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Journal christian.einfeldt's Journal: Page 03 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

This is a copy of page 03 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft to prove its questionable patent claims in court.

342.Rick Stanley, RSI (http://www.rsiny.com) I run a Linux and Open Source Consulting firm and install Debian Linux, among other distros. I am proud to be a "Man of independent mind", and NOT a Mickey$oft sheep! My clients use Linux and Open Source where they can and M$ products only where they need to. I welcome a lawsuit from M$ as it will eliminate many of the so-called "Patents" they currently own, and are using to threaten my company as well as my Clients. Please support Groklaw (http://www.groklaw.net) and the Open Source Community!
343.Anil Kumar, Houston, TX, U.S.A. I use LAMP server with Ubuntu Breezy at my home (http://stooge.myftp.org). I also use Ubuntu Dapper with OpenOffice.org at my office via Vmware, and a bunch of other FOSS tools. I always use Firefox, and have blocked iexplore.exe from accessing internet. www.microsoft.com is also blocked permanently via hosts file. Microsoft is the mother of all Evils.
344.Giannis Tsagatakis, Greece, Crete, Heraclion. I was a legal SuSE linux user for years. I'am now running Debian Etch becouse i don't need any protection from Microsoft. Sue me.
345. Marty Hillman, MCSE ID #2144333 & Microsoft Certified Partner. I use FreeBSD, Knoppix, Helix, Mandriva, Debian, OSX. Though I use OpenOffice.Org on the MacBookPro, I use hacking tools on all 6 of my systems to continually search for bugs in my Microsoft Network and to test password strength. I break LM hashes to reverse engineer passwords to educate users and customers alike on the need for better security than Microsoft offers. Oh my God! I resell these services while letting my customers know that I am a Microsoft Partner and certified technician! Please sue me to make this behavior stop. I don't think I can do it on my own. There is simply too much money in pointing out security holes in Windows. Greed motivates me.
346.Jeffrey Chimene, Sonoita, Arizona, U.S.A., jeffchimene at yahoo, "Microsoft free since two thousand three". Now on Debian Etch. I wrote a letter a few days ago to the N.P.R Show "All Things Considered" expressing disgust over a story on this issue. The story was a biased, unprofessional, duplicitous regurgitation of the MS press release: they presented no counter arguments; they assumed that the MS/Novell deal was all about supposed Linux infringment; they made no attempt to find out which patents supposedly infringe.
347.Tony Griffen, San Jose, USA. I am an unrepentant sinner. I've been using Linux since rev 0.99 pl 7, and FreeBSD since rev. 1.x. Currently I run Knoppix servers at work (and distribute them to others - oh, horror), and run FreeBSD, and Linux RedHat at home. In addition, I run numerous Open Source apps on Windows (quick look shows 50+ apps and utilities that make the experience a little more bearable). If Adobe one day decides to port Frame Maker, Photoshop and Illustrator to Linux or FreeBSD, I will become Windows-free. I would love to be sued by Microsoft.
348.Fran Parker, Dendron, VA. I use Ubuntu 5.10 Edgy with KDE/Gnome on my desktop. I will soon be migrating to Ubuntu 7.04. I started using GNU/Linux with RedHat 6.0 and Mandrake (now Mandriva) 7.1. I have used RedHat 7.x/9, Fedora Core 3 and 5, VectorSOHO, Knoppix, and many others via LiveCDs. I also use any open source programs such as OpenOffice.org, The Gimp, Audacity, Firefox, GFTP, as well as many other Gnome and KDE apps. I use Open Source programs on my Mac OS X including SeaShore, Firefox, Thunderbird, and many others. I use many of the same Open Source programs on my Windows 2000 computers. This keeps my experience consistent across platforms and I know what I am running because I have the right to see the code and can change it at will if I so desire. That is freedom in every sense. Price is not the issue. I have purchased Windows and Mac programs that I like, but if I find an Open Source program that does as well or better, so much the better.
