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Journal christian.einfeldt's Journal: Page 04 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

This is a copy of page 04 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft to prove its questionable patent claims in court.

453.André Kaminski, Curitiba, Brazil. Debian GNU/Linux... Firefox... Tudo piratão. Baixei da Internet e instalei...M$ Não esqueça de mim... Ah!! Geralmente utilizo o Kernel Linux 2.6.18... Pirata também...
454.Radek Trnka, Budweis, The Czech Republic, Europe: I use Fedora as my desktop system with OpenOffice, ThuderBird, centerICQ and others.
455. Sebastian Muñiz, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have been working on Debian/Ubuntu the last 5 years! I indeed downloaded, burn, installed and copyed a helluva quantities of MS software. In any case, I can use FreeBSD too... It works too! not like that stuff M$ tries to sell... This is unstopable guys, try to keep peace.
456.Sanjaya Yogi, the world. Been using computers for over thirty five years. Unix and alot of other OSs. These guys from Redmond are like the original copycats. Never seen anything original. Spreading fear is the same tactic Hitler tried in WWII. Did not work then, peace and truth are stronger than fear and lies. Bill Gates probably uses Linux, he is in the closet, just not out yet...Yea, sue us and my mother, who uses Linux too!
We need a Boston Tea Party for Windows, it would kill the fish and clog up the harbor, in fact it would be unthinkably undrinkable, in fact what can you do with Windows besides lose productivity from all the crashes, and security holes?
457.René Pfeiffer, Vienna, Austria. I first got involved with IP piracy in 1997 when I installed Red Hat Linux on my development server. I now live almost exclusively by selling my pirate skills to customers who need system administration. During the years I have also started to teach my Linux pirate skills to students of computer science and media design. I even write articles for the Linuxgazette, a magazine speaking of great pirate deeds. It seems whole universities and even branches of the entertainment industry (who pursues and kills pirates, too) need pirates to get their work done. Amazing. Anyway, just sue me so that we can get over this. SCO did the same.
458.Darrin Auxier of Omaha, NE U.S.A. - I've been a linux desktop user for 4 years now (Ubuntu since Hoary Hedgehog). Please, Microsoft, please do me a favor and sue me first. Please take Linux and FOSS away from me... I've developed an unhealthy addiction to security/stability and I am enslaved to the concept of software that does not bind me. Just last week, I found a great deal on new memory so I bought it (even though my linux PC doesn't really need it); however, I found myself unable to bring myself to shut it down and throw away all that uptime for a mere 1GB boost in memory. Another thing - Back when I was on windows, I spent my time eradicating viruses and spyware... now I just sit and stare at the wall most of the time because I have nothing to do. I know that Microsoft is forward-thinking enough not to allow me to get into these kinds of predicaments. This is a cry for help, Microsoft... please sue me first! Free me from the chains that don't bind!
459.Basilio Rosa, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Labour Consultant. I use Linux since 1997, Mandriva, Kurumin, Resulinux, OpenOffice, BROffice. Please, Microsoft, remember me!
460.Luis Flavio Rocha, Brasília, Brasil. Debian user since 2001. I gave about 100 Ubuntu CDs to friends. Microsoft, me first please!
461.Juan Matias Granda, Santiago del Estero, Argentina. I use Debian, Ubuntu, Slackware, Slax, and many others GNU/Linux Sistems since 1999 at work and personal use. Microsoft Sue me!!!!
462. Gianfranco loreto, Düsseldorf, Germany. I'm using Debian Lenny on my Laptop.
463. Wout Perquin, Mechelen, Belgium. RedHat Linux. See also
464. Alessandro Roberto Malerba, Milan, Italy. I've been a linux desktop user for 3 years now.
465. Michele Corazza. Kubuntu. Bologna, Italy
466. Thomas Macdonald, Nantes, France. I use Gentoo on my desktop, and Ubuntu on my laptop, until it died. My parents use Ubuntu too. They're both over 65. They asked me for Linux when they got an internet connection. It seem they were scared of things called "virus" and "spyware". Strange, that... 65 year-old pirates, how far does the corruption spread?
