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Journal christian.einfeldt's Journal: Page 05 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

This is a copy of page 05 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft to prove its questionable patent claims in court.

522. Sergio Cava. Americana - SP, Brazil. Use use GNU/Linux since 1998. I have used red hat, conectiva, debian, kurumin, kalango and ubuntu. Nowadays, I use archlinux.
523. Josh Dustin. Ca, USA. SuSE, SLES, fedora, Knoppix. Didn't realize it was illegal. Sorry. :)
524. Ormin L. - I use RH,Knoppix,Slax, and OMG... NetBSD!!!
525. Andre Luis Martines, Sao Paulo - Brazil - I use OpenSuSE and Fedora, please make my day...
526. John Williams - Lakeland,FL- Ubuntu. I have been using it for years. I often post anti Microsoft comments on websites using my version of Ubuntu.
527. Oscar Malgiaritta - Cuenca, Ecuador - Ubuntu 7.04 - Linux Rocks!!!
528. Ed Kideys, East Brunswick, NJ USA - We call your bluff Microsoft, you can sue me and all my current and former students (around 2000 people) that have downloaded and installed Linux instead of Windows. I thought Microsoft strategy was to hire programmers and engineers instead of lawyers. At least that is how they successfully defeated the Apple Computer and Lotus Software lawsuits in the past. It is unfortunate that Microsoft is now resorting to corporate welfare through the government's outdated patent system instead of competing in the free market. Everyone should write to their legislators and demand immediate reform of the IP (Intellectual Property) laws. We cannot let rapacious companies use the patent system that is funded mostly by our tax dollars to the detriment of consumers.
529. Pedro Gabriel de Figueiredo Rosa - Joinville-SC, Brazil. I use Ubuntu Linux. I only use Ubuntu. I need no more.
530. Celso Araujo - Campinas - SP - Brazil. Arch Linux is what I use at home, plus Fedora at work. Free software flows into my blood. If you, Microsoft, don't want to sue me, SHOW US THE CODE!
531. Estanislao Tiscornia - Montevideo - Uruguay. I use Ubuntu Linux at home
532. Eden Focante Teles - SP - Brazil. Sue me too. Microsoft is the first company that hack anothers company and broken a lots of patent. Simple to understand watch Pirates of Silicon Valley.
533. André Kaminski, Curitiba, Brazil. Debian GNU/Linux... Firefox... Pirates!! I just have downloaded it and installed it... M$ please don't forget me... Ah!! I use Kernel Linux 2.6.18... Pirate too...
534. Raquel A. Silva - São Paulo Brazil. Microsoft Sux! Not enough make things pretty! You got make things RIGHT!
535. Edmilson Feltrim - Santa Fé do Sul - SP. Uso o Linux há 4 anos, desde que me cansei dos problemas que sempre tive com o Windows!!! Uso Kurumin Linux / Ubuntu Linux / Connectiva Linux e algumas distro com funções mais específicas... E por todas essas e algumas mais, Micro$oft, pode me processar!!! Yes FREE SOFTWARE!!!! Vamos disseminar o conhecimento e acabar com o monopólio da Micro$oft!!!! VIVA AO CÓDIGO ABERTO!!! VIVA AO LINUX!!! 536. André Kenji Horie - São Paulo, Brazil. Ubuntu Feisty, but willing to get to know other distos. In favor of free knowledge!
537. Daniel Smith - South Africa. I think that the USA patent laws are a tragedy of all their peoples so called constitutional rights that we all are constantly bombarded with through the Hollywood channels, Where is the american freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom from harm (the amount of damage caused by viruses and the like harms millions daily), etc... If M$ where to go to court and win the patent cases, i think that would be the end of the so-called American democracy.
539. William Roddy - Quincy CA USA I am a completely disabled veteran, shut-in, 65 years old. If someone hadn't helped me with Linux, I wouldn't be able to afford to stay in touch with my children, grandchildren, and family, and do many other important things online. Purchasing software is impossible for many of us who have fought for freedom and now live on fixed incomes. I have spent my life disabled because I fought for freedom. Linux represents that freedom to me. It is a metaphor for that freedom. I believe Mr. Gates should be free to make money. But I also believe we should be free to use software that incredible, generous, talented people allow us to use for free. To all of you, all over the world, who make Linux possible, I believe YOU should win the Nobel Peace Prize, because more than any other place, you are demonstrating what working together is possible, and that something very important and complex can be done by a world community. God bless you all. And thank you for sharing your talents and Linux with me, even though Microsoft now feels people like me are a threat by using it.