349.Marcio Hiroyuki Miyamoto, Sao Paulo, Brazil. I use Debian Sarge. I like to share this software to my friends and my family. I copy GNU/linux in some CD and share it, so I deserve to be in this list. Sue me =)
350.Anderson Carubelli, São José dos Campos, Brazil. one server with Slackware 11 and one Kubuntu 7.04 to Java programming, OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, etc. Talk is cheap!Show me the code! Micro$fot Sue me!!!!
351.Stuart Martin, Springfield, Oregon, U.S.A. I haven't had a windows box at home now since 2005. Running Fedora mainly but also playing with any new distro that looks cool from Distrowatch.
352.Sanjar Jalilov, Bishkek, Kzrgzy Republic. On Linux distros from 2002. "Illegal" Debian-Gentoo-Ubuntu user. Have a software\hardware firm aimed to distribute Linux pre-installed PCs/Laptops/Servers with sourceforge free software and have a plan to maintain a high-speed file server to keep tons of "illegal" image disks with various Linux distributions and application archive for Ubuntu to local users in Kyrgyzstan. I just adore Linux!!!
353.Jan Van den Wyngaert, Ghent, Belgium, Europe. Linux Ubuntu 6.10 and 7.04. Just for personal use.
354.Arno Igné, Grimbergen, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium. Using Ubuntu 7.04 I rarely have any malware problems. The only problem is when hardware isn't supported. Furthermore I use DSL and occasionally Fedora Core.I rarely use winblows
355.Steve Olivieri (Rhode Island, USA). I use Gentoo Linux and have encouraged others to do the same.
356.Milan Vít, Orlová, Czech republic; Gentoo GNU/Linux 2007.0 with Linux 2.6.21; KDE, Firefox, OpenOffice.org, Win32codecs, Wine and others; Thanks 357. Dafydd Rhys-Jones, Seattle, Washington. On linux since 1995. Started with Slackware, moved my way to Redhat, and am now sitting on Debian Etch, and CentOS. I use linux on all of my testbeds to ensure proper functionality, and adherence to RFC's which MS still doesn't like to do. (Cough Cough, IE7!! Cough cough!!). I also run a complete linux environment at home which my children have been steadily learning, and appreciating more than windows, as it doesn't crash when they are in the middle of having fun with games, or research. 358.Matt Oquist (NH, USA). I have used Red Hat, Mandrake, Gentoo, Debian, and Ubuntu GNU/Linux and widely encourage others to do the same. I use OpenOffice on Windows when, for whatever reason, I am forced to use Windows. I have used mutt for email, and pine before that, since 1997. I am currently responsible for approximately 1500 desktop machines running either GNU/Linux or OpenOffice in Windows.
359.Werner Dahn, Hong Kong. Using Linux for fun and profit since 2000; currently openSuSE 10.2 and Kubuntu Edgy Eft. Show us your list, Microsoft.
360.Laura Paulin, Argentina. I use Kubuntu 7.04 at home and I'm talking my boss into installing it at work. I just love it! I've been a Linux user for nearly 10 years now, and with wine for gaming and Origin, bye-bye microsucks!!
361.Marcos Astorgano González. Irun, Guipuzcoa, Spain. Using GNU/Linux, firefox, openOffice.org since 2001 for personal use.
362.Daniel Scheiner (Germany): Gentoo on my Laptop and Ubuntu on my "Gaming"-PC (only thing Windows seems good for). Microsoft is illegally damaging the Linux- and FOSS-Image! Let's sue them!
363.Richard Thomas, England. I use Fedora Core 5 on my desktop at home and at work and Ubuntu 6.10 on my web server. I'm a techie at a hosting company and i'm response for over 1000 Ubuntu and FreeBSD servers. I do everything i can (within reason) to encourage people, mainly customers to use free software alternatives. I've converted my partner, a teacher to use Ubuntu on her laptop, and while she's been unable so far to install any Linux desktops in her school, the children are currently happily using Firefox and Tuxpaint on a regular basis.