467. Raymond Koekemoer, Johannesburg South Africa. Microsoft-free for 4 years. 1 PC openSUSE 10.2, 2 Mandriva 2007 PCs
468. Luca Venturini, Kubuntu, Padova, Italy. Sue me Microsoft if you can - your patents are not even allowed here in our continent!
469.Laurence Carneiro, Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil. I use many GNU/Linux distros since 1997. Slackware, Ubuntu, Kurumin, Kalango, Debian, Fedora... Microsoft, sue me!
470. Ramona Loose, Geilenkirchen, Germany
471. Rocco FOTI. Ubuntu ubuntu, ubuntu always ubuntu: I have 4 pcs. Turin, Italy
472. Carlo Mangani, Rome, Italy. I've been using OpenSource software for 6 years on every computers i own. Debian, Knoppix, Gentoo, Ubuntu, Slackware, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, DamnSmallLinux. Sue me first M$, and please "Join us now and share the software..."
473. Elias K Gardner, Ubuntu Feisty 7.04, I use this in Vermont and Montreal. I got sick of reinstalling windows every 6 months and needing to redo everything. Now I am free, so sue me.
474. Federico Simonetti, Nola, Italy. I used Suse, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Sabayon, Mandrake (then Mandriva) and I've installed Edubuntu on hundreds of PC's. I will use and install GNU/Linux OS until I die, and no one will stop me. Neither you, mr. Gate$.
475. César Henrique Kallas, Campinas - São Paulo, Brazil. I have 10 servers, 3 notebooks and 4 desktop with linux, GCC compiler, KDE, OpenOffice, Python, and others. I use linux since 1998. Please!
476.Lucas "Agostinho" Bracher, Campinas - São Paulo, Brazil. Sue me! I`ll sell my taxi if anything goes wrong, but by all means, sue me!
477.My name is Bruno Rafael Cardoso and i develop the Famelix GNU/Linux and the look and feel of Famelix are very similar to windows XP and want to discuss every point of software patents here in Brazil
478.Lorenzo Gaborini - Legnano (Milan), Italy. Kubuntu/Xubuntu user.
479. Antony Pena dos Santos, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Since 1998 using your code, and only now you care about "your" intelectual property? Very convenient. Sue me
480. Martino G. Ferrari, Gnu/Linux Desktop User, Free and open mind.. gate$ sue me!
481.Alexandre F. U., Gnu/Linux Desktop User, Linux user since 1996. Gate$ seu paga lasca.
482.Riccardo, Benito Desantis - Milan, Italy. I've been using GNU/Linux since when I was 14: I'veused Slackware, Suse, Mandrake, Fedora, Debian and now Ubuntu... Will you sue me? OK...
483.Michael de Lang. Been using LFS for a while now, and use it for all purposes. No proprietary sources compiled at all! (unless the codec packages count)
484. Albert Vaka - Barcelona, Spain. I have 2 PCs with Ubuntu, 1 with OpenSUSE and 1 more with Debian. I wanna be the first, please sue me!
485. Ranga Vasudevan - CA, USA - my ex- was various flavours of Red Hat, current is Gentoo, future would be ... but never M$!
486.Jon Burger, Florida. MCSE - You can no longer sue me - I have updated my OS to remove all 253 microsoft patented features such as the blue screen of death, the simple buffer overflow feature, the root kit vunerability service, the DCOM hole including the "blaster feature", the zero day vulnerabilty service and of course the innovative zombie feature . Thank you - My linux workstations are now "Microsoft Patent Free"
487.Miguel Guerrero "Ghanda" Ohio, U.S.A
488. Benson Miller- WA, USA - I have been running GNU/Linux for ten years. I do this for fun and profit, in small environments and large. I help big telecom and financial companies design and deploy reliable, scalable, and mission critical systems on free software. My desktop background is usually gray and has no start bar. My operating system does not try to be smarter than I am. It just listens attentively and does exactly what I ask. And it runs xeyes. In X, no less.