540. Claiton José Santos - Caldas Novas - Goiás - Brasil - Utilizo o Slackware 11 e o Debian 4.0 a mais de 2 anos juntamente com firefox (pirata), OpenOffice (pirata), Pidgin (pirata), Mplayer (pirata). Utilizo programas desktop feitos em Python, Java e etc.. Em dois anos meu linux nunca travou e ficou com a tela toda azul dizendo: "Erro fatal, o windows deve ser reiniciado". Falem a verdade, vocês têm inveja disso, não têm? Microsoft processe-me por utilizar software de código aberto!!! Estou na minha casa é só vir me buscar. Ah! só irei preso se for em avião com passagem de primeira classe, ok? Estou esperando ;-)
541. Ricardo Chaves - Belo Horizonte - MG BRAZIL - Ubuntu Linux
542. Rodrigo Z. Armond - I have been using GNU/Linux since 1993. Sue me first or Suck me first!
543. Jean Felliph Seren Franco - Brazil, São Paulo - SP, Used: Ubuntu Linux 7.04, Kurumin Linux 7, Fedora Core Linux 6, CentOS Linux, Dream Linux 2.2, Damm Small Linux, Debian Linux 4.0, with, Gnome, KDE, Fluxbox, Openbox, XFCE, Sue me Microsoft, please ?
544. Robert Price, Bloomington, Indiana, USA - Ubuntu Feisty - A plaintiff may abandon any rights to enforce a valid patent by permitting, without protest, a large scale infringement by the industry generally. Eastman Kodak Co. v. McAuley, 41 F.Supp. 873, 874 (D.C.N.Y. 1941). This is exactly what you have done, MS. If you ever had any patents they are no longer worth the paper they were printed on. You can't sit silently while entire industries all over the whole planet, involving millions of people, are built up over years and years and then claim, "SURPRISE, you been working for MS all these years!" So sue me, dorkwads.
545. - i beleive in freedom. rights. and comunity. you microsoft, beleive in power, greed. and control. you manipulate everything and anything you feel you can make money from and shame on you and shame on the us gov for your existance. also i beleive in my right to anoymousity. notice no name just my website. . . i research everything and anything that interested me. and trust me. linux is my major focal point. you claim it iligal? i claim your a monopoletic giant with no care for what people want. just how to make money. so f u microsoft and all that represent it. and shame on the governments of the world for letting this happen. europe. fight for us youve tried but dont back down. linux is freedom microsoft is communism. end of story
546. Jack Dausman, Washington, DC. Built a computer lab for an HIV+ children's residence in Nairobi, Kenya. Installed Edubuntu on a series of aging Dell Optiplexes that would not have been capable of running any current MS OS. The Nyumbani Computer Learning Center was such a success, that they now have 24 laptops and the original Dells are going to a remote village. There is such limited Internet access, that I've burned all the Ubuntu repositories onto DVD so they can do whatever they need. FOSS is fostering the growth of intellectual property in developing economies. I'd be proud to be sued by Microsoft.
547. Thomas G. Fortes - Slackware Linux - Brazil
548. Ramiro Cano - Debian sid GNU/Linux - Spain
549. Khan Md Ashraf Chennai, India I use GNU/Linux and been doing so since 2000. It has empowered me. And I am grateful to all those who have made that possible. Microsoft Corp. too. But that by no means leads to the theory that software patents are right. I love it in the Brave GNU world. RedHat Mandrake/Mandriva Vector Ubuntu/Kubuntu PCLinuxOS to name a few.
550. Mike Carrington, Berowra, NSW Australia. Using Ubuntu Feisty.
551. Alex Tercete Matos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I use Ubuntu Linux and a hole bunch of other open source softwares. I really think you should sue me instead of suing people that use illegal copies of Windows and other Microsoft's products.
552. Yury Markovsky, San Jose, CA -- Fedora 6 Linux -- Microsoft is behaving like a spoiled, stubborn child. There is no more money in the software, it's time for MS to learn to compete with Google and others.
553. Antonio H. Torre - São Paulo Brazil - Mandrake & SUSE -- I use and really enjoy the open source !
554. Virgil H. Castleberry - I use Madriva now, along with SuSE Servers. Started with Red Hat 6 years ago. Go ahead and sue me; it will look so cool when we talk about your DNS running on Linux! You do remember running your DNS at Akamai, right?
555. Chris Tusa, San Antonio, TX -- SharkOS, ArchLinux, Ubuntu Linux, RedHat Linux, OpenSuSE, Debian GNU Linux, Slackware, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD. I have been using OpenSource software since 1997 and have built my career around these systems. I am a developer of several opensource projects and contribute to many others in various ways. This is an attempt by Microsoft to scare businesses (remember SCO?) and try to indirectly profit from the hard work of the world community. What they should do is redirect funding of their precious patent attorneys and other legal teams, and actually make a better product. Even better, donate their code to opensource so we can fix it. Products like Hotmail wouldnt even exist today if it wasnt for the OpenSource software which was the grassroots of that service. Tell us what patents we violated, we'll re-write it in 2 days or we can just drop support compatability for your Document format, Network File Sharing, Authentication, and whatever else that only adds value to your customers who want multi-platform. So sue us all and have a blast while you do, Microsoft. You are only hurting yourself in the long run. Open Source is here to stay whether you like it or not and we will not be silenced or stopped.