364. Luiz Henrique Farcic Mineo (luiz_dot_mineo_at_gmail_dot_com), Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brasil. Started with Kurumin in 2004 and using Ubuntu 7.04 now. I don't use Windows in my pc, and use Wine and Cedega everyday. PLEASE sue me! =] 365.Ane Jauregi, Spain. OpenOffice user for a couple of years, Linux (Kubuntu) user since April 2007. Just a newbie, but l 366.Ilya Volovnik (USA):Ubuntu 7.04 on my laptop and on desktop. I am also running Unbuntu Server 6.10 on G3. I am a Linux Admin supporting about 100 + CentOS servers. Used to be MSCE, but I am no longer work with MS software since it provides more problems than solutions. I been in IT for 14 years and I saw what Microsoft did with competitors, it is an evil corporation and we have stop it.
367.Jeff England, Millersville, MD, USA - I've used Open Office for all my school projects in the last few years. In all my computer science courses, I've always heard the teachers tell us to "buy this" or "buy that", and in every case I've pointed to a better Open Source program. The only reason I still have Windows installed is for gaming, for everything else, I use Fedora or SkyOS. Come on Microsoft, let's see just how tough you are. There may be thousands of you, but there are millions of us.
368.Ivan Vaklinov (Bulgaria): Working in the field of software development (Java enterprise stuff) I use a variety of machines for testing/development purposes. OSes: CentOS, Debian, (K)Ubuntu, SuSE, FreeBSD. I have also infringed upon Microsoft's "intellectual property" by distributing free software among my friends/colleagues/neighbors and teaching them to use it... Let us not be scared by the threats of the evil empire! The reason why they are threatening us is that... they are scared ;-) by the growing ranks of the "Penguin Front for the Liberation of Software"... venceremos
369. Andras Borek - Hungary. RedHat 8 on residential server, Fedora 5 on desktop pc, Ubuntu on media pc, RHEL on laptop.
370.Steve Brown, New York, USA: I use Fedora Core both at work (against boss's wishes) and at home (since half of my dual-boot hard drive was destroyed by a virus -- care to guess which half?). 371.Eduardo Miranda - São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brasil. Ubuntu user since 5.10, at home and now at University (Unifesp). Also user of OpenOffice (pt-br) and some other Free Software projects.
372.Donald Fox (PA/US): I shied away from Windows 95, last use of M$ software was OS/2 v2.11. I have never found a compelling need to run software so constrained by a single entity. My time working for M$ led me to the inevitable use of RedHat, which in turn led me to the undeniable conclusion, that more is better. More security, more choice, more say in what happens and how I use it. I openly develop for *nix. Please come and try an take my sudo away from me. How ever, how will you contact me, when attempts are made to wrench tcp/ip stacks from my distro? Current usages are Unbutu for the laptops, and Debian on my workstations and servers. I also have a child who has NEVER seen the BSOD. Please sue him as well for no being privy to windoze.
373.Joe Sloan, Torrance, Ca, USA: I use opensuse 10.2 on my main desktop at work, where I am a unix sa, and opensuse 10.1 and 10.2 on my desktop and server machines at home. I do consulting work on the side as well, helping people migrate from microsoft to linux. I've been using linux as my main desktop and as a server OS since 1993.
374.Luis Alberto Pérez García - Madrid/Ponferrada, Spain. Linux user for some years. Started with RedHat on a Pentium100Mhz machine, another couple of years as an Slackware user, some Debian attemps and finally switched to Ubuntu since that distribution was started :D Also Ubuntu Server at the server at home. So if I'm stealing money from you Microsoft, please sue me!
375.Elister M. Ellis, Diamond Bar, CA, USA: Debian etch, Fedora, RedHat 7.3, FreeBSD, and Ubuntu. All of my consulting is for Linux/BSD installs exclusively. Only fix Windows for money, and to be honest, I hate wasting the time even though I am paid to do it. MS products are not worth the money people pay for them. MS has UNACCEPTABLE QUALITY.
376.David Spudich, RHCE - Liberec, The Czech Republic. Red Hat user since 7.1, Debian GNU/Linux, Gentoo, OpenBSD for servers. I use RHEL5 on my desktop PC along with OpenOffice, Thunderbird, Firefox and other open-source software.