489.Bruno Augusto Mühlenhoff - Curitiba - Paraná - Brazil - - Ubutnu 7.04
490.Charles "BloodWraith" Webb TX, U.S.A - RHES3 - I host MANY MANY websites on this server with full intention on making money and providing a service to the community. Lord knows how many MS patents I have infringed upon in doing this but all I have to say is.... Bring it
491.Joe Olstad, Solid Computing Corp, Canada. My company uses several different types of Linux, Slackware, Debian, Knoppix, DSL, Ubuntu. Please sue me Microsoft. Your lawyers and judges can contact me at 1-780-701-2823. PLEASE Sue me and make sure you mention which patents you're suing about, starting with the newest patent. You're suing your former customers, it's one more step to the end. DO it NOW Microsoft, just DO IT!
492.Joshua Lückers - The Netherlands. I have 1 pc running Ubuntu 7.04 because i hate Windows.. i hate to pay for my software, and best of all: Its the best software arround, so please sue me Microsoft! I can't wait..
493.Fernando Scandolo, Rosario, Argentina. Debian etch on my notebook, sid on my home PC and sarge in many servers scattered around the city. Do you offer volume discounts ?
494.Tim Johnson, Little Rock, AR. I run a small company that does website design and application development. I have two employees and have positive cash flow. We develop with LAMP and gnu tools. Sue me Microsoft, I'm clearly doing too well without your software.
495.Stephen Cano, Dallas, TX. I work for a company that provides IT support for companies that can't afford an IT department. I have been with this company for 1 month and have already replaced 15 windows servers with various linux servers. Tipping the balance of power toward linux one box at a time. I use Debian, Slackware, and Ubuntu.
496.João Melo - São Paulo - Brasil. Uso UBUNTU 7.04 em meu notebook e desktop com todos os aplicativos livres da distro.
497.Michael Lazic, Toronto, Canada. Fedora Core, Ubuntu, and other great open source software. I am Root!...So sue me!
498.Cristiano Casella, Florence, Italy, with linux I recovery also your OS dear M$, sue me!!!!!
499.Piotr Kamierczak, Warsaw, Poland. Ubuntu Feisty/Gentoo 2007.0. i'm forced to use windows xp at work, but i try to convince my boss everyday, that opensource is better. bow before me, for I AM ROOT.
500.Thiago Vinhas - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil. I currently use Gentoo Linux on my home desktop, my workstation, and on 3 personal servers where I run my blog and professional projects. I would really love to be sued by Microsoft. Please, Sue me first!
501.Ricardo Romão - Santo André - SP - Brasil. I use Ubuntu at my home, work and everywheare. I use into my notebook and desktop, if the MS want sue the open source, Sue me first!
502.Vaskó Péter, Hungary, I have been running open source softwares for twenty years. Maxima mea culpa! MS, sue me! Tomorrow I won't miss you!
503.Gordon Dunlop - Dundee - Scotland. I use Fedora Core 6 as my default OS. I also use Linux Mint, SuSe 10.2, Xandros 4 & Mandriva in a multi-boot environment. I have just finished my MSc. in IT and I am a member of the University of Abertay Dundee Linux Society. I say long live the freedom of choice.
504.Loye Young, Laredo, Texas -- My business site is []. I am mirroring Ubuntu and other open source repositories. See []. Of note, I am distributing software that allows persons to play their legally obtained DRM-encrypted media on their own Linux devices. You can reach me at P.O. Box 451088, Laredo, Texas 78045.
505.Sergio Cava. Americana -- SP, Brazil. Use use GNU/Linux since 1998. I have used red hat, conectiva, debian, kurumin, kalango and ubuntu. Nowadays, I use archlinux.
506.Steven Eddy - Fort Worth, Texas -- I use Ubuntu Feisty and PC Linux OS in my home. I have legal copies of windows in the house but who really cares about MS anymore? We have no windows in the house and run a LAMP server for personal service while at home and away. Bill Gates and Ballmer can eat my ball sack. Microsoft sucks and is the same as a schoolyard bully with the tactics it is using. Sue me, if you have the balls, no balls Ballmer. Old English definition of the name Ballmer: One who eats balls.
507.Christian Petersen, Kaltenkirchen - Germany - OpenSuse on Desktop PC and Kubuntu 7.04 on Laptop, soon a Home-Server with Ubuntu 6.06
508.Joe Schaefer, Sydney, Australia. I am an open-source software consultant and I am using daily: Java, J2ee, GNU/Linux, C, Jboss, Tomcat, samba, kde, firefox, and others, all of which, dear Micro$oft, you claim to own part of . Can't wait for you to call, Mr Ballmer (chair-man) and Mr Gates (greedy sucker).