556. Thomas Shanks - Atlanta, GA - I use Linux for research at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
557. Ben Pendygraft - Louisville, Kentucky, USA Ubuntu 7.04. The Only Operating System allowed in my Linux Enforced House! I am teh Enforcer!
558. Janine Starykowicz, Chicago - Seamonkey, OpenOffice, Linux web host, many PHP
559. Gabriel Duarte - Brasil - RJ - Debian Etch and FreeBSD - I want that the Micro$oft sue me, just becouse I use Linux and BSD. Just it... OBS: Open Source is the free way to all the peaple!!!
560. Robert Martines, Texas - Mandrake, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Openoffice, Firefox, Linux Web hosting and several PHP Web based Apps.
561. Joel Webb - President and CEO of [] and []. We are using 6 Fedora Core Servers and all our desktops are OpenSuSE 10.2 We didn't pay for Fedora, but we pay each year to Novell for one copy of OpenSuSE, in which we upgrade each of our machines.
562. Dave Muller - Milwaukee, WI USA Gentoo OS Mozilla-Firefox, Mozilla-Thunderbird, Open Office and all the OSS I can get. So come on Microsoft, pick me, pick me!!!!!!! 563. Brad Nelson - Manitoba, Canada - exclusively use at home and at my church: OpenOffice, Firefox, OpenSong (For Projecting lyrics for worship services) Ubuntu 6.06 and 7.04 on my laptops (with wireless)
564. Puru Panchalingam - Toronto, Ontario. Ubuntu/Redhat. Why the delay MS?, forgot this?: "Though we have heard of stupid haste in war, cleverness has never been seen associated with long delays. - Sun Tzu, the Art of War"
565. Nate Walker - Christchurch, New Zealand - I exclusively use Ubuntu 7.04 for my home desktop and server. I have been recommending it to all my friends and family as it is free and comes with practically all the functionality of Windows.
566. Christopher Tucker - Pasco, WA - United States - Ubuntu Feisty and too many others to name...
567. Parin Dalal - San Diego, CA - United States - Redhat and Fedora 6. The idea that a company build on patent infringement makes such claims in insane.
568. Carlos Filipe Lombizani De Bernardis - São Paulo, SP - Brasil - I have been using Debian GNU/Linux, KDE, (the brasilian edition of and KMail. I am sure Microsoft really deserves a payment for all the great ideas they came up with for us, so please Microsoft sue me!
569. Michael Sena - Hong Kong, China - I have been using Linux for the past year and a half. I use openoffice for office, gimp for images and firefox as my browser. Tell me the illegal software and I'll be amazed.
570. Carlos Rivera - Puerto Rico - I have used several Open Source Apps during my life, so for sure i must have used one of the programs that "violates" your patents, firefox, ubuntu 5.04, 5.10, 6.06, 6.10, 7.04, Open SuSE, Debian, Fedora Core 6, PcLinuxOs, Mandriva, knoppix, the gimp, F-spot, Amsn, Gaim, liferea, evolution, gnome baker, Mplayer, Rhythmbox, VLC and much more, so look on your list of over 248 patents you claim OSS violates, and let me know how many I infrige and tell your lawyers to contact me.! Show us the code, and let us see your code to see if yours is patent infringement free!!!!!!!!! PD: send one of your lawyers to Michael Dell office (DELL CEO) he is also a linux user(Ubuntu 7.04) and to the Pope because "We don't know the OS that God uses, but the Vatican uses Linux"
571. Benjamin West, St. Louis, MO - Casting Ubuntu-based boxes to the four winds here STL (, so I'm even recruiting *more* pirates.
572. John A. Wolmer, Jr. - Boulder PC...I do it all. Build Ubuntu Ready Computers, use Dells running Ubuntu, Kubuntu 6.10 - 7.04. My company ( ) fully supports Ubuntu and Free BSD and actively push Ubuntu as "Windows perfect replacement." I'll still support Microsoft's products by repairing and optimizing Windows for my customers that are forced to use it, but pretty much everyone I talk to in my community is so over the whole Microcrap drama. Peace - JW
573. Daniel Loureiro, Rio Grande, RS, Brasil - Kurumin 7 (crakeado) - eu confesso que uso o duplo clique sem pagar os devidos royalties. Eu sei que deveria ressarcir a Microsoft por esta pesquisa de inovação, mas por algum motivo eu vou continuar não pagando. Então, me processe..
574. Kim Meyrick, New York, Fedora Core 4, LAMP.
575. Helio "Doc Brown" Neto - Curitiba, Brasil - BIGLINUX GNU/Linux, running everything I need, completely illegal. And all my family and friends are going the same way... frightening, isn't it?! I can't control myself, please make me stop! Sue me!
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Page 05 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

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