377.Yoann Archambault - Montreal, Quebec, Canada: I tried linux (Ubuntu) for the first time about 5 months ago. I fell in love with everything related and am now using Gentoo at home and kubuntu at work. As a software dev, this solution is perfect for me; i dont have to deal with liscences and i never search too long when i want to find a program or util to do a specific task.
378. Jader Rodrigues Simões - São Paulo - Brazil ------------I use Debian at home, in my office desktop and in my servers. ------------------- please, sue me Mr. Gates -------------------------- MCP ID# 3103375
379.Jan Btík, Znojmo, The Czech Republic, Europe: I use FreeBSD as my desktop system with OpenOffice, ThuderBird, centerICQ and others
380. Lee Man Tat - Jundiaí - SP - Brazil: I use Ubuntu 7.04. I used OpenSUSE 10.2 until Novell signed the deal with Micro$oft. I also use OpenOffice.org and Firefox under Windows XP at work.
381.David Herrera - Canberra, Australia. I've been using Linux--read: potentially infringing on Microsoft patents--for over 8 years. I do not hesitate to use--without paying--any piece of software which is distributed under a license one would not (upon reading it) believe one has to pay to use. This includes mysql, apache, the gimp, vim, openoffice, firefox, bash, ls, df, du, cp, grep, tar (bla bla bla) among many others.
382.André Luiz de Castilho Fonseca - Campinas - Brazil. I use Kurumin, a Knoppix based distro, and Ubuntu at home, and Fedora at office. I'm waiting for you, Mr. Gates!
383.Isadora Zuza da Fonseca - São Paulo - Brazil. I'm André's daughter and I use Kurumim too. Please, Microsoft, sue us!
384.Derek Hoying (D.A.Hoying@gmail.com)- Poor highschool student, I am running Kubuntu 7.04 on my laptop, along with Open Office, WINE, Swiftfox, and I am running a ReactOS alpha on my desktop, and am encouraging my friends to drop Windows. Bill Gates, I'm ready to help you destroy your image when you sue a poor 15 year old kid for not using your product.
385.Evan Frey - NY, NY - Running (mainly) Ubuntu 7.04 for workstations and Gentoo for servers. Engineer for securities firm running RHEL4 and RHAS3.
386.Santiago Suarez Ordoñez - Rosario - Argentina. I am using Ubuntu 7.04 and PCLINUXOS 2007. I'm waiting for you Bill
387.Nick Yeates - I use Redhat Fedora at home to serve out my terrabyte of diskspace; try software raid with multiple device types on windows. You either pay massive amounts of money or you cant. I still use windows in my workspace becauase everyone else does, but I have moved my personal work computer to other operating systems. Sue me microsoft, so you can continue your closed minded operations on the general public.
388.Vivek Gite, Pune, India, Linux user/admin and blogger - I run all my sites using Redhat enterprise Linux 4 & Debian Linux. I'm using Debian since 1996 and Ubuntu on my Laptop since last 4+ years. Oh yes I run all multimedia stuff. We are proudly powered by open source software which offers: 1. Reliability
2. Ease of use
3. Stability
4. Power
5. Security
6. Freedom
7. Cost
8. Community support
9. Flexibility
Please sue us!
389.Jorge E. Perez Cubas - Lima - Peru. Using Kubuntu 7.04
390.Juan Silva - New York, NY, USA. I've been using Linux for 2 years now, starting slow with SUSE Linux, but picking up the pace with Xubuntu (an Ubuntu xfce variant). Now, aside from Xubuntu, I use PCLinuxOS, MEPIS and PuppyLinux. My old preinstalled Windows MCE is still around on a partition, but I've already had to rescue it with Linux a few times. This has saved me the hours/days of grief back when all I knew was Windows and its rescue tools were poor beyond belief. I appreciate the philosophy of choice that Linux instills, and while I will occasionally offer LiveCDs to my friends and coworkers, I respect their decision to use Windows (respect them more if they use Mac). But if you stay on this belligerent path, I will never again offer you either my sympathy or support, or perhaps more importantly to you, my money. And if you opt to attack our community, or the businesses that support our community, I and millions of others will respond in kind. Underestimate us, and the day will come when you'll have no choice but to Open Source your software just to stay in business.