509. Dario Pedicini - Rome, Italy -- I use Ubuntu 7.04, but I've used almost every main (and several secondary) illegal distributions. Sue me Microsoft, I use the same computer since 2001 that every year goes faster, I am a real danger for non-innovative, parassitical software producer like you. I've bought a lot of hardware without having ever paid for one single windows licence!
510.Marc Bachman, El Dorado KS: I'm usually not one to invite someone like you to assault me, but I think it's time someone like me, not someone else, told you how you repress on an ongoing basis those who would advance science worldwide. My rap sheet starts with paying $200 for Corel's Linux distro in 2000 and goes on from there. I'm sure I have either paid or donated $500 to various Linux distributors and support personnel in total, which is quite a whopping total for me and I think it qualifies me for membership in this august body. What's more I have used this intellectual property in ways that have positively influenced or exposed others to the reality of a brighter and freer software world. Oh, and I always look for solutions at Sourceforge first. Long Live Linus!
511. Dario Pedicini - Rome, Italy -- I use Ubuntu 7.04, but I've used almost every main (and several secondary) illegal distributions. Sue me Microsoft, I use the same computer since 2001 that every year goes faster, I am a real danger for non-innovative, parassitical software producer like you. I've bought a lot of hardware without having ever paid for one single windows licence!
512. Ryan King - Oregon, US - I use linux daily for everything from word processing, to browsing the internet, listening to and editing my own music, and for the occasional forays into software development. I've been using linux for over 10 years now. I would like to be sued so that perhaps Microsoft can finally explain to my grandmother exactly why it is that she has to call Microsoft and explain to a representative why she needs to reinstall. The invasion of personal privacy for this software that is legally purchased from a company is above and beyond fair use policies. If it weren't for free software, well over half the internet would not be in existence; if for no reason other than having to call up some unhappy Microsoft rep to ask for permission to reinstall the operating system you paid in excess of 400$(us) for.
513.Josef upa - Brno, Czech Republic. I use only Linux (Kubuntu 7.04) on my laptop. I am IT student at Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Information Technology. E-mail:
514. Andreas Shepard - Deridder LA - 10 years Microsoft free and proud of it. Have used SUSE,Debian and currently using Fedora 3,4,5 on various pc's. So go ahead and sue me too, Oh by the way, I never got my money back for Windows95 CD that I returned to the store, when I did not accept the EULA on the pc I bought.
515.André Schneider Santos Piomte Kowisky Pio - Espírito Santo, Brazil - Linux User (Slackware and Ubuntu), Br office, firefox.
516.Júlio Santos Monteiro - Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil - User of: Ubuntu,, Mozilla Firefox, Inkscape, Pidgin, SMB server.
517.Aline Cristina Pêgas - Curitiba/PR - Brazil - I use linux for everything, everywhere. I wanna be the first, please sue me! User of: openSuse, Slackware, Debian, OpenOffice, Firefox, and other great open source softwares. I love linux.
518.Ernesto Alvarez, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I use openSUSE 10 on my workstation and Debian Sarge on my server. I'm also singlehandedly responsible for switching the last company I worked for to linux. Go ahead, sue me if you dare.
519.Sergio "Semanet" Dias, Vitória-ES, Brazil - I use GNU/Linux BIGLINUX (Debian based) on my workstation. I neeeeed be the first...please, help me and sue me everytime, everyday...please, don't forget me! My friends tell me I have broken some patents around the world...
520.Albert "Zorro" Brown of Westwood, NJ - I use Gentoo gnu/linux and I compiled all of those juicy IP infringing video and audio codecs. I also use Mozilla and OpenOffice. Come get me.
521.David Johnson of Wellington, New Zealand - I use Ubuntu, Firefox, Open Office, and Google's Docs and Spreadsheets (which of course run on Linux, like all of Google does). I believe that Windows is a rip off and most of what I want to do can be done using Web Apps and Open Source software. I love the fact that I can export to .doc and .xls files for the gullible people out there, but store my stuff in Open Document formats.
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Page 04 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

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