field, which I suppose potentially could allegedly violate patents Microsoft claims to hold. The United States Patent and Trademark Office is well aware that the patent system in our country is out of hand, especially as it applies to computer software, and the courts have agreed. If they are unable to stop Microsoft and other companies from strangling progress, we will stop them ourselves. Even if it means getting sued. So please, sue away -- I use Fedora and everything on it, including OpenOffice, Inkscape, Firefox, the GIMP, Rhythmbox, Totem, Glade, Python -- oh, and occasionally tsclient to remotely log in to my mother's Windows system to fix the many problems that occur constantly.
915. Philippe CHARTIER, France, I use Mandriva, Kubuntu and Debian on a total of 4 hosts plus 3 virtual machines, and I use it on the mobile phone platforms I'm working on, part of my job' scope - M$, it's now too late for you guys so sue me but it won't make any difference, '''the penguin rules the world yet !!'''
916.PC-LOST, UK.I use PCLinuxOS 2007, stable,no virii,trojans,spyware or bloat,just a nice clean machine. So mr gates, give me one good reason why i should use your crap,don't bother!!!. So sue me bitch-face, you can't take from a empty pocket. Hahahahahahaha . '''pengiun friendly'''
917.Joop van Mechelen, Netherlands. Ubuntu 6.10/7.04 why sue me while you are violating many patents in Windows?
918.from México, Marcos Marin. I use Ubuntu 7.04 and I would really like to know the number to Those-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named patents. Pretty please?
919.Clint Fleming | Open Source since 1996 | Gentoo Linux on everything! I've flashed my router with open source firmware. I have Gentoo on my Sun box, Alpha box and my Mac. Don't fear the penguin!
920.David L. Craig | Gaithersburg, MD, USA | GNU/Linux since 1993 | Running Debian/Sid because it works and it's community-developed
921.Julien Van der Linden, Caen, France. Mandriva 2006. Penguin breeder
922.Stefano Pellegrini, Florence, Italy. Gentoo.
923.[http://www.t94xr.net.nz/ t94xr] - I use Linux on my Laptop and [http://t94xr.ath.cx/ server]. I'm still a windows whore, but I love linux in a reborn old P.O.S. computer way and server way (LAMP and SAMBA server style) so im not all bad lawl - I think it's a joke. Ubuntu 7.04 Desktop (Debian ftw!)
924.E Durbin, Des Moines, IA. Ubuntu
925.Kozell József, Debrecen, Hungary, 3*235 patent violation because of two home computers and a server, all with Debian sid. Micro$oft is a joke!
926. J McDonough, Pittsburgh PA USA. Ubuntu 6.10 and 7.04 on multiple machines. I love not having to worry as much about viruses and junk slowing down my computer. I LOVE having more control over my machine as well!
927.Patred TheKnight, Gujarat, India: been using linux for years. I got fed up with providing service and re-installations for everybody I know: all those pirated versions, all those slower than slugs PCs packed with bloat ware (yes you too Adobe!) virii, worms, horses and other zoo creatures. Now I distribute PCLinuxOs to all of them and tell them I will ONLY support and reinstall Linux. If they want to keep windows they can find some other guy, pay 500 buck to wipe their drives, destroy all their data and reinstall an illegal version again. And now? Now I am looking for a new job. In the mean time I keep on searching google for software like this: "[search term] +Software + GPL -XP -Vista" and adding TBs of fun software. - The sleep of reason breeds monsters! - GOYA
928.Julien Odent, Belgium. Debian. [http://www.patapizza.be Patapizza] 929.Kenneth TSE, Hong Kong. I am using tons of FOSS on you patented evil Windows. Well, sue me and others like me, your "valuable" customers, and see if this encourages us to switch to the damn IP rights infringer OS.
930.Mou, A Coruña (Spain). I use Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn
931.Massimo Maiurana, Ragusa Italy. MS-free since 2002, now I'm using slackware Linux... but I would use any non-MS OS ;)
932. Jonathan H Pienaar (Johannesburg, South Africa), running Kubuntu Linux since it came out. My whole office runs on OpenOffice.org, Firefox and Thunderbird. Eat me, M$!
933.Arthur Gerbaud, France. I have used Ubuntu Linux for 4years, and I will go on in Freedom !
934.[http://www.gfdsa.org/ Michael Tabolsky], Linux user since 1998, Israel, now Italy
935.Costantino Carugno, Italy. Using Debian Unstable since november 2006. I hope that Microsoft will sue me :D Debian Rulz!!
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