391.Patricio Moracho - Bs.As. Argentina - I use Suse and Ubuntu at home. Im a regular linux user since 1994. On your SO Ive usually work with tools like: Gimp, Vim, Firefox, etc. Long life to free software (usually better)
392.Karen Hayes - UK; I currently use Ubuntu, and have in the past used PCLinuxOS, Mandriva (commercial and free versions), Open SuSe, Damn Small Linux and Mepis. I use Linux because of all the years of grief Windows gave me through bugginess, user-unfriendliness and vulnerability; and also because I can see little difference between Microsofts business practices and those of the Mafia. Linux is a joy to use and has never lost me any data, unlike Windows! Please, Microsoft, sue me for daring to use something not created by yourselves and for daring to stand up for the truth against the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt you use to try to frighten people into buying your shoddy and overpriced products.
393.Patrik Wenger, Switzerland: I'm running Debian GNU/Linux with a recent kernel, Xorg, OpenOffice, Firefox and so on. BTW: I'm encouraging my windoze friends to use open source and get rid of your criminal junk.
394.Tomasz Kak - Poland. Using Debian and Ubuntu.
395.Daniel Fiser,Prague,Czech Republic - I use Linux, Vim, Firefox, MPlayer and more and more free software. I double-click everytime I can (is it M$'s patent too, isn't it?). Bill, I am waiting for you.
396.Viktor Engelmann - Geilenkirchen - Germany. Using Mandriva Linux 2007 spring. Put up or shut up, liars!
397.Felipe Ribeiro - Brazil. Using Gentoo to get rid of that slow and crappy software made by Microsoft, that is the one who should be sued by Apple for copying their ideas, but with an inferior quality
398.Roger L. Dixon - Evansville, IN, USA. I have been using Linux in one way or another since 1999. Currently, I am running Ubuntu 7.04 with Beryl 3D effects! I am very pleased, however I am conncerned that I may have violated MS patents by ripping off Vista's very cool 3D interface! Well, it's too late to turn back now because I just love Beryl! Sue me if you can!
399.Luiz Amaral - Brazil's Linux heavy user and enthusiast: Wanna sue me for not running your software? OK, I'll sue you for not getting married with my mom and for not making me a billionaire heir. Gotcha, Bill!
400.Nathan Powell, Kentucky, USA - Sabayon User and Public Beta Tester. Openoffice User and Gentoo Addict. Personal Note: Dear Microsoft, You shall be happy to know that I use Sabayon Linux on my Dell Inspiron E1505. I have even gone so far as to pull the "Designed for Windows(R) XP" Sticker off of my laptop. Email: Element.Kaiser@Gmail.com
401.Paulo Magalhães Marciano da Rocha - Brasília - Brasil. Using Mandriva 2007.0. I have already installed this distro from the same disc on over 10 machines, I burn it to friends and other people and I have (Bad me) completely removed my windows partition, meaning my computer does not run windows.
402.Vinicius Gama Pinheiro - São Paulo - Brazil. I use Debian in a ibook G4 ppc. It doesn't fit for Windows, anyway, and even if it would fit, I'll never put a virus like Windows on it. So, I guess I deserve to be sued! I can't wait for it! Come on, Mr. Gates!
403.Jerry Jackson, Wakefield, UK. Serious Linux Mint user, all m/c's. Windows, piss poor excuse for an OS.
404.Robert Stalnaker, Orlando Florida, anchorsaweigh dot navy at gmail dot com. I switched to Linux last year after many years of Windoze induced headaches. I was a MS product user since the first MS-DOS came out; over the years, the O/S's that MS produced were continually of sub-standard security and performance which were the main reason for the switch. I explain the pro's and con's of Windont VS. Linux to everyone I meet and let them make an educated decision for themselves. The last time I checked, this was still a free country and I am still free to use whatever means I choose to correspond via email, process information, conduct transactions, create works of intellectual property, and surf the 'net with any means I choose to! I refuse to be told that I cannot use Linux as I did not vote for any decision which had that effect, nor do I recognize MS patent lawsuits as legitimate. Try to sue me, MS, I would be more than willing to volunteer my time and money to drag your company through the mud and expose it for what it really is and how it really treats it's customers.
405.Andrea Sterbini, Italy - Fedora user, Kubuntu user, (ex) core developer of the TWiki CMS. Computer Science researcher. Personal note: Microsoft is dead ... but they don't know it yet
406.Stephane Rufer, Zürich, Switzerland (Comupter Science Student)- I use Firefox and all the good stuff (open source^^). I'm migrating all my pc's to Linux (Ubuntu or openSUSE) since Vista, excuse my language, sucks. 5 Billion in research and such minimal progress? What can I say? Bill, you used to be great...but it's time to let the others play. Open source is the future.
407.Ryan Harron,Northern Ireland - Debian/Ubuntu user on desktops and server(s)
408.Dave Brockman, Chattanooga, TN - Proud owner and contributor to GNU/Linux and *BSD (you remember, that OS that W2K was identical to when comparing TCP/IP packets). at home, at work, and I encourage everyone I can to give it a whirl.
409.Levi Neely - Saint Joseph, Missouri, United States - Linux user since I learned how to use it in middle school. Vista EULA was the last straw; and, I now refuse to use Microsoft operating systems altogether. Will NOT spend money on RIAA / MPAA crippleware.
410.Mike - California, USA- I use Ubuntu and Slax, I replaced MS Office with Open Office, and I use Mozilla over IE. 80% of my software is open source. I was part of the Vista beta test, it sucked so I threw the disc away. Open Source all the way!
411.Eric Brunson - Westminster, Colorado, United States - Linux user since 1993, Micro$oft free since 1994, active open source contributer, software developer.
412.Remo Wenger, Switzerland - I'm using Gentoo, Ubuntu and Debian with a lot of free software. I want to migrate all my friends and family members to free software and Linux. Please sue an upstanding free software advocate and gentoo user, who attempts to migrate all the people he knows to free software.
413.Felipe Salvini - Brasil - I use debian for LAMP servers. Have a lot of UBUNTU CDs and every one that talks bad about Micro$oft (happens all the time)... I just handle a CD with the SOLUTION! Sue me!
414.Timothy J. Bruce (KB0ODU). I use Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Debian, and SuSE Linux distributions, as well as 3 licenses for Windows XP (2 in use) and 1 license for Windows 2003 (also in use).
415.Frank Willems, Nederland - I'm using Kubuntu. DSL, Knoppix and so - all with tons of free software. When speaking about computers I advise everybody I meet to dump Microsoft's expensive unsafe products. I should be sued!
416.Kyle Martin, USA - contributer to PCLinuxOS, On WinXP: Pidgin (formerly GAIM), OpenOffice 2.2.0, Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird 0.3 and VLC Player 0.8.6b. The only reason I keep a Windows partition on my computer is due to hardware incompatibility issues, I personally believe in and support the Open Source philosophy and advocate FOSS software to friends, family, and professionally.
417.Henrique dos Reis Pimenta - Uberlandia/Brasil. I use Ubuntu,Debian, Kurumim and SuSE Linux distributions.
418.Josep Florit, Spain - Propagando GNU/Linux desde 1998 :).
419.John Ward - UK - I use Debian on a home server and I am currently using Sabayon on my laptop. I make regular use of Knoppix and other related tools. I have finally abandoned all microsoft products the final straws being DRM and Genuine Advantage. The restrictive EULA of vista means I will probably never ever use it. C'mon microsoft you are all bark and no bite.
420.Kamran Riaz Khan - Islamabad, Pakistan. I use Linux From Scratch, Fedora Core and Gentoo on my machines. I play DVDs on all of them, rip their content in XviD and use ODF for my office documents. I believe that Microsoft is spreading baseless FUD with their patent claims, and as such deserve to be exposed.
421.Chris - Chatsworth, California: Open source developer, i also run Debian on over 30 workstations and servers, as well as Ubuntu on 5 servers.
422.Vern Martin, Ohio, USA. I use SUSE Linux and Mandriva. I chose SUSE Linux over Windows Vista for my laptop. Small wonder why. 423.R Matthew Songer, Atlanta, Georgia, United States--I have used SuSE since 1999 on every piece of hardware that I could possibly install it on. I do use Windows, though XP will be the last version. Personally I use Linux for 95% of my computing, and as soon as I can get PhotoShop out of my wife's grasp, I'll move her to Linux as well. If she won't turn loose, MacWorld here we come! I am migrating my employer's infrastructure to Linux, the desktops do not have blue e's on them, OpenOffice is on 80% percent of the desktops, and the Visual FoxPro app I am writing now will be the last Windows business application. At the end of it's five year cycle, we will be Linux or Mac

424.Arnoldo Schiphorst - Balneário Camboriú / SC - Brazil: 2 years using only Linux at home. No dual boot! At work i have to use this crap called windows because i have no choice!
425.Antony Jones, London, England. I use Ubuntu on all my home machines, and am converting my company to a mix of Ubuntu, Fedora, and CentOS Machines. (around 30% Complete in 2 months) I converted my best friend, and he isn't complaining! Sue me all you like, it'll just make me convert people faster.
426.Jan Dula, Slovakia. Ubuntu user.
427.Carlos Cruz, Perú. My company uses Debian.
428.Thiago Comicio, Itajubá, Brazil. Ubuntu 7.04 and OpenOffice 2.2 user.
429.Ezequiel Martín Cámara, Urbana, IL, USA. I have Ubuntu in all my home machines. My wife still suffers from [https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 Bug #1], as she needs a Windows only program. But I installed [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guadalinex Guadalinex] in my mother in law's machine! They use it in her school. Go código libre go!
430.Dear Microsoft, I'm Michel Eyckmans, known as MCE, and I really think you should sue me, for I must be one of your worst enemies. My Slashdot signature reads "Linux user since early January 1992" and is factually correct. The first Linux kernel I installed at home was 0.12, which was released on January 6, 1992. I'm sure I was one of the very first, if not the first, Linux users in Belgium. But wait, it gets worse: back in about 1999, I introduced the first Linux server in the company that I worked for and 2001 I was instrumental in getting Linux to be an officially supported desktop platform there. I left them in 2006, but my Linux legacy still is there. Linux now is one of their strategic platforms. This company has a solid worldwide reputation in the high-tech domain, so lots of people from all over come and work there for temporary projects. When they go back home, they carry with them the knowledge that Linux on the desktop does indeed work. I guess that must somehow also be my fault. Besides, I've also been developing graphical user interface libraries on real multitasking systems as early as 1988 (where exactly was Windows, back then?). And just if that is not enough, I have in the past contributed patches to the Linux kernel and many other open source packages. And I even released a complete program under GPL myself. But wait, just when you think you've seen it all, it gets even worse: that program was released back in 1990 under a license that gave full access to the source code but prevented commercial use. When companies contacted me stating that they wanted to use it but could not, I saw what I thought to be the error of my ways and undermined your business by relicensing my program under the GPL. A long time ago, Suse even rewarded me with a free copy of their Linux CDs because I allowed them to include my program, making their distribution a better competitor to your products. Yes I'm guilty. Let me know what you think! But if you sue me, at least have the decency to refund the Windows license that I was forced to buy with the machine that I'm typing this on. I never used it, you know, nor did I ever intend to. 431.Luis Diaz, Argentina. Gentoo use from years, and i can see the source :P. i have open office gimp KDE, Firefox mplayer, xine...oh, and BTW i also use both, single a double click.
432.Attila Michalik, Hungary. Customized server environments based on Redhat and Fedora. 433.DaveL, London, UK, using whatever software it takes to get the job done, which usually means OSS.
434.Microsoft can kisssue my scrawny ass 'till they're blue in the face.
435.Jose Ricardo Cardozo, Florianopolis, Santa Catarina - Brazil. Gentoo Linux user, linux user since 2000. Try me Steve >=)
436.Herberth Amaral Silva,Minas Gerais - Brazil. I use Debian,OO and WINE for some apps since 2006 and I am feeling very happy to use it. I am posting here because I don't want to lose these softwares.See ya!
437.Travis Campbell USA, Prince of Wales Media Group
438.Michael Williams, Enterprise, Oregon.
Use Ubuntu at home.
Use FC5 and FC6 at work for server/web/db tasks.
It would be nice to be reimbursed for licenses not ever used...
439. ~*ThE jEsTeR oF dArKnEsS*~. Gentoo 2005.1, Ubuntu 7.04, Slackware 3.1. To show those douchebags at Micro$oft that lawyers can't silence everyone, and that money will not stop the open source revolution
440.Kajetan Wandowicz, Wroclaw, Poland (to M$: that's in Europe, I know you [http://blogs.msdn.com/oldnewthing/archive/2006/10/27/880411.aspx suck at geography]), using FreeBSD 6.2 for two years and various Linux distributions for ten years. Just because of what I call "the suck criterion": all the Windows versions I've seen have sucked while neither Linux nor FreeBSD does. All the software I use is free as well. And it can in most cases do much more than the corresponding Window$ software, being far more stable, consuming far less system resources, having updates released far more often and having all the reported bugs repaired in no time. Not to mention the web browser I use only allows me to browse the Internet, in opposition to Internet Explorer, which allows the Internet to explore your computer just as well. So, sue me first!
441. Luiz Amaral, Brasil - Unfortunately I am unable to use Linux at work, but I use at home! :) Sue me, Bill! 442. Frederick Noronha, 784, Saligao 403511 Bardez Goa India fredericknoronha at gmail.com -- desktop and laptop using Ubuntu... might shift to Debian... but that doesn't matter... just sue me Mr Gates. 443.Nathan Powell, America - Sabayon Linux User and Public Beta Tester. Personal Note: Mr. Gates spend more time fixing the bugs in your software rather then bothering us because you don't like us. Kthx. Email: Element.Kaiser@Gmail.com 444.Fernando/Brazil, GNU/Linux, Sue me Bill! Sue me Bill! Sue me Bill! Much times u want to.
445.Arlindo Pereira aka. Nighto, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - nighto at nighto dot net - got my desktop and laptop running GNU/Linux... hack, i mean, sue me Mr. Gates! :)
446.Normando Neto de Carvalho - Jacobina(BA) - Brasil - I've been using Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper at home desktop, exclusively, since august 2006. Before I have used frequentely brazilian Kurumin Linux (Debian/Knoppix based) and Debian BR-CDD, since 2004. And also use Conectiva Linux ocasionally at work. Oh, yes, I use sudo a lot... Sue me!
447.Brian Donohue, Brooklyn, NY. Editor and principal writer for the Daily rEvolution Weblog. Ubuntu user since Hoary, currently favors MEPIS Linux (based on Dapper) in the practice of the binary arts. You may sue me, Uncle Bill, as long as you answer this one question: is Ballmer really an IT executive, or just a reject from the MTV Jackass program?
448.Juan Pablo Salazar Bertín, Chile. Using Ubuntu at my laptop and CentOS at work.
449.Brad Scalio. Say Hi to BKY for me Vista, may the march be a long slow painful one...been a Gnu/Liux user for about 7 years, so figure what I owe about 2.3 mil, give or take?? Uses FC6 on laptop, and work dual head, RHEL5 on desktop at home, and Slackware on my ppc .... 1.30.07 the epoch of the new millenium, DAYS SINCE VISTA
450.Daniel Borges (RJ/Brasil). Uses Slackware Linux in the notebook and desktop. Sue me please, Bill!
451.[http://hackfleischvogel.de.vu Georges Schott], Mannheim, Germany. Well I'm a 100% satisfied [http://www.ubuntustudio.org Ubuntu Studio] user and I don't feel guilty about using a non-Microsoft operating system. If you feel like I should, go on and sue me!
452.Jamyl Guimaraes, Aracaju-SE,Brazil. Gentoo user and Debian GNU/linux since 1998, And also use Debian Gnu/linux at work in brazilian federal governament, micro$$oft Sue me!!!!